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I have been practicing a new line less colouring style, and I really like how the results turns out. Right now i’m doing a series again on the ships from Assassin’s Creed in Modern AU. Edward and Mary’s clothes are basic on my previous sketch on them in modern clothes.  haha an excuse to draw them in modern clothes UvU and Valentines day os getting closer too

For sure there are more to come \(*T▽T*)/


Made In America - Kidd Wes

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Tiny steps were taken.    (not too fast)      Tiny, pale hands reached up, fingers grasping black material. A gentle pull to get his fathers attention. The toddler looked up with bright golden eyes. In hand was a picture drawn, a picture of his latest    adventure      outside in the garden. It was eagerly shown, drawn far more perfectly than any normal toddler could’ve drawn.

              “I drew you a picture.   Playing outside was fun.    I found all sorts of treasure.”


                                                                      He would have loved to say that  nothing has changed ever since Kidd wrote that letter  . Unfortunately he was still a tad weak on his feet,  these words completely blew him away  . It wasn’t often that his son would write such things,  they were not written in red or blue truth, neither were the words tainted in gold, yet Death still believed each one of them  . 

                                                                         Death almost jumped when he felt Kidd coming back,  the same way his son was not allowed to be present when the old creators came together, he was now welcommed when Shibusen had some internal things going on  . Yet as  the consultant  he got notice of it sooner or later anyways,  so who cared  ?

You’re back..!  Welcome home  !


Blvd Dreams (Dir. by Roberto Mario) - Kidd Wes