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You haven't watched any of the Barbie movies have you? Because I don't think you'd have said what you did if you had. I mean sure Hasbro made tie in stuff but from what I remember it was deeper than that. Most had serious shit in their lives like having to deal with a sick and dying parent,(12 Dancing Princesses) being raised by your abusive kidknaper(Rapunzel), and a blackmail marriage perposal. (Magic of Pegasus) to name a few.

I thought Barbie was for kids…

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Okay the theory is very simple. William kidknaped Sammy and only Sammy in Fredbear's Family Diner. He wanted Charlie for undisclosed reasons so he tried to make Sammy Charlie. He was able to convince Sammy was Charlie. Or he's just screwing with Charlie. Either option is in character for him.

If he wanted Charlie, why not just kidnap Charlie? She was right there, it’s not exactly like there was any other reason to grab the kid he grabbed.

And They Can Never Tear Us Apart - Bucky Barnes Imagine (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Request: So I have had a few requests for Part two of this imagine. I am so glad you all enjoyed part one and I hope you really like this one. I think this is going to be a Part 3 and maybe multiple chapters because ideas keep flowing. There’s no real Bucky x Reader interaction in this and it’s sort of just leading up to whats going to happen next so I apologise about that it’s just setting up the story but there really will interaction in the next part and it will be very protective Bucky ;) .

I had a lovely message with this idea for Part two so this is what I’ve worked with: And They Can Never Tears Us Apart was so good!!! For part 2 if you decide to do it, maybe it could be something like you were kidnapped by hydra and get experimented on like wanda and pietro and Bucky blaming himself and goes after you, and once he rescues you Tony and everybody can see how good he is for you??

Notes: I really hope you enjoy part two and next is part two of my Steve Rogers x Reader imagine

Characters: Bucky x Reader, Tony Stark! Dad x reader

Warnings: Kidknapping, violence, slight car collision

A lot happened in the two months after Tony had found out about Y/N and Bucky’s relationship. A few days after Tony put his foot down and to save arguments, Y/N and Bucky decided to call quits on their relationship. After Bucky told her it was either that or he left, the thought of not having him in her life was far worse than not at all and they wouldn’t have lasted even if he’d left considering even with them living under the same roof Tony covered every possibility of them sneaking off alone. if he saw one of them wandering around aimlessly he would make sure he found something for them to do. He checked the camera feed that he linked to his phone more often than he should to make sure they hadn’t gotten past his defences. Tony didn’t enjoy seeing how down Y/N was and the slight resentment he could feel radiating from her whenever they were in the same room. In fact, everyone in the Tower felt the atmosphere change, but they all believed it was for the best. 

Y/N woke up, the dull day filtering through her window as she went through all the things she needed to get done. She checked her phone for the time. She groaned as she realised she needed to actually get out of bed. Running through the endless list of things she had to do in her head, she left the warm comfort of her bed and headed for the shower. 

Y/N walked into the kitchen, she stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed Bucky sat eating his breakfast. It had been two weeks since they’d last seen each other, two months since they’d been seen each other alone, neither knew what to say, there was just too much, but before either of them plucked up th courage, Steve walked in. He took in the scene before him and cleared his throat apologetically. “Y/N I think Tony wants you in the lab” Y/N nodded knowing that Tony had probably seen them and made Steve come to drag her away from Bucky. 

Tony had given Y/N one of the mundane tasks, one that he could get anyone else to do, or even himself, but it was best to just get her out of the Tower and away from Bucky. She knew that and he knew she did, but she was so sick of fighting with him and he was too stubborn to change his mind she just did what he asked. Grabbing her jacket and shoes, Y/N headed out in to the rainy day. After getting the stuff Tony wanted, which was stupid decorations for one of his parties, she called him up to check details, “Hey, do you want the purple or gold balloons?” Y/N asked on the phone whilst she sat in the back of a cab. 
“What do you think?” Tony asked Natasha as they, Steve and Clint sat round going over the latest case file. Whilst they were deciding Y/N looked up at the traffic in front of her, it was then she noticed in the front mirror something was off. There was a black SUV behind her, tinted windows, something S.H.I.E.L.D would have, she had noticed it a few blocks before, but hadn’t really paid much attention. “Y/N!” she heard the voice of Tony ring through her phone. 
“I think I’m being followed” Y/N said, her voice laced with panic. The four Avengers froze as they heard her speak. “What do you mean?” Steve asked, trying to remain calm. “Theres an SUV, it’s been tailing us for a few blocks, I did’ think anything a first, but arghh” Y/N screamed as the SUV crashed into the back of the taxi and before Y/N could reach down and pick up the phone she’d dropped from the hit, the taxi driver turned around. She recognised him, he was a member of Hydra, and that was all she took in before something was jabbed into her neck and the World went black.

Bucky walked through door, just as the phone cut off, it didn’t take his skills as an assassin to figure out something was wrong. Natasha and Clint decided it was best to go to their rooms to get ready for the mission of finding Y/N and to avoid the chaos that was about to ensue. “What’s going on?” Bucky said as the two agents walked past him, his voice wary. “Bucky” Steve started.
“it’s Y/N” he said. Buckys fists balled up at the way Steve spoke.
“What about her?” his voice dark.
“She’s been taken” Tony spoke, it was the first thing he’d said since the phone went dead and reality hit him. “My little girl is GONE!” his voice bellowed across the room. ‘Stark” Steve’s voice trying to reason with him, though he was terrified, he couldn’t imagine what the two men before him were going through. Steve thought it was best if he was the one to speak, “She was followed, someone hit her car” 

“Guys” Natasha’s voice rang through the living room as her and Clint appeared suited up.  “We traced her phone, it was located in a false taxi that was abandoned down an alley way and” she took a pause to work out the best way to break the worst part of the news, “we linked the car back to Hydra” Steve looked at Bucky as Natasha spoke the last word, the look on his face scared even Steve, it was the look of the Winter Soldier “We need to find her. Now!” His voice quiet, but deadly. Turning on his heels he stored out, “Buck” he heard Steve say behind him. “They took her because of me, all of you were right. I just do nothing but bring her pain. When we find them, they’re going to wish they’d never been brought into the World” Steve didn’t argue. 

A throbbing sensation pulsed in Y/N’s neck, she vaguely had a relocation of being in the back of a cab, her eyes squinted shut in concentration trying to call the memory. A painful hiss left her throat as she tried to move, she slowly opened her eyes blinking in the dim light. It was then she realised it wasn’t the pain that was preventing her from moving, it was the metal chains that were clamped around her wrists. Her heart started to race, the adrenaline kicking in her making her acutely aware of her surroundings. There was blood on her white vest top and jeans, dirt too. The room was small, and cold but Y/N couldn’t feel it. Her blood pumping around her body too fast. Y/N pulled on the chains again, she knew it wouldn’t make a difference, but she still had a glimmer of hope. It was then the door opened suddenly, she recognised the guy. He had been driving the taxi and it all came rushing back to her. She was in the hands of Hydra.

“Hey pretty girl. I was worried you weren’t going to come round” he said, his voice mocking. “Screw you” she spat.
He face feigned hurt.

“I’ve got some guys here” she said pointing behind his shoulder that were about the same size as Steve and Bucky, that didn’t go in Y/N’s favour. ‘They’re going to escort you down to a room, that you may know about, but you get it see it with your very own eyes. It’s nothing like he described, it’s much better” Y/N had no idea what he was talking about and she was’t sure she wanted to find out. Bucky given Y/N some training secretly before Tony found out about their relationship. Neither of them would want her out on the field, but they needed to know she could defend herself when she needed too, it was about the only thing the two men agreed on.

The two men pulled y/n by the arms and carried her out the room. It was at this moment Y/N started to feel stronger, maybe it was the adrenaline kicking in or maybe it was survival instinct. They obviously weren’t expecting much from her as they didn’t have the strongest grip on Y/N’s arm and that went in her favour. Yanking her arms free from the men’s grasp she elbowed the one on the right in the crotch. She ducked as the other man tried to swing for her, kneeing him in the stomach. As he doubled over she brought her knee up again to meet his nose and elbowed the other one who had just stood up behind her to restrain her, also breaking his nose. Y/N jumped as she heard clapping, her gaze shot up to find a man dressed in a smart suit. “That was impressive. I take it you had some intense training at the avengers tower. I am sure your Winter Soldier would be very proud” she balled her fits and gritted her teeth at the sounds of Bucky’s alias. “Remind me to thank him, he’s just made this all much more interesting” he said and just as Y/N went to lunge for him, she felt a sharp stab in her neck once again and for the second time, in however long, she wasn’t quite sure. She lost consciousness. 

Author note: I am sorry this took so long to get up, I hope you enjoyed it though it’s more just to set the scene and that you guys want Part 3 which I’ve started working on. Oblivious (Steve x Reader P2) will be up later