Driving children be like

7th grader: Why are the crosses on the side of the road shaped like that? That’s a letter in my name.

Me, driving through a traffic jam on a back roads highway: *tries to think of a good way to explain why Christian symbolism is so ingrained in our culture*

6th grader: Everybody should just accept Jesus Christ.


Co-staff in the passenger seat: *laughing silently*


Treasure Hunter AU as kids

Finally =w= I am so proud! This is so adorable HHHHH KIDS!! my nephews!! ;w; *le cries*. They are supposed to be baby bones as I said to Nekophy, but. turned out they become a kid instead. Their design still similar to their original clothes.

Treasure Hunter AU Characters belong to me

PJ belong to @7goodangel

Palette belong to @angexci

Goth belong to @nekophy

Scary belong to @finfileors

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Halloween headcanons?

do i EVER

  • pidge: pull an old switcheroo and GIVE the PERSON candy when they come to the door
  • hunk: what
  • pidge: assert your dominance 
    • pidge: look half the shit they give out i don’t even like so i just give the person more candy and buy my own bag at home
    • pidge: it’s a halloween tradition
  • keith prolly doesn’t like it so much (people + loud noises = not the best combo) but allura LOVES IT
    • some random dude: woah man nice vulcan costume 
    • allura: i beg your pardon ?
    • dude: yOO DUDE
  • lance: idk just,, thinking of halloween makes me miss my family n,, :’(
  • keith: *jumps into a pod while trying to figure out how to put in earth coordinates* oh worm?
  • at least shiro would get to do a winter soldier costume
    • im not even mad