Ever since I’ve been illustrating and especially since discovering my obsession with creating comics, I’ve been collecting photography of architecture, art, design and clothing to later use as reference material or inspiration. Gathering these images relentlessly while on the internet or going about my daily life plays a big part in how Kid Havoc is created – or any creative project for that matter.

Given that Fern and I do not have the luxury of working in the same studio we have to constantly keep in touch and keep each other motivated and inspired. We pass photos back and forth through emails with notes, drawings and scribbles of ideas and design for future items. We talk about how something we found or someone we met sparked an idea that we thought we be nice into incorporate into Kid Havoc. It’s a constant back and forth but until now has ultimately stayed between private between the two of us.

Now I’d like to open up our inspirations and references to everyone else. Since the collections we have on our desktops are without proper citation we will have to start from scratch and begin a new collection in the form of an inspiration blog. I’ll update it often, as will Fern, given that we are always collecting images we find useful. I hope you guys can get a little something from it – whether it’s discovering a new artist or photographer or finding new reference material for your own work. Whichever it may be, think of this blog as eavesdropping on how we operate. I think it’ll be fun.

Thanks in advance for following.


Hahaha looks like Kid Havoc made the news!
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