this is gary.

i was on my way to meet a friend when i found him sprawled along the sidewalks of quezon city hall and thought to myself: this is one happy drunk motherfucker. i’m gonna snap photos of him and post it in my blog; it will serve as a testament to everyone’s right to party no matter what.

i asked the cigarette vendor sitting about 10 ft away from gary if he knew what was wrong with him and ,nonchalantly he said that he’s a screwed-up homeless guy who probably passed out from hunger. i started to get worried about gary after about 5 minutes of immobility, he could be dead. 

i was amazed at the amount of fuck not given by people to this guy at that very moment. people were just walking pass by him like it’s something they see everyday on the streets. i could tell some people almost gave one but, apparently, not enough to actually try to find out if he’s still breathing or what. i crouched beside gary and asked what’s up. i asked him several questions but he could hardly speak. he nodded only when i asked if he wanted some water so i bought him one from this nearby manong and helped him down the whole bottle.

i told gary i’m going to leave him there for a while as i try to get some help. fortunately, the first security guard i approached gave enough fuck to actually go to where gary was and immediately called a team of medics after his failed attempt to interrogate him.

the medics arrived shortly after and did what their routine. turns out that gary hasn’t eaten a thing since he had lunch the day before- and that he was dead drunk on gin.

wow. the things people do for alcohol.