#tbt and a little #dirtylaundry for you. This is Tatiana Ali and I singing 🎶we are the world 🎶🌏on the Intrepid. We were in a choir of kids called “Children to Children”
I got in trouble this day because she wasn’t really nice to me. I wanted to play with her sister but she wouldn’t let me. She kept excluding me from the games. So I took the small decorative tree we were holding as a symbol of life and I hit her with it. Wasn’t really a symbol of peace and love :( I’m sorry Tatiana! I didn’t know how to express my emotions. I turned them into physical aggression. I’m not the only one. I think the feeling of being left out or disconnection makes people do all kinds of things like even starting wars.
We are the world Tatiana, we are the future! Forgive me 😥❤️#kidactress #dearstrangeriloveyou #lovejunkie #love

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