kidding man

  • Hazel: You promised not to tell.
  • Ukoku: Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Hazel. Welcome to the real world.

i love one (1) man



reasons you should not sleep on eddie kaspbrak’s strength

1. is the first (!!) to jump into the water right in front of the bullies to get better shots during the rock war

2. is attacked by his biggest fear at the niebolt house, literally has asthma attacks when he hears about it but still goes back to help his friends

3. L O S V E R

4. absolutely no hesitation about going back to the house when he’s called after he snapped his arm in half, was tormented by pennywise, and was literally .02 seconds away from dying there

5. stands up to his mom who has had compete and utter control over him when he finds out what’s been going on

6. literally propels down a rope into a deep ass tunnel with only one working arm (??????)

7. was the actual mom of the group during the final scenes in the sewers (being the first to notice people were missing, being in the front leading the group around without bill, etc)

8. at the beginning he was afraid to even set foot in the sewer bc of the greywater, but later on he literally falls face first into dead bodies swimming in it and still moves onwards

9. germaphobe but when he’s sprayed in the face with some dank fucking liquid by a demonic creature at the end he doesn’t panic; instead - “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!”

10. kid was deathly afraid of aids from a cut up ben at the beginning but by the end he was able to do a blood oath 

summary: please never sleep on this kid’s strength & character development

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?

instead of emo phases do apollo kids have broadway phases


I literally love the head cannons of Reigen having a big fat crush on his fav hero, so new au where Reigen and Saitama are married and raise Mob together, affectionately dubbed Two Monsters and a Con Man, were Reigen just fucking tries to keep his weirdly powerful family from destroying the house.

Okay so I’m just back from seeing IT again and I know everyone talks about Eddie’s “I’M GONNA KILL YOU” after the leper spews on him (my sun™ is iconic) but can we also talk about Stan and how when IT comes at him as the woman from the painting he KNOCKS THAT BITCH OUT!!!!!!!!! He gets in such a good hit, I’ve honestly never been prouder,,,,, I love my brave son Stanley Uris


every derek hale scene » [5/?]

A Note To Autistic Boys 💕

[note: this includes trans boys, non-binary boys and boys who aren’t sure if they’re boys]

Your stimming is not obnoxious or intrusive. It is just your way of expressing your emotions. Don’t feel guilty about it.

When you infodump to a girl or a femme, you are not mansplaining. You’re just infodumping, a beautiful thing. It isn’t unfeminist to infodump.

Your traditionally masculine special interests do not contribute to toxic masculinity or male privilege. They’re just your special interests.

Your traditionally feminine interests do not make you a “sissy” or a girl (this one goes especially to trans boys). They’re just your special interests.

You are not being “disruptive” by talking loudly, not understanding neurotypical social skills or excusing yourself out of class. These are just things that some autistic people do. It doesn’t make you any less valid.

You are not inherently violent or aggressive by avoiding eye contact (especially MOC). It’s just an autistic trait, that neurotypical society may demonize but still isn’t inherently negative.

Don’t make anybody feel that you aren’t strong, beautiful or good, because I promise you, you are 💕

[anybody can reblog this, whether you’re an Autistic boy or not]

eddie but with body dysmorphia

-so eddie has always been small

-compact, if you will

-and he secretly liked being small, being able to fit in people’s (richie’s) arms so well, finding the tiniest of spots to hide during hide and seek

-but one day while after he got to high school, sometime after he hit puberty, something changed in him

-he got taller and thicker and he wasn’t enjoying it

-he started to feel like he was taking up too much space

-he kept these thoughts to himself, as he does with most everything

-but they all notice eventually

-he won’t sit on bill’s shoulders to play chicken anymore

-won’t let stan give him piggyback rides

-before he started seeing himself this way he used to borrow bev’s sweaters all the time but now he refuses because he’s convinced he’ll stretch them out

-he won’t ride on the back of mike’s bike when they travel around town

-and richie especially notices when eddie won’t let him wrap his arms around his waist anymore

-at first richie thought eddie was slowly distancing himself

-trying to slip away

-he was so hurt when eddie refused to cuddle or change in front of him

-he goes to bev, who is obviously one of his best friends,

-“i just feel like he doesn’t love me anymore you know? he won’t let me touch him like ever”

-“richie, can’t you see it? it’s not you, it’s him. he feels bad about himself, he’s got body dysmorphia”

-and of course she then had to explain what that term actually means

-but then it all comes together in the old trashmouth’s head

-“you’re a godsend, marsh. what would i do without you?”

-“crash and burn”

-so he goes to eddie, not knowing if he should confront him straight up or wait til eddie says something himself

-but that’s obviously never gonna happen so plan b

-they’re chilling in richie’s room, doing homework

-richie puts his math book down and starts kissing eddie’s neck

-“rich, stop, i’ve got work to do”

-then he starts playing with eddie’s hair

-“richie you’re distracting me”

-“you’re so beautiful, eds. i love you so much”

-“shut up, trashmouth. don’t call me that”

-richie starts slowly moving his hands around eddie’s shoulders and then slipping them under his sweater

-“i mean it, babe. you’re just so beautiful, i can’t believe i wasted all that time being your friend when i could’ve been-“

-“beep fucking beep richie! i don’t want to play right now”

-“why won’t you let me touch you, eddie?”

-and eddie has to pinch the bridge of his nose

-“i have work to do”

-“i don’t mean just now. i mean ever. we don’t hug, or cuddle or make out, we haven’t been together in weeks”

-“that’s what you’re fucking worried about? that i’m not having sex with you?”

-“no you stupid idiot i’m worried that you’re gonna start hurting yourself because you think you’re fat”

-“what are you even talking about”

-“i’m not stupid, eddie. you’re wearing baggy clothes, you only eat green shit, you won’t let me see you without a shirt on….for some reason you hate yourself and that’s fucking ridiculous because you’re probably the most attractive person i’ve ever met in my life”

-eddie doesn’t know what to say because he never thought richie would figure it out

-“i love you, eddie. you. the way you are. i love your floppy hair and your sparkly eyes, i love how you can be kinda squishy in the middle, i love your arms and your legs….dear god eddie your ass is literally out of this world”

-and eddie laughs through his tears

-“i don’t want you to change, i don’t want you to start to disappear”

-eddie takes richie’s dorky face into his little hands and kisses the tip of his nose

-“i’m not gonna go anywhere. i love you, trashmouth”

-“i love you too eddie spaghetti”

cool i’m in pain