kida kun

Q: Narita-Sensei, good day. I’m always enjoying your works. I suddenly thought of this, but what department in college was Izaya-san a part of? It was said he studied at university, but I cannot quite imagine [what he studied], so I am really interested.

A: I think something near cultural anthropology or psychology.

Q: Narita-Sensei, I have a question! What is Izaya-san’s favorite beverage? Is it coffee?

A: If it’s something a person made, I think he mostly likes even coffee, black tea, green tea, or water.

Q: Narita-san!! Hereafter in SH, do you have any plans for Kida-kun to appear??

A: Well, Mikado and Anri have appeared, so if only Masaomi doesn’t appear it would be lonely, wouldn’t it…! And I will only leave this as an answer. w

Q: Narita-Sensei, sorry for the sudden question. The Durarara character Walker Yuumasaki - he is half Japanese and what other half?

A: Hahaha…It’s a secret for now….! Please have fun and guess…!


Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Could you please show us your wonderful smile?

Miyano Mamoru: Thank you so much for waiting. Here’s my wonderful smile! *shows endless number of smiles in front of the camera* Yes, it’s Mamo-chan!!!

Hanazawa Kana: *laughs so hard*

Source: Durarara Kakeru Ni Nama

My Favorite Anime Male Character That..

Is older than me: 

One Punch Man: Saitama

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The same age as me: 

Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru Hitachiin

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Younger than me:

Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive

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Has red hair:

Free!: Rin Matsuoka

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Has black hair:

Sword Art Online: Kirito 

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Has green eyes:

Diabolik Lovers: Laito Sakamaki

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Has blue eyes:

Noragami: Yato

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The most relatable for me: 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Mikoto Mikoshiba

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I hated at first but now I love: 

Durarara!!: Kida Masaomi (He was too mysterious for me at first -.-)

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I loved at first sight and still love: 

Owari no seraph: Mikaela Hyakuya

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Feisty af:

Uta no prince sama: Syo Kurusu

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Can run for dayz (I had to add this I’m sorry): 

Prince of Stride: Alternative- Riku Yagami

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