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Own it

Request - Can you make an imagine based on the song ‘Own It’ By Drake ?

Warning - Cursing, not that smutty.

Side note - I’m actually gonna count this as a smut. I wasn’t but there is cursing, etc, Also someone reported my smut imagine (Waking up good) beause they’re haters.

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‘You’re still the one that I adore, ain’t much out there to have feelings for.’

“I love you.” Harry stepped closer to me. “I still love you.”

“Harry get out of here, you can’t just show up to my house and—Matter of fact how did you find out where I live?“  I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Your sister of course, She is such a kind person. She said she understands that I still have feelings for her beautiful, intelligent, sexy, drop dead gorgeous, funny sister.” I rolled my eyes, remembering that he had a girlfriend they’re all over the fucking newspapers and magazines.

“What about your girlfriend?” Harry started to kiss my neck, but I quickly pushed him away from me. “See look at you. Harry you have a girlfriend, she is probably at home wonder where your cheating, lying ass is.”

“You’re so cute when you’re mad.”

I rolled my eyes. “Then I’m about to be fucking beautiful right now.”   Harry didn’t even pay mind to my last comment he just brushed it off and started kissing my neck again, finding my sweet spot and kissing it over and over again.

“Stop.” I tried to push him away but his hand slid under my skirt and touched my now very wet underwear.

“You want me to leave, but your body shows something different.” I let out a moan, from the sucking on my neck that Harry is causing. That spot was probably purple, dark-purple, sensitive, and bruised.

You’re still the one that I adore.” I felt Harry’s fingers start rubbing my slit over and over again. My legs start to shake and my balance was about to give up on me. “Lets take this to the bed yeah?” Harry pick me up, I was still so unsure why he had all this power against me I felt so powerless, My body carved his touch, I was itching to take his clothes of and see him. All of him, I wanted to do so many things with him. I have grown a dirty mind in a matter of seconds. This Is the affect Harry Styles has on me.

I can’t believe this. Harry laid me on the bed gently, and started to undress me. This is about to happen, Come on Y/N it your last chance to tell him to stop. Just tell him no. “Har-har-rry.” My sad attempt to tell him to stop became a moan of pleasure and I found myself on top of Harry.

“You know Y/N.” Harry smirks. “No one could ever make me go so mad just with a smile, or a look. But that’s until I met you.” I felt my cheeks turn red, like on the all the blood from the face went to my cheeks.“

“You know who my body belongs to?” Harry asked with a smirk. I shook my head ‘no’ but I knew what he was going to say. He was going to say me, Harry was always cheeky, and the most handsome man I ever seen with and without clothes.

Guess who’s it is.“  He said, moving my hair behind my ear. ”Yours.“

"You own it.” Harry smirked. “No one else but you baby girl, fuck all those other girls. Because ain’t much out there to have feelings for. Its yours.” He smiled flipping us over, so he was now on top of me.

“We both know if you really wanted me out, I would have been out already."  He teased.

"Harry just fuck me already.” I begged.

“Now Y/N, I told you next time we fuck I don’t wanna fuck I wanna make love and that is what I tend to do with you. I want you to think about this moment for days.”

“What else did I say baby girl?” Harry started to kiss my neck, and  I dug my nails into the back of his jacket. “You sa-said next time we talk I don’t wanna talk I wanna trust.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I trust you with my life, I trust that you will take care of me.” I sighed. “But you have a girlfriend.”

“No I don’t baby girl, she is just a friend. We just went out for lunch to catch up on things."  I pushed Harry away.

"LIke what? How her pussy is doing?”

“Well. If you wanted to know, Its doing fine actually.” I rolled my eyes, and pushed him off of me.

“You pig! You fuck some girl and then come here and fuck-” Harry cut me off with a kiss. “No! You can’t just kiss me and think everything is alright! Harry you have a proble-” He cut me off again, I wanted to punch him in his face. His beautiful face, God I wanna kiss that face. I can’t wait to have that face between my legs.

“Baby girl, Shh. I was just kidding baby. I love you and only you.” He push me back on the bed and started kiss my neck. “What does my baby girl want?”

“You.” I moan. Harry slid his hand under my shirt, and started rubbing my nipple. "What? Baby girl, beg for what you want.“

"Your tongue please! Please Harry."  I pushed my underwear down to my ankles. Harry got on his knees and pulled my down closer to his face.

"I love to make you beg you look hot.” He mumbled against my entrance, making me arch my back. His tongue sliding along my slit, making me moan louder, with every flick. He added his thumb, replacing his tongue with it.

“Who made you this wet?” Harry always loved the dirty talk, at first I wasn’t into it, But I gave in and started to get the hang of things. "You did.“

"You made me this wet. Will you take care of me?” Harry smirked.

“I’ll do more then just take care of you. I’ll make sure, all the positions, all the moans are stuck in your head playing over and over again.”

He started to suck on my clit harshly, making me already be half way to cum all over him. I moan loudly, I hate that Harry has all this power over me. He knew where to touch me, when to touch me, how to touch me. I just showed him I enjoyed it by moaning. “Harry.. God, Jesus.” I tug his hair and arched my back.

“Harry, I’m so close."  I moaned. "Cum right now baby girl."  He gripped my hips, and started to swirl his faster. "Oh.” I moan as I feel my release happening. 

“You taste better then before, or maybe that’s the make up sex talking?" Harry smiled and laid next to me on the bed.

"So did I do good?" 

"Yes, you did.”

“Who owns this body?”

“You own it.” I smile. “Its yours.”


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