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Whats the first thing you ever drew?

I used to draw fantastic cities and geometric shapes, I wanted to be an architect more than anything else when I was a kid. This is mostly thanks to watching THE SECRET CITY when I was about 7 or 8?

Afterward I had gotten used to just drawing in my spare time and started cartooning. I used to draw comic strip characters a fair bit (Garfield, The Far Side, etc). By elementary school I started working with things like pastels and markers, even doing collages. I got really inspired by video game artwork as I got older and used to draw lots of things like fantastic Castlevania interiors, that evolved into trying to draw more characters as well and at the same time I had started getting into anime / manga / video games. I would draw all my favorite characters… (man I know I have them buried somewhere if I find ‘em I’ll post ‘em)

There was no world wide web when I was going through puberty so other than sneaking around to find my dad’s secret stash of porno mags I would just draw my own porn. It was a huge secret thrill to draw all these weird scenarios out and then figure out how to destroy them without getting caught so to speak. The first boobs I ever drew were “Princess Toadstool”s like a lot of people I had an unhealthy fascination with her… uhh anyway one pic I destroyed I wish I had kept, it wasn’t overly sexual it was Angela from Gargoyles wearing Belle’s dress… (!?) ANYway…

I drew quite a bit up until I started college which basically destroyed my free time, I did dribs and drabs here and there, I also managed to score my first copy of Corel Photo-Paint 8 in 1998 and I think by ‘99 I had finally gotten my hands on a scanner, I still have some of my art from that time

(why yes that IS a Crown Royal dice bag - such a NERD)

Following college there was a long dark period where I worked for an EXTREMELY shitty company and I basically replaced all my hobbies with working like a slave for a souless motherfucker and drinking. When I finally quit that hellhole in 2005 I discovered I suddenly had this thing called “free time” (funny when you aren’t working 90 hours a week)

By then I was still using Corel but trying to teach myself how to colour stuff…

GAZE INTO THE ABYSS PEOPLE this was me 12 years ago
(and my old icon)


I was drawing with a MOUSE like a common mouth breather …well… not so much drawing but click and dragging points with the horrid vectoring tools in Photoshop (not Illustrator uggghhhhhh).

I started getting better at colour, in fact I think I really met @grimphantom2 by colouring one of his Kiva drawings, I mean we knew each other from WWOEC but not as closely at that time, all we knew was we had good taste in cartoon ladies


Anyway it’s been a long ride since then, 11 years on deviantArt and roughly 12 years of regular drawing. Now I can almost draw a circle again!

…and color pinups like a real boy…

…and pictures that mean a lot to me personally…


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au for Jackson from Got7? I hope I'm not adding more stressed by requesting 😫 but I love your writing so I can't resist

i miss him!!!!! 

  • sculptor!jackson 
  • took one art history class in college and thinks he’s a Certified Historian on the subject. except mark was like name three great french sculptors and jackson was like,,,,,,,um henry,,,,baguette??? is my favorite
  • turns on music when he works and if you come in you’ll see him dancing, holding the chisel like a microphone
  • sculpts out of stone, can carry like a one hundred pound slab of alabaster no sweat
  • if someones watching him. he flexes when he does 
  • pretends to think deeply when someone asks him “oh why’d you sculpt this” but the answer is always just ‘because i felt like it’ don’t kid yourself jackson
  • works mostly for rich people who want sculptures of themselves or family members and it’s kinda funny to see him grit his teeth when they nitpick his art because,,,,,,,,,,,,when they turn around jackson is clenching his fist and he’s like,,,if they weren’t paying me the Big Bucks,,,,,,oh boy,,,,,,,,,
  • unexpectedly takes off his shirt when he works
  • whiCH is a sight you walk in on so many times because you’re his??? secrituary ??? agent??? kinda
  • and you’ll be like “jackson do you need me to order more sto- OH ,,, no shirt alert,,,”
  • and jackson is like “yeah yeah more stone, can you pass me the axe?”
  • and you’re just like covering your eyes with one hand and feeling around for the axe and jackson notices and he’s like WOAH THAT’S DANGEROUS
  • and runs over to pick your wrist off of the table and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he’s shirtless he’s shirtless and three inches away from me,,,,,,,,,
  • and jackson doesn’t seem to notice your embarrassment ever
  • until one day when you’re telling him about an upcoming client and he pulls his tank top over his head and is like “can you pass me a napkin?”
  • and once again you’re averting your eyes, taking small steps toward him with the napkin
  • but jackson has already gone back to sculpting and he’s like “ahh can you dab the sweat off my forehead? it’s making it hard to work.”
  • and you’re like gflkbsdkf,,,,o,,,,,ok and you lean over and gently press it against his forehead to get the sweat off
  • and you make the mistake of looking at him,,,,,,a glistening god ,,,,,,the sweat like diamonds on his tan skin
  • and you almost forget to breathe for a second and when jackson looks up he tilts his head and he’s like “there’s some on my neck,,,,”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,
  • and he’s working on the stone so you think he’s just asking you to help him out as a friend but ,,,,,,jackson is also secretly trying not to scream
  • because you’re so close,,,,,,,touching him,,,,,,everytime he feels your fingers brush his skin he wants to jump up because it’s so,,,electrifying
  • and finally jackson stops working and sighs and you back away to throw out the napkin 
  • and jackson is like “ah it got on my chest too,,,, im sweaty all over”
  • and you’re like mlgbdfjsvf,,,don’t say tHAT ,,, outloud,,,and jackson looks at you and with a wink is like “do you want to help clean it off me?”
  • and you swear in that moment he’s flirting. he has to be
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gaping and jackson turns the wink into a pout and he’s like “unless you don’t want to,,,,,” but you’re like uh uh ,, i,,, uh,,,
  • and he walks forward, taking your hand and pulling it toward him,,,,
  • when mark walks in and he’s like “jackson are you- oh,,,,,,,oh you guys are having fun excuse me.”
  • and he twirls around to leave and you’re like MARK NO WAIT and jackson is like tugging you toward him and he’s like “mark is right (: let’s have some fun (:” 
Some things Percy probably does because he’s a New Yorker
  • He talks really, really fast 
  • Like some people just stare at him not knowing what he said because he strings his thoughts and sentences together rapidly because c’mon he lives in Manhattan where everything is high pace 24/7
  • He talks really loud! His voice carries over well. He’s so bad at like talking softly. And people can often hear him from like a mile away lmao 
  • Annabeth jokes that she could be on the other side of MSG at a Rangers game and still be able to hear him 
  • He basically lives off of pizza, bagels, and bacon egg and cheeses. Like he’s always stopping to get a slice or pie at his local pizzeria, or at his bodega to get bagels before school or something like that
  • He’s very proud of being a New Yorker. Like we tend to be proud to be from New York, I don’t know it’s just a thing that we do (except when we complain about it all the time)  
  • Anything that is north of the Bronx, he considers Upstate New York (even though it is not. Bitter about it) 
  • The dude can weave through crowds so fluidly. He is a master of evading people barreling down the sidewalks
  • He walks really fast! In New York, if you don’t walk fast everyone hates you.  
  • He is really good at doing things with other shit and noise going on around him. Construction is everywhere, always making a lot of noise, so he’s used to it and it doesn’t bother him as much
  • He can drive a car, but he lives in the City. It is a hellish nightmare to drive through there and to get out without possibly dying in the process. So he’s not the greatest driver in the world. But he can parallel park easily. 
  • He jaywalks like it’s his fucking job. He fears nothing when he needs to get somewhere (ahem, late to school)
  • He curses a lot. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is some kind of swear (except in front of his mother)
  • He has his favorite sports teams (Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks) but he usually supports all New York teams (except Buffalo, way too up north and he forgets about them a lot)

Dan and Phil better not disrespect me by uploading pinof 8 while I’m in class. this college tuition is too expensive for me to just walk out and watch a video of two dudes with whiskers on their face, but i’ll do it anyway bc I have no sense of priority

but first, some music

Boy do I not like it when I see my art edited and cropped and used as RP icons without my permission. Really kinda grinds my gears.

Look, fellas, you wanna use my art? You ask me. I’m not against it, but for Pete’s sake, you still shouldn’t go editing other people’s art! Like, c'mon, that’s SUPER rude!

ESPECIALLY IF you don’t have permission! I don’t care what it’s for, it’s still you taking my art!

how bout kash/keyleth tho

kash thinks she’s a bit much at first, but she’s beautiful, and she grows on him. “is she always like this?” becomes less disgruntled as time goes on and more becomes hopeful; he could always use a little more light in this dark, awful world he’s in

keyleth’s path takes her on a similar one to kash’s; it’s nice to have company on the way. she teaches him about nature and the ashari, and kash is a fast and willing learner. her enthusiasm and love for it warms him and a rare smile creeps onto his face watching her, every damn time

with the help of percy, keyleth druid-crafts the wooden shaft of his spear. percy carves the patterns she requests into it, and keyleth grows small vines and flowers over it, and it’s still usable, it’s just more pretty– and once while kash would’ve scoffed at it, he feels his chest swell; no one’s given him something so beautiful before

they’re both calm enough for eachother. there’s no drama, no constant need for adventure; there’s keyleth’s aramente and vesh. once it’s over with, they can settle down, kashaw becoming a healer for the air ashari they join in with, keyleth trying to be the best headmaster she can be. they support eachother, lift one another up; it’s an easy, kind life, and they’d prefer nothing less

I begged @didjamissme for a prompt yesterday and she gave me Patater pre-school au so… here you go tumblr, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

The first day of school is always daunting, Kent thinks as he surveys his classroom one last time and nudges a corner of the quiet time rug flat with the toe of his Sperry.

It’s daunting, but it’s fun. It’s another year of watching his full day preschoolers grow and learn and develop and GOD if that isn’t the best feeling in the world he doesn’t know what is.

He’s been teaching in Seattle since he graduated from UBC with his teaching degree and finished up his Masters at UW, and he loves it. He loves the city, the people, the fact he’s hours from the mountains or the ocean or the rivers or the lakes. He loves the night life and the daily vibe and he loves the fact that the Schooners literally play two light rail stops from his apartment and he has season tickets.

He’d played Juniors in Portland for two seasons before being traded to Seattle for the last two and his overager season, and after aging out without being drafted he’d gone up north and played four years of college hockey while getting his degree to teach small humans.

He wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

At 9:45 on the nose he props open the classroom door that leads to the playground and greets the parents and little ones and invites them inside, shaking parental hands and soothing a few worried kids and a ton of worried parents and getting everyone involved with crayons and nametags with big block letters for them to color and have on their desks.

It’s 5 till when he looks up from where he’s crouched in the front corner of the room and his only coherent thought is ‘Oh shit he’s hot.’ Followed closely by 'Oh shit that’s Alexei Mashkov.’

Kent knew the story. Everyone in Seattle knew the goddamn story. Alexei had adopted his goddaughter after a terrible series of events that left him the only person with any legal say over her. Three years, a Stanley Cup and two All-Star nominations later there’s a giant schooners DMan holding a small one in his arms gravely listening to her prattle at him in a mix of English and Russian standing in the door of his hockey themed classroom.


Kent decided it was probably time to pretend he was a fully grown human that knew how to adult and hoisted himself up from his crouch, meandering over and sticking out his hand in greeting.

“Good morning! I’m Mister Parson! You must be Anna!” He greeted with a smile at the little one and then a smile for the very. Tall. Hockey man. “Kent Parson.”

Alexei smiled and shook his hand, “Alexei Mashkov. I think you know of me.” He said, nodding his head at the big “Schooners Read” banner Kent had on one wall. It had all the players on the roster from two years ago. Including Mashkov.

Kent was not blushing.

“Ah, yeah. I played in the dub as a kid. Gotta share the love of hockey, right?” He looked down at the tug on his hand and smiled at Anna.

“Let’s get you settled in!” He told her and with a final smile and wave to Alexei as his high school student assistant shooed the parents out the door and pulled it closed, Kent calls the attention to him and shoves all thoughts of Alexei Mashkov out of his mind.

Well.. Out of his mind until he can go over to Bitty and Jacks after school and lay on their couch and moan about unfairly pretty hockey men.

The year goes, it passes in a flash, and his casual friendship with Lyosha grows into something more like best friends and on the last day of school as Kent is hugging Anya and assuring her kindergarten will be wonderful and that she will see him all the time that Alexei reaches out and loops his arms around them both.

“School is over, Kenny. You not teach Anya anymore. You can date me now, yes?”

Kent is absolutely blushing at that.

But he nods and tries to control his smile and instead of making a fool of himself, he tucks one arm around Anya and the other around Lyosha and he smiles and nods his head.

The reward is a kiss on the cheek from not just Alexei (who is grinning like a crazed loon), but one on the other cheek from Anya who still has both little arms firmly tucked around his neck.

Life is good.