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↳ Sally and Gillian Owens + how much they love each other

Sally: I feel like I’m never going to see you again.
Gillian: Of course you’re going to see me again! We’ll grow old together. It’s going to be you and me living in a big house… these two old biddies with all these cats. I bet we even die on the same day.

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They strolled into the office, ready for a latte and paperwork. Instead, what greeted them was confetti to the face and party blowers going off, who’s birthday was it? 

“Guys, what’s the occas-”


Sebastian hadn’t seen such a display since he announced Lily’s conception. Kidman skipped in, holding a cake with a generous amount of candles on it. The whole force whooped and hollered, the room littered with “About time!” and “Yeaaaah!!”pats on the back and high fives all around. Juli set the cake down upon the briefing room table, lighting the candles and blasting some comical song about-

"Congratulations on SEX!”, read the frosting. Joseph lay his face in his hands, hiding his flushed face.



Sebastian was shameless, a plate in each hand with a slice, laughing it up with the squad, making various obscene pelvic motions. He shoved a plate in his partners face, him removing one hand from his face and begrudgingly accepting the slice.

Sebastian beamed,”So, who’s the rat?”

Juli giggled, “As if it wasn’t obvious enough already. The amount of bite marks around the office when you walk in has increased significantly in the past few weeks.” Joseph flushed a deeper crimson, he tended to get a little carried away between the sheets, mostly just trying to muffle his screaming. Connelly waltzed over, “Seriously guys, we’re happy for you two. Congratulations”, he grabbed a pouch of koolaid out of seemingly nowhere and started to sip.

"Everyone…thank you.”, Joseph looked up from his slice and grinned, earning more hoots and hollers. 

“It’s been nearly 10 years since you guys got assigned to each other, even I, having just come here a few months ago was wondering when you two would make it official. But maybe fasten your tie a littler higher up from now on when the chief’s around, eh, Sebastian?”, Kidman grinned, she may have been the newest addition to the department, but her wisdom was abundant. 

“Hahaha! I’ll commit it to memory”, Sebastian was on his third slice of cake, one arm around his partner, slowly starting on his own slice. He leaned over to kiss his partner gently, earning a cake to the face, the squad went wild.

Despite the grey, dreary matter of the cases handled here, there shine a light today in everyones eyes. 

It had only been a few weeks since they had taken their partnership to the next level, attaching the title of “boyfriend” to one another. They were debating when to tell the squad, but now there was no need. The world was changing, becoming more accepting and open to various lifestyles. it was a beautiful day at the KCPD. 

Teenage runaway who became world's largest private landowner

By Kathy Marks in Sydney, The Independent, 12 March 2011
A new survey of the world’s biggest landowners features all the usual suspects: the Queen, the Pope and a swag of other monarchs and tycoons. The top 10, however, includes one unexpected name: Kidman Holdings, an Australian agricultural company founded more than a century ago by an Outback legend known as the “Cattle King”.

According to the New Statesman, which conducted the survey, Kidman Holdings–still controlled by descendants of Sir Sidney Kidman–owns 24 million acres, making it the world’s largest private landowner and the eighth biggest overall.

That might not impress the Queen, who–nominally, at least–owns a cool 6.6 billion acres, equivalent to nearly one-eighth of the planet. But it is not bad considering that Sidney Kidman began with nothing, having run away from home aged only 13, on a one-eyed horse, and with just five shillings.

It was 1870, and the vast, inhospitable Australian interior was still being explored. Mr Kidman, from Adelaide, worked on cattle stations, then–displaying precocious entrepreneurial flair–opened a butcher’s shop in the New South Wales town of Cobar, the site of a copper rush. By 29 he had bought his first property: Owen Springs station, in the Northern Territory.

But the tall, lanky Mr Kidman–who, despite some claims to the contrary, is not believed to be an ancestor of the actress Nicole Kidman–was not satisfied with one property. His vision was of a chain of cattle stations across Outback Australia, following inland river systems, and enabling his livestock to be moved around in times of drought. Over the decades, he acquired more than 100 such properties, covering 64 million acres, or more than three per cent of the Australian continent.

By the time he died in 1935, Mr Kidman was universally known as the Cattle King–owner of the world’s largest pastoral empire, and of more livestock than anyone else on earth. According to one anecdote, a British journalist once asked him, over lunch at London’s Savoy Hotel, how much land he owned. He replied: “It’s big enough to put the British Isles on to one of my paddocks.”

While the Kidman holdings have shrunk since then, they still consist of 14 properties that swallow up–according to the company, whose figure is higher than that given by the New Statesman–more than 27 million acres across three states and the Northern Territory. They include Anna Creek, the world’s biggest cattle station, which occupies an area larger than Belgium and takes five hours to drive across.

The New Statesman league table has King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at number two, sandwiched between the Queen and the Pope. He owns more than half a billion acres. Below him come Morocco’s King Mohammed, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Sultan Qaboos of Oman and Nepal’s King Gyanendra. No fewer than eight Australian agricultural companies are among the top 24 landowners.

It is said that Sidney Kidman never drank, smoked or swore. According to one story, he pledged never to touch alcohol after two fellow farm workers sold his one-eyed horse, Cyclops, then drank the proceeds in a pub. His motto–forged after he nearly died of thirst as a boy during one Outback expedition–was: “You must keep on going. You must never give in.”

Mr Kidman’s 75th birthday was celebrated with a rodeo in Adelaide that was attended by 75,000 people–still an Australian record for a private birthday party. Lying on his deathbed, the Cattle King remarked: “Ah, well, it’s all over. I’ll pack up my kit…now and go.”