ok so i was gonna fic this but it’s been sitting in my drafts half-written for months, so take this bullet point fic instead:

  • the foxes try to have a reunion of sorts every year or so
  • they don’t always make it but everyone puts in some type of effort to come
  • they all get together for real after the US Court announcements go out bc goddamn we need to celebrate this right??
  • everyone is just catching up, sharing news
  • dan and matt are married
  • nicky and eric are married
  • aaron and katelyn are married and expecting a kid
  • dan starts joking around bc ‘looks like everyone’s married except neil and andrew’
  • except it’s not really a joke bc to be honest, no one is quite sure if they are still, in fact dating. bc no paparazzi has caught them together yet which is like. unheard of in the exy world. if two professional players are fucking everyone knows like, instantly
  • and it’s been literally years
  • so there’s no way theyre still dating right?
  • (only Renee knows the truth bc they needed a witness)
  • (she’s the only one who gets a christmas card from them
    • (it’s a phone picture of andrew holding Sir and neil holding King. the cats are trying to escape. no one is smiling. it’s the background on her phone.)
  • anyway, neil when dan says that neil gets a Look in his eye
  • “hey andrew” he says. 
  • “what”
  • “want to get married?”
  • “nah”
  • everyone else: wait, you’re actually still dating?
  • neil internally: oh now we can Really fuck with them now
  • neil externally: no we’re not dating. haven’t been for years
  • nicky freaks out bc “I KNEW IT, IT WAS HATE SEX EVERYONE HERE OWES ME $200″
  • things calm down eventually and the topic moves on
  • that’s when neil goes in for the kill
  • “andrew, sweetheart, get me a beer?”
  • andrew, who knows exactly what’s going on: “sure thing babe” and kisses him on the way out
  • it’s mass chaos
  • as the rest of the foxes are screaming, nicky manages to say “wait you said you weren’t dating!”
  • “we aren’t”
  • andrew returns, handing neil his beer and planting a kiss on his head
  • “we’re married”
  • fin
  • epilogue: rip in peace to nicky who had to give back all that money and live on forever Renee who took all that money + $700 more
Ve Lahora...

Tere hijre ne saanu tarhfaya ve Lahora,
Teri galliyaan diyaan aun yaadaan ve.
Kiddan bhuliye tere rangeen nazaare,
Kiddan bhuliye o Sawn diyaan barsataan ve.

Firangiyaan di khed ne saanu vaandd hi ditaa,
Saanu mazab de naam te paarheyaa ve.
Hun vicharh gaiiyaan sakhiyaan saheliyaan,
Aakhaan’ch hanju vagan dil haareyaa ve.

Na sunne azaan Badshahi Masjid ‘cho,
Na Rehraas goonje Dera Sahib ton ve.
Hun tu taan ek yaad ban ke rehgeya,
Jag mereyaan dukhaan ton vaakib ve.

Murh aah jaan o haseen vele,
Hun sabh kujh lagge kharaab ve.
Azaadi de naam te dekh ki hoya,
Sadda vichharh geyaa Punjab ve.

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Went on this date yesterday.

First one in a while.

The guy was Punjabi too - I never date Punjabi guys as it’s hard to find a balance between traditional/cultural and westernized/modern.

But he’s cute.

Anyways, apparently, I was talking too much, so he kissed me to shut me up…. And then he goes, Kiddan ji, and smirks at me.

It was dead sexy. =| I am so weird for thinking that was attractive. >.<;