11 Colorful Characters You See Every Year During Holi

Bura Na maano Holi Hai!!

1. The one who starts asking the relevant questions

2. The “Stay away I’m allergic to color” bolne wali bandi

3. The Bomber

4. The ‘Maaro Aur Bhaago Gang’

5. This Shiner

6. The one who thinks he looks like this

7. But actually looks like this

8. The one guy who finally hits it off with his crush

9. “Abey Beer Kidhar Hai?” poochne wala bandaa

10. The couple who have their own thing going

11. The first time bhaang drinker

Have a Happy, Safe, Water-less & Filmy Holi

Woh toh khushboo hai,
Hawaon mein bikhar jayegi.

Masla toh phool ka hai,
Phool kidhar jayega?

He is a fragrance and would waft in the air.
The trouble lies with the flower - where shall the flower go?