my favorite songs of 2012

these are my favorite songs of 2012, in no particular order.  i’m sure i forgot some but whatever.

“Museum of Flight” - Damien Jurado

A beautiful stunner of a track.  I think my jaw dropped when i first heard the chorus.

“You Divers” - Will Stratton

This song is a toure de force.  Will’s music is a nation awaiting your discovery.

“Glass Plastic” - Andy or Jenny

Tim’s one of my best friends, he put out an amazing collection of songs last month. I had this one on my ipod for a while and I keep coming back to it.  Some strange magic in the keyboard haze and robot beat.

“Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” - Father John Misty

the groove of this track is so badass.  the melody and chord progression are so haunting.

“Younger Us” - Japandroids

Teenage Anthem, obvsly.

“Losing You” - Solange

It’s probably nostalgia for top 40 music from when I was a kid, and some sort of misplaced longing for lost childhood innocence or whatever, but this sort of music just makes me feel good.  Pop music forever.

“Love is Luck” - The Walkmen

These dudes made a great album. This song is very very bouncy.

“Cold Hands” - Mount Sharp

I asked Bryan B what his new band sounded like.  He said “shambly pop songs.”  I said “those are my favorite kind of songs.”  This jam is full of hooks and doesn’t dissappoint.

“Replica” - Flock of Dimes 

Because Robyn didn’t put any new songs out this year (and because it seems that I love everything Jenn Wasner does)

“Paradise” - Wild Nothing 

Great track.  And bonus points for that wonderful video with Michelle Williams.

“Minefield” - Kid in the Attic 

I don’t even know if this is like, a completed song.  But whatever, it’s 2012.  And its Maia and I love it.  I’m also really looking forward to more tracks from Maia’s band Mitten in 2k13.

“My Love is Real” - Divine Fits 

I always liked Dan’s songs the best.

“Wandering Star” - Policia

so legit.

Anyway, what songs did you guys like?



Hurricanes, XO

Our new single “Hurricanes, XO" premiered last week over at The Wild Honey Pie, and is now available for download over at bandcamp.

It’s one of my favorite songs on the album and it captures a sort of sound that I had carried around in my head for a while, but had never quite been able to pull off.  The writing and recording of the song was sort of a fun experiment.  It started out with just Brian V and I improvising in the basement. I basically said “let’s play a punk rock number” and then we hit record and just played whatever came to mind. It sounded kind of crazy but really fresh and urgent, so I sent the demo to my friend Vince Bauters. Vince is a poet and a sort of pen pal - I’ve never met him in real life but we’ve been in touch for a while and seem to have a creative understanding and a mutual respect for each other as artists. We collaborated once before on a poem. Anyway - Vince and I started collaborating on the lyrics for the song via google docs.  I had a rough idea of what the song should be about. I wanted it to be a sort of freewheeling/apocalyptic love song.  Like a collection of images, or movie of only words.

As that was happening, I called over my friend Bryan Bruchman - he ended up playing on 4 songs on the new album and is kind of our very own stand in post-rock guitar hero. Bryan recorded some really amazing lead guitar parts over these weird basic tracks, and the feel of the song was starting to come together. Once the lyrics were finally complete (lyrics are the only part of songs I tend to obsess over) I knew the song was just about done but I kind of wanted to get someone to sing the choruses with me, to add to the anthemic quality. I have another friend/postmodern pen pal in Maia Macdonald. Maia makes music as Kid in the Attic and is also in a really great indie pop band called Mitten. She sang on one of the other songs we had recorded earlier on and that had been really awesome. So, I emailed her with a rough mix of “Hurricanes”, and right away she sent back some tracks with these amazing amazing harmonies. Funny all the strange and wonderful ways you can collaborate and function as a band these days.

Anyway - hope you enjoy the track!  The full album will be released on 2/19 via Awkward For Life Records, and is now available for pre-order as a digital download and also on 150 gram translucent red or coke bottle clear vinyl.




Here’s one of the songs from our new album.  It’s one of my faves and features vocals from with wonderful Maia Macdonald from Mitten and Kid in the Attic.