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What do you think will happen in all the mains future? I wanna know what you think.

(I haven’t read wires & nerve so that probably… changes things)

Kai & Cinder adopt kiddos, once Cinder’s relieved of her royal duties on Luna (and WInter takes over) she takes up the mantle as Empress of the Commonwealth who also sneaks out to hang with the commoners (like Kai did)

Cresswell have twins (I think most people think the same thing) but that’s much farther down the line after they travel the world and Cress (and Thorne lbr) gains some worldly experience. They’re also the Cool Aunt/Uncle to the other kids (souvenirs! mostly fake stories! movie nights!)

Jacin finally becomes a doctor and as Queen-consort (to Winter) he does a lot of outreach to the outer edges of Luna (where he and Wolf came from) and gets the kids involved in education and stuff. Everyone loves Winter, obviously, but they grow to love grouchy Jacin as well.

Wolflet are like. the well settled chill couple, have a bunch of pets and kids (some their,s some aren’t - maybe neighbour kids or maybe adopted who really knows Wolf has a knack for making friends) all running around the farm. It’s the good, happy life they both deserve, and the home that everyone runs to when they need a break (Wolf coddles them and Scarlet makes them do chores - cue Thorne complaining - but cooks them comfort food afterwards. It’s a win-win.)

mr. moseby was london’s real father. london tipton deserved a father like mr. moseby. mr. moseby didn’t like kids, mostly to do with zack and cody, but he actually cared for london. he loved her like the daughter he never had. i’m gonna go on a little rant now and say mr. tipton was pretty much a horrible father. he was barely in london’s life. the amount of times he must’ve disappointed london for not showing up to her birthdays, parent-teacher conferences, he didn’t even go to her high school graduation. london graduating high school is big people. let me remind you that london is about three years older than zack and cody. london probably repeated the 12th grade like three times. and she finally did it. but her “father” wasn’t there. it’s actually pretty disgusting to me. there was an episode where the man literally wanted to destroy bailey’s family’s farm to build a new property for his company. mr. tipton didn’t deserve to be a father. he didn’t deserve london. i don’t know what more to say. it’s almost midnight. i’m bored. kinda tired. i don’t know why this is on my mind. but. yeah. mr. tipton should’ve pulled a matilda and signed the parental release papers so mr. moseby could adopt london. london likely wouldn’t have lived the luxurious life anymore with moseby. but at least she would be appreciated, cared for, and loved. london tipton is really great. really great. and she deserves the opposite of hate, which is love. and that is all. 

random thought: my villain academia. it’s like my hero academia but kids are trained to become the world’s greatest villains. and there’re mostly kids from the families of villains but the main character is a son of a powerful hero. so all the other kids laugh at him and look down on him but!!!!!! he will overcome all difficulties!!!!!!! and prove everyone that he’s able to become the most terrifying villain ever!!!!!!! 

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Hi Jenna! So my MC is a bubbly 13 year old girl, and to convey that, she frequently says things like "holy guacamole" and "easy peasy." I was just wondering if you think it might come off as cringy and annoying rather than endearing.

If it’s frequent, I’d find it annoying. But I also find kids mostly annoying in general, which puts me outside your target audience. Thus, this question might be better suited for your beta readers, though I personally suggest you avoid making her one-note. She doesn’t have to recite dorky phrases ALL the time. There are easier ways to make her seem bubbly - like actually having her be bubbly.

flower cloak.

i organize my life into sections based on what series i was obsessed with at that time

my logical, dceu-loving ass: im so happy the dceu is finally getting the praise and positive recognition it deserves now that this website seems to be collectively up wonder woman’s ass with me

my petty, dceu-loving ass, clutching my blu-rays of man of steel and batman v superman to my chest: yall don’t deserve diana and you don’t deserve the dceu

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?

Nineteen Years and Eight Hours Later

Harry Potter’s eyes shot open.

“Draco! Draco, come back to bed! You have to hear about this ridiculous dream I just had!”

Larry Wilmore tells Milo Yiannopoulos “Go fuck yourself” for his transphobia and misogyny

After an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher in which host Bill Maher mostly used kid gloves to handle him, Milo Yiannopoulos got a very different treatment on the aftershow Overtime With Bill Maher.

During his appearance on Overtime, Yiannopoulos and Maher began having a deeply transphobic conversation about transgender people, which Larry Wilmore had to shut down. Read more. (2/18/17, 12:14 PM)

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Aaaaaaaa your art is so pleasing to the eye. May I ask, how do you avoid same face syndrome in the characters you draw? I notice this not only in your Undertale posts, but your Steven Universe ones and others as well. All of my characters kinda look the same with just the head shape varying. How do you avoid that?

High praise!! 8O Thank you!

I think avoiding same face syndrome stems from the time I used to draw Disney and Dreamworks characters. There are so many shapes and varieties that you can learn from drawing them and I guess I learned from it by drawing them multiple times.

Not saying that you have to draw them too, but try to observe and learn– their silhouettes, shape of face, eyes, sharp curved forehead, neck– how far apart their eyes or how big their ears- and etc. Try doing that with RL people too then translate it with your artstyle. That helps alot too!

You’ll also begin to notice details like Disney women characters have long black eyelashes compare to Pixar’s for example.

A lot of artists don’t realize this but sometimes they have this “template” behind their character’s clothes and hair. I’m also guilty of that. So experiment with different shapes and get out of your comfort zone!

Also reconsider body-type too