Okay but seriously NeuYako family with Karma as the kid

  • Karma learning from his dad that teasing is a sign of affection
  • Karma and Neuro having father-son bonding time by going out and terrorizing people (usually Godai or Ishigaki)
  • Karma getting his compassionate nature and empathy from Yako. This, combined with what he’s learnt from dad, leads to him being the Bully Hunter we see in the beginning of the manga
  • Karma going through the same shit that Daisuke did from DN Angel, i.e. coming home and being attacked in some manner. (Neuro likes to pretend that this is helping his son ‘evolve’)
  • NEURO BEING A PROUD PAPA AND A SMUG SON OF A BITCH BECAUSE HIS SON HAS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, demon superiority (at least to other humans) and the ability to ‘evolve’
  • Neuro teasing Karma for not being nearly as observant or intelligent as he and despairs that Karma barely even comes close to his mom
  • Karma retaliating with at least he’s able to understand humans perfectly fine and doesn’t have to rely on Mom to provide a cover, explanations or to coax out ‘puzzles’ for him
  • [cue epic chase/fight sequence that ends with Karma in a chokehold of some kind]
  • lmao Karma walking in on Yako being tortured by Neuro and just wrinkling his nose and asking them to indulge in their kinks when he isn’t around
  • *whispers* Karma being the only relatively normal one in the family. Imagine how class E would react. Fucking imagine.
  • Karma going with uncle Godai to intimidate or beat up unruly Yakuza
  • Karma being approached by the brothers to join them, or for jobs, or just to provide them with information. Karma telling them to beat it and pulling a face at them.
  • Karma admiring and respecting Usui a lot for his ability to get shit done and wanting to be like him when he grows up. Neuro lamenting over how he doesn’t know where he went wrong.
  • Higuchi sometimes babysitting this half-demon child and not once touching his laptop when he does. Higuchi becomes one of Karma’s favourites in the family due to this.
  • Higuchi, Todoroki, Ishigaki, Usui, Tsukichi, Godai, and Aya checking in on him when Neuro and Yako are out of the country. Karma doesn’t have two parents, he has 9.