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I have been practicing a new line less colouring style, and I really like how the results turns out. Right now i’m doing a series again on the ships from Assassin’s Creed in Modern AU. Edward and Mary’s clothes are basic on my previous sketch on them in modern clothes.  haha an excuse to draw them in modern clothes UvU and Valentines day os getting closer too

For sure there are more to come \(*T▽T*)/


So basically @conspacelien gave me some great ideas for a Supernovas Family AU and I didn’t know I needed it until I pictured mama!Killer and daddy!Law being all lovey-dovey with their sons!

but really Kidd is like the aggressive punk son always picking fights people because he can and also please take a moment to look at luffy’s CUTENESS I CANNOT-

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The new prompt list you posted #6 w/kylo

Haha, don’t judge me but I got an idea for this and decided to just run with it.

Modern AU Kylo Ren +  “If you cant sleep… we could have sex?”

With a faint groan Kylo shifted in his sleeping bag yet again. Kylo had truly lost count of just how many times he had moved in this forsaken little contraption that was not nearly big enough for him. 

On top of his insomnia he had the weight of stress that he was spending not one meal, not one night, but an entire holiday weekend with your family. Though he loved that he had made it to this point in your relationship that you would want to bring him around your family, he also hated the whole thing. He was plagued with not only a staggeringly shifting self esteem but definite social anxiety. The mere sight of a cabin filled with one face after another overwhelmed him. Especially when they all swarmed around him. 

Realizing all the restless shuffling beside you, you slowly rolled over to face Kylo. Even with your eyes half open you could tell he was trying to get out of his own head, staring at the ceiling with his hands laying on his abdomen. You sighed faintly.

“You ok?”

His eyes opened a little wider as he realized he had woken you. It seemed as though sometimes he forgot just how big he really was and just how much the mattress shifted with his weight.

“Sorry to wake you.”

You scooted closer to him, resting your head on his chest.

“It’s fine…are you ok?”

He nodded, “Just can’t sleep.”

“Mmm…anything I can do to help?”

His hand carefully moved to start rubbing your back, “I don’t think so. I already tried taking something to help me. I just need to…exhaust myself I guess. Stay up until I can’t anymore.”

You hummed faintly nestling closer to him when suddenly an idea hit you. Smirking slightly you began to trace your finger over his chest.

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as his head almost instantly snapped towards you.


“You said you needed to exhaust yourself.”

“No, no, no. We can’t do that. Not here at least.”

You scoffed faintly, “Psh, please. Why not?”

“Aren’t your parents in the next room?”

You smirked as you started to let your finger trace his physique, “No, my cousin is in there.”

“…Which one?”


His eyes widened, “The little one?!”

“It’s not like they’ll know what we’re doing, I mean really. We can be quiet.”

Kylo scoffed, “Who are you trying to kidd? We both know you can’t stay quiet.”

“Make me then.”

His expression suddenly shifted as he stared back at you. Obviously your preposition had pushed something in him. It wasn’t like it took much when it came to you. He looked hesitantly to the wall behind you, then back to the sleeping bags you were both sleeping in. His eyes met yours again after another glance at the wall.

“…You’re…sure they won’t…”

You nodded, giving him a playful smirk. He sighed as he ran a hand through his locks.

“…Guess it couldn’t hurt.”

     Decided to draw the ‘canon’ children on this blog. These are all the children that had actually been born or are on the way on this blog.

     Three of the children are Kidd’s, all with the same woman( @kniightli ), trust me on this. Their names are, from oldest to youngest, Eustass Lucius, Eustass Taska(she has albinism), and Eustass ‘Snake’ Damien(hair is dyed black).

     One child is Law’s and Judy’s( @dontxcallxmexcute ), and his name is Trafalgar D. Samuel. His pointed ears come as a combination from human ears and rabbit mink ears.

     The last child is Takiko’s, and his name is Gensai Aiku. He has the pointed ears and the small horns due to the fact that his mother spent much of her pregnancy with him in her dragon form.

Bon Jovi - “We Got It Going On” in Horsens, Denmark (2011)

That stick Jon is shaking like a pair of maracas is actually a cane! 😀🎊🎶
Jon had a knee injury, but he still rocked on!! 🤘🎤🖤

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Ace, Kid , Law and Sanji reactions when their s.o sees them distressed about something and pulling them to her lap, maybe even rocking up and down like you do with babies and running their hands through their hair soothingly? Like maybe the first time they are brave enough to do so? :) thank you

Ofc this sounds adorable <33

Reaction Hc

Portgas D. Ace

  • gets really embarrassed that it’s happening because it has never happened before and he’s not used to it
  • he loves the hair stroke tho it calms him down, same with the rocking
  • and holy shit they have so smooth legs
  • he probably wants to bite them lmao
  • completely forgets why he was upset to begin with because he’s too busy blushing or fighting with his inner hungry self
  • they’re both blushing like crazy ofc
  • Marco has never been so done in his life

Eustass Kidd

  • he can’t believe they were brave enough to do that because this is Kidd we’re talking about
  • but he doesn’t complain because he likes it, especially the hair stroke
  • also you bet he bites their thigh, doesn’t even think twice
  • his s/o blushes like crazy and yells at him that they won’t do it again if he does that
  • he just laughs at their reaction and forgets why he was distressed about
  • Killer is probably face palming at them but also fangirling from the inside

Trafalgar Law

  • is genuinely surprised 
  • but really really enjoys what they’re doing because it calms him down and he needs it after so many stressful days
  • probably falls asleep in their lap and their s/o smiles at them sweetly
  • when he wakes up he sees that his s/o has fallen asleep in that position and probably wakes them up with a kiss
  • cue to the s/o waking up and blushing hard from what happened 
  • and Law starts teasing them about it
  • Penguin and Shachi are secretly looking and super jealous xD


  • like Ace, he gets really embarrassed that it’s happening because it has never happened before and he’s not used to it
  • but he does love the hair stroke because it really calms him down, same with the rocking
  • he can be like an adorable baby when it comes to it and his s/o loves seeing him at ease like that
  • and then he almost starts nosebleeding because he loves what’s happening a bit too much 
  • and because of the smooth legs right beneath him
  • he fights with himself over biting their thighs or not because he’s a gentleman and he’d never do but he really wants to
  • both are blushing like crazy at some point
  • Zoro can’t help but facepalm and insult the cook under his breath for being a helpless idiot 

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Before we start watching the movie, we should probably go somewhere else, cause...*coughs and clears throat* The boys are getting really noisy up there. I can hear the bed creaking, and it sounds on the virge of collapsing (ʘᗩʘ')

Captain Kidd: We’re leaving right now.

Arsene: You’re no fun, William.

Captain Kidd: I’ll treat you to something later, Lupin.

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How about headcanons of ASL bros, Law, Killer and Kid being highschoolers in AU

Oh dear god. LAWL!!!! XD

Originally posted by kuroijuryoku

High School AU Headcanons:

Kind of students:

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy are here!

Kidd: You’re kidding, right? He’d constantly be getting suspended/expelled. Which annoys the shit out of Killer.

Killer: Typically a decent/good student. Tried to make sure Kidd behaves, but we all know that won’t ever happen. But since Killer does hang out/is friends with Kidd, it’ll sometimes cause him to have to join Kidd in detentions/suspension(s).

Law: One of the best/top students. Duh.

Now on to the fun stuff! ovo


  • Ace, Sabo, and Luffy always have lunch together at school. Doesn’t matter if they have different lunches. Or if Ace/Luffy were supposed to be in detention. Or if Luffy was technically suspended.
  • Sometimes Law joins them. Usually because of Luffy. He may act like he’s really annoyed and/or would rather do something else, but he always joins them when invited. (Or told, in Luffy’s case.)
  • And yes, Law still has a burning hatred for bread.
  • Luffy would definitely enjoy P.E. (physical eduation), and Art (drawing/painting/sculpting/pottery rather than theater). He’d do pretty well in P.E. if he actually listens to the teacher (which he doesn’t most of the time). And art? Welll…. 
  • Sabo’s favourite subject(s) would probably be Literature of some sort (reading books/essays/writing, stuff like that). And chemistry because fire. And because of the more fun/neat experiments.
  • Ace would like chemistry only because of fire. Any experiment that the class is doing with fire, Ace would manage to get top grade(s) no matter what. He also likes any class where he can eat food for free. In fact, Luffy and Sabo do, too.
  • Ace would probably also like any folklore/mythology classes. And creative writing possibly.
  • Killer pretty much is good/likes almost any class/subject. He doesn’t get top grades, but he certainly isn’t close to failing.
  • Killer would be that one student that actually likes anything to do with politics. Partly because he can prove to doubters (adults, pretty much) that he isn’t some “idiotic/brainless teenager”. (Kidd, I’m looking at you for that last one.)
  • Killer has tried to tutor Kidd on multiple occasions, but Kidd is way too stupid stubborn. Killer finds it incredibly frustrating. Though he does laugh at times when Kidd is in detention/suspended/expelled. (which Kidd doesn’t find amusing)
  • Kidd doesn’t give a shit about school. Seriously. He’s the kid(d) the adults are always trying to nab so they could actually get/stay in school for once. Never really works.
  • Kidd would do well in P.E. if he didn’t have such a terrible temper. Not to mention that he is the worst kind of sore loser. He also has a big tendency to get pretty violent.
  • Kidd definitely enjoys Shop/Workshop. He likes building things with his hands. Prefers working with metal. DUH.
  • Kidd is also always in detention. If he isn’t, then he was suspended. That is, if he even showed up in school. Though he’d have perfect attendance for shop.
  • Law is that quiet, smart student. And since he has those good looks, not to mention a kind of “dark/mysterious” personality to him, he’d have a huge following. A.K.A. Fans.
  • In fact, they’d all have a bit of a following, except for possibly Kidd. (I regret nothing.) *bricked*
  • Law would take the advanced classes. Especially anything that would be related/helpful for medicine/being a doctor.
  • So yes, Law would definitely enjoy Biology. And chemistry.
  • Law does do incredibly well in school.
Kiddway haters why?

Alright, First of all I would like to say that I respect other peoples opinions.
But lately I have seen so much “anti Kiddway” ( That is the name of the pairing of Edward Kenway and James Kidd/Mary Read)  posts and that sort of makes me sad.
Fine if you only saw friendship between them two, I can totally accept that you did, but please. Don’t go and make the shippers feel bad about themselves for liking the ship.

On other note let’s talk about one of the last sequences which I think is a great way to show on why Kiddway is a great pairing.

Let’s face it, we wanted Kidd to be more of a main character. But let’s face reality: She was not.
But she was able to make such a great impression on Edward that he chose to change everything.

In the “drunken hallucination” sequence Edward is standing on the Jackdaw getting scolded by his late wife Caroline (See picture)

After that Caroline changes into Kidd/Read that then starts to scold him aswell.

I mean, It could have been anyone. But yet they chose her? Why?

My personal opinion on this is that Mary was the person that Edward let close into his heart. Just like Caroline, Mary knew him and could read him like a open book.
She too wanted him to change before it would end up killing him.
That she had affected him to the point that he is willing to lay down everything he had worked so hard for is nothing but love.

It does not have to be a passionate love, But he did really have a deep connection with her and I think that this makes one of the most beautiful shippings in the whole AC series.

(Sorry for the rant, hope it made any sence..)

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Why are people theorizing that it's either Mouch or Casey who die in the fire?? Wasn't like half the team trapped in there too when it was coming down?? Hermann with Mouch, Kanell and Severide trying to get Casey out, and Kidd off somewhere?? I mean, I know it was Casey who was actually trapped in that room-thing and Mouch is deadweight, but it seemed like the others might not be able to get out either.

I’m not sure, I think it’s because the writers made it seem like Casey and Mouch were the ones in trouble maybe?

I know Kidd and Otis is in there somewhere, just don’t know where. I know they said something to Chief but to be honest, I have no clue where they are.

I think it’s also cause of the facts. Yeah, Herrmann, Kidd, Otis, Kannell, Severide are also in danger because they are inside the building, but they are also not shown really. Especially Otis and Kidd. Although we see Severide and Kannell trying to get to Casey, they are not in danger to the sense that they feel like they need to say goodbye. Mouch isn’t coherent, and that’s dangerous in a fire, I mean truly dangerous. So we’re all scared for him because it’s difficult enough to survive a heart attack (obviously it happens, but we truly don’t know how bad it is) but inside a burning building? That makes it much more difficult. The only way I feel like he would have survived is if Herrmann got out in 5 minutes because now not only is he fighting against a heart attack but the smoke inhalation.  And not only that but we hear Herrmann scream out no. That’s what makes me feel like Mouch is already dead.

And well, look at the past with Casey. Never once did he ever say goodbye to Gabby through the radio. I think that’s what made me cry the most, although his speech was heartbreaking. Even when there were times he was trapped in a fire before, it never got this bad. He never felt like he was dying and all hope is lost. It isn’t like he feels like he has 5 minutes to spare, he has less than a minute until the room engulfs with flames. So, because we hear his goodbye, we assume he’s going to die. Which we should know, Casey will make it out alive. Maybe barely holding on, who knows? It might be a lot to recover for him, not just physically but emotionally. I mean, coming close to death isn’t an easy thing to process, never is. Even with their professional, knowing at any minute can be their last, it’s still hard to process.

I’m just hoping they aren’t trying to distract us though. Make us believe that Casey or Mouch is going to die and it’s someone else. I mean, when Shay died, did we really think she would? No. I didn’t watch it back then, but Shay wouldn’t have been my first guess because I would think a firefighter would die. (Still not over her death btw). Honestly, anyone dies, I’m gonna cry my eyes out so whoever goes, it’s gonna destroy me. I truly know someone is dying though, there is no way in hell they all make it out alive. Just no way. But like I said before, I feel like it’s Mouch. Not only will it impact everyone, but he was retiring anyway. And even if he survives, we’re still gonna lose him due to retiring. Casey is just a distraction, more because they know we’re gonna be anxious to watch the premiere to see if he makes it.

I know if Casey dies, it’ll impact everyone also obviously, but it’s just not the time for him to die. It may be possible in the next two seasons, but right now, he’s fine. I believe it. And I also know they won’t kill off half the cast either, just won’t happen. That’s just way too much. I know Stella is fine because of what Derek said about Stellaride the other day which means Severide is safe too.


Everything is permitted?
Edward Kenway/James Kidd/Mary Read
Everything is permitted?

Edward: You walked me Blind and Backwards into this Mess, Kidd! Who the hell was that Jester back there?

Kidd: Ah Tabai, an Assassin. And my Mentor.

Edward: So you’re all part of some daffy Religion?

Kidd: We’re Assassins and we follow a Creed, aye. But it does not command us to act or submit… only to be wise.

Edward: Oh do tell. I’d love to hear it.

Kidd: ‘Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.’ This is the world’s only Certainty.

Edward: 'Everything is permitted?’ I like the Sound of that. Thinking what I like, and acting how I please.

Kidd: You parrot the Words… but you do not understand them.

Edward: Don’t get haughty with me, Kidd. I followed you as a Friend, and you tricked me.

Kidd: I saved your Skin bringing you Here, Man. These Men wanted you dead for what you did in Havana. I talked 'em out of it.

Edward: Well cheers for that.

Kidd: Aye. Cheers.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER 824 (reaction)

Reading :

Me :

We need Sanji to comeback and end this horror 



SANJIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!! 

damn he looks so fine

Awwww that is so sweet of you Sanji :)





Rest in peace Sanji… You will always be remembered… [jk***]


Sanji is a GONER for sure HAHAHahaHAhahahHAH

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Can you guys move around freely or are you bound to your other selves by distance or something?

Captain Kidd: Before, we were bound to the world of the Metaverse and the minds of them.

Arsene: Now, we’re not quite sure. We could test that limit.

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Hey how small are you guys like can the dog eat you or did need help opening the door?

Captain Kidd: We’re roughly a foot tall and we can fly… well some of us can anyway.

Arsene: I’m surprised that Tadashi has made no attempt to eat us.