kida kun


Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Could you please show us your wonderful smile?

Miyano Mamoru: Thank you so much for waiting. Here’s my wonderful smile! *shows endless number of smiles in front of the camera* Yes, it’s Mamo-chan!!!

Hanazawa Kana: *laughs so hard*

Source: Durarara Kakeru Ni Nama

Q: Narita-Sensei, good day. I’m always enjoying your works. I suddenly thought of this, but what department in college was Izaya-san a part of? It was said he studied at university, but I cannot quite imagine [what he studied], so I am really interested.

A: I think something near cultural anthropology or psychology.

Q: Narita-Sensei, I have a question! What is Izaya-san’s favorite beverage? Is it coffee?

A: If it’s something a person made, I think he mostly likes even coffee, black tea, green tea, or water.

Q: Narita-san!! Hereafter in SH, do you have any plans for Kida-kun to appear??

A: Well, Mikado and Anri have appeared, so if only Masaomi doesn’t appear it would be lonely, wouldn’t it…! And I will only leave this as an answer. w

Q: Narita-Sensei, sorry for the sudden question. The Durarara character Walker Yuumasaki - he is half Japanese and what other half?

A: Hahaha…It’s a secret for now….! Please have fun and guess…!

My Favorite Anime Male Character That..

Is older than me: 

One Punch Man: Saitama

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The same age as me: 

Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru Hitachiin

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Younger than me:

Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive

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Has red hair:

Free!: Rin Matsuoka

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Has black hair:

Sword Art Online: Kirito 

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Has green eyes:

Diabolik Lovers: Laito Sakamaki

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Has blue eyes:

Noragami: Yato

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The most relatable for me: 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Mikoto Mikoshiba

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I hated at first but now I love: 

Durarara!!: Kida Masaomi (He was too mysterious for me at first -.-)

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I loved at first sight and still love: 

Owari no seraph: Mikaela Hyakuya

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Feisty af:

Uta no prince sama: Syo Kurusu

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Can run for dayz (I had to add this I’m sorry): 

Prince of Stride: Alternative- Riku Yagami

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And then Mika, who had been silent until then, turned from the front seat and bowed her head toward Anri.
“Anri-chan. I am sorry.”
“Huh? Huh? Harima-san? ”
“I have always known that you had that sword.”
Anri’s mind went blank after hearing this sudden confession.
“The details are extensive, so I can not explain it, but … in short, I chose Seiji instead of you, Anri-chan … I knew you were worried about this, but I could only look at Seiji. ”
After saying that, the interior of the van was in shock.
Namie and Seiji, since they knew this earlier than them, made no attempt to involve themselves in the situation.


Instead of being surprised, Anri accepted this, easily.
The impression Anri has about Mika is that there is nothing impossible for her.
Despite her tendencies as a stalker, to Anri, she is the epitome of human perfection.
That’s why Anri did not feel uncomfortable about the fact that she knew about Saika.

It’s true she had chosen Seiji over Sonohara Anri.
But also, Anri knew that Mika is willing to put Seiji before her own life.
That’s why Anri didn’t have the need to forgive her. There was nothing to forgive.
But there was one thing that worried her.
She looked at Mika’s face, her eyes glowing red, and asked quietly:
“Um … Harima-san … are you afraid of me?”
Mika smiled and said in response.
“Hey, Anri-chan.”
“If you ask me something like that again, I will get angry, you know?”
And those words were enough to Anri.


“Thank you, thank you very much…”
Expressing her gratitude, tears began flowing from her eyes glistening red.
“Hey, do not cry, save your tears of joy for Mikado-kun and Kida-kun.”

                                                          Adapted from Durarara!! volume 13

And then Mikado, his gaze still on Masaomi, began to speak to himself. “…Ah, I shot him.”


“I see, just now, I just, shot him… Kida-kun…”


Masaomi endured the pain in his body, and continued to look towards Mikado - and noticed he was quivering.

“I was wondering how much I hoped for the extraordinary. I didn’t know, myself. How far I would go, what I would do, before I could stop. But, I… Even when Masaomi beat me up, I couldn’t stop. And instead… I… shot him.”

“H-Hey… Mikado?”

Masaomi asked this as he crawled on the floor, but it was unclear if the words had gone through to Mikado, who looked into the emptiness as he continued.

“Even if it were Kadota-san or Yumasaki-san or Karisawa-san, I would surely shoot. Even Kishitani-san or Izaya-san or Shizuo-san, or Harima-san or Yagiri-kun, or Aoba-kun, or Takiguchi-kun, or Miyoshi-kun…!” As he listed the names of his close ones, Mikado’s voice escalated.

It was as if he was reproaching his very own self.

But his voice suddenly softened.

“Ah, yeah, yeah, Masaomi… I’d, surely, for my own selfishness…”

And there Mikado went silent for an instant, before slowly, he uttered a name.

“I would shoot even Sonohara-san, I think.”

In the faint light, Masaomi realised that Mikado was crying.

And then, Mikado -

… Slowly turned the gun in his right hand, the first gun, to his own temple.” -DRR!! x13 Translations