J-Hope - asks Rapmon to check up his breath

Rapmon -  obviously  not satisfaied with the smell

Suga -  listening the rules like a good boy

Kookie -  praying to not to be killed by Kim Jong Kook

Jimin -  probably also feels Jhope’s breath

V - lost little kid

Jin - being stylish and confident in his baby pink sneakers


Hello everyone!! 

I finally reached a small goal and a couple of followers and I honestly didn’t expect it so I really want to thank all of you!! So here’s a follow forever of the blogs I really love and the really sweet friends I made here!

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Hellooo lol i’ve made this blog like years ago but only started using for about more than 2 years? anyway, yea, i’ve been wanting to make one but i suck at editing and too lazy to think of an idea pfft ik sorry. and i finally made it dun dundun (look above^) ik the cutting is horrible rofl (and obviously, those are my ultimate biases). 

Anyway(pt.2), I want to thank all of you followers, those who followed since my reblogging days or since my heirs gifs days(lol) or since got7 debut days, or even yesterday to today. Learning photoshop while making gifs or edits is really fun, i never thought i would ever touch this program even though it’s on my computer lol and I get happy when ppl send me compliments haha i love you all

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um crappy gif but it’s jungkooksarms’ 4th anniversary in about a week and 4 days (A WEEK RIGHT AFTER BANGTAN’S ANNIVERSARY IT’S FATE) and i recently hit 6000 followers and wow i love all of you so so so so much thank you for putting up with my random rookie group spams and whatnot so um this is kind of like a thank you post? not just a follow forever heu ♡♡♡♡

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j-helpless : the sweetest being who has helped me a ton and never fails to make me happy the one who is actual sunshine the cutest little angel who always gives me advice i love you so much omg??? thank you for always being there when i need your help ;u; i love you <333

taehyungs-glasses : i started talking to you because of vkook and i just??? that is so great??? even if i’m super awkward (i’m sorry for that) you’re still super nice to me and wow i love your blog and you are the fanfic writing queen you’ve written all my fave vkooks and thank you for always telling me that i can talk to you when my parents are being *insert fire emoji* you’re really the cutest sunspot i hope you know i love you :3

jomjjeoreo : CHERRY omg we started talking because you messaged me to say my gifs were nice and i’m just so ??? because your gifs are so damn beautiful how to gif and you think mine are nice wth thank you for blessing my dashboard with your beautiful gifs and you’re the actual jikook goddess i <3 you

jinips : my sweet little jimin loving cloud WHO IS CONSTANTLY YELLING WITH ME ABOUT JIMIN and questioning his existence and she was also there for me when jeon jungkook wore yellow i think that means a ton like it’s not everyday jungkook wears yellow i hope everything works out for you and you get to go for trb and meet jimin and i know he’ll love you because i love you too <3

miniyoongay : MY FELLOW SINGAPOREAN omg i can’t even remember how we started talking but wow you’re honestly such a great person and thank you for always listening to me when i’m ranting about school lmao you’re such a sweet little being also you’re the first person from tumblr that i’ve met in real life omg AND YOU’RE SUPER CUTE IRL i love you and i hope you do well in school sunshine <333333

hajimaknae : you’re like one of the first few people i talked to on this website how did we even start talking lmao BUT YOU’RE REALLY CUTE wth and you’re legit super fun and easy to talk to i feel like every time we talk to each other we’re just yelling at each other about bangtan isn’t that just great you’re such a cute little marshmallow i will always <3 you

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C'mon people. Just how many times Jin keeps listening to people questioning him being gay just because of what Kidoh said or did to show how much he loves his bestfriend. Please don’t ruin their friendship because of something like this. Don’t keep asking them about their relationship. You never know their true feelings. If this keeps going, their friendship will be ruined. Trust me. Please let them have their moments naturally. That will looks much real.

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Hiiiya! ^^ I just recently hit another 500 followers and i 
actually made it on time for once
This is my 3rd time
making a Follow Forever, but I haven't gotten any better at
writing all ← ↑ this ↓ → >_< But I felt the need to make
something like the ones before this. I wanted something
to thank all of the amazing blogs that pretty much help
make my multifandom mess of a blog what it is ( a mess..
but.. in the best way~) I love your blogs alot and you're all
super high quality and I enjoy seeing you all on
my dash ^^ <3 And THANK YOU even more to all of
my wonderful followers, you guys are the sweetest things
and I'm thankful for each and every one of you <3

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