Bond with the TH Kiddos

When they’re still small =w=  adorable little beans

TH AU / myself belongs to me

Palette belong to @angexci

Goth belong to @nekophy

PJ belong to @7goodangel

Scary belong to @finfileors


Treasure Hunter AU as kids

Finally =w= I am so proud! This is so adorable HHHHH KIDS!! my nephews!! ;w; *le cries*. They are supposed to be baby bones as I said to Nekophy, but. turned out they become a kid instead. Their design still similar to their original clothes.

Treasure Hunter AU Characters belong to me

PJ belong to @7goodangel

Palette belong to @angexci

Goth belong to @nekophy

Scary belong to @finfileors

Kiddos will never forget

@ask-corrodedcrank remember when I sent you that ask about making you something? Yeah, well, I didn’t forget~ 

Yeah, it isn’t much, but the little sentence up top holds a lot of meaning. Basically, it means that even if you do fade someday, or if something were to happen to you, that we Kiddos would never forget you. That you have given us many wonderful things to remember, made us feel wanted when we felt like we weren’t, or made us smile when nothing else could. 

You’ve protected me, stood up for me, and been there as a light and joy in my life. I, as a Kiddo, will most certainly never forget you.

Thank you for everything, Crank.

- Sav

today i went and observed a first grade class and i was wearing my star wars shirt and so this little girl was asking me who my favorite star wars character was. i said luke skywalker and she got excited because he’s her favorite too but she was like i can’t tell you why though and i was like just whisper it in my ear and she leaned in really close and said because he’s handsome


[05.13.2017] // Updates + What’s in my bag tag! <3

Hey guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
First, sorry for my absence! He was planning ourselves for Mother’s Day, since we will travell to Isla today! (Tbh, I’m writing this post in the airport lmao) And well, it was really a mess here! Prepae our suitcases, the kids suitcases, and also, set everything for have a good Mother’s Day! Our parents will met us tomorrow for a big lunch together, also, I think that my sis will went too, and Jhonny’s relatives too! We’re very excited for it, and also, it will be the first big travel of the twins! And now, they’re more hiperative, it seems to be a bit hard to have them calm in plane lol, but it will be fun!
Also, now they’re liking much more to stay sitted than stay layed! And now, they learned how to do lot of mess with their toys in the living room, so everywhere that I look have a teether or a rattle, also they’re teething guys! And I can’t wait to see their little teeth, but also this is a hard time since they have so much pain sometimes, but I will do a post exclusived to talk about it!
And, my amazing friend Asia tagged me to do this tag, and well it come in a good moment, since I was having to reorganize my bag because it was a mess! So guys, let’s go for the tag!
What’s in my bag :
-> My phone, one of the things that I always have in my bag, because I always need it!
-> Mauricio’s toy phone, because he always ask for his phone when I pick mine.
-> Kiddos’ ipad, I always have it when we need to go for somewhere that we will stay for a hours, like banks or doctors appointments.
-> Keys, that I always put in a easy place to see, because I’m the best in lose things lol
-> A necessaire with my documents, kids documents, passaports, money, credit cards and stuff like this.
-> Candies, I know it isn’t correct, but I give to the kiddos like a reward when they deserve it, like when they stay calm and don’t do tantrums in doctors appointment.
-> Some makeup,small cloth (that I’ve forgotten to put for with the items lol), a hair comb and a perfurm, because when you have kiddos, sometimes accidents happen lmao
-> Pacifiers and teethers, I always put in their own baby bag, but I always have some in mine for practicality, since my twins are always throwing the pacifier and the teether on the floor, and until I found a place to wash, they would already be crying.
-> Baby wipes, because I always need it with the twins, and more now that they’re starting to teething!
-> My earpods, for use with my phone and the ipad, sometimes I put 2 in my bag.
-> My medicine and eno, because sometimes I forgot to take it in home and I need to take it in the city lol

Now, I tag @thehungrymarshmallow , @demetriasnotes , @greyandco , @angelas-diary-blog , @maiorqueoeterno , @simplisticmotherhood , @irisshutz , @clannad2 , @chloewgt and @ayumistene to do it too! <3  And thanks Asia for tag me! I loved to do it! <3

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked it! <3
Any question? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you! <3
Have a great day/night!


Mermay day 10!

I wanted some really vivid colors on some mermaids, sort of more designed after really small, colorful reef fish? They also happened to be smaller, kid Mermaids. Maybe, sticking with the small fish theme, they’d be a smaller breed of mermaid altogether?? I may explore this further.

Probably partners in crime. The smaller purple one is the most hyper one.

I imagine them getting into antics and hijinks in the sea. 

Yesterday I went to see a childhood friend who’s just had a baby girl, she also has a 3 year-old boy. The little boy was playing outside and getting his clothes really dirty, so my friend told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. She told me he was being a little difficult since his sister was born, as it often happens with children when a new sibling arrives. So I sat the boy on my lap and told him “you see, mommy is asking you to stop playing in the mud because when you do that, then it gives her more work to do at home. And now you have a sister, who’s very little and needs lots of care, extra work is really tiresome for mommy, you understand?”. He silently nodded, so I went on, “I think you’re old enough to understand that you should be kind to your mom and try to help her when you can, right?”. He smiled and said “yes!”. And there was nothing purer than his little smile. He was so proud to be able to help his mom!  Kids are awesome.