When Keith puts Pidge behind him

When Lance didn’t want them to get close to Pidge

When Shiro and Keith covered Pidge with their bodies

When Allura hugs Pidge so she doesn’t get miss

When Hunk covered Pidge and Green Lion with his lion

When Shiro let him get up for the fear

i lovE SO MUCH WHEN THEY PROTECT PIDGE KAHSJEJW💚💙❣💟💛💖💝💕💓💖💛💙💝❣💚💝💟💞💛💜💜💖💕💟

My babe, she’s so beatiful,, protect she forever pls

((Sorry for my bad english)) :c

Shiro: they call me coffe cause I grind so fine

Pidge: Oh my gosh

Lance: they call me coffe cause I keep you up past 2 am

Pidge: lance, stop it

Keith: they call me coffee-

Pidge: Please no

Keith: because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspects of what I am

Pidge: oh