When people say that Disney is feeding into the stigma that WOC don’t deserve love…..

Awesome fist bump to @proudblackconservative

  • Tumblr:We want more independent princesses without a love interest!
  • Disney:*makes Merida and Elsa*
  • Tumblr:Too white! Where are the independent POC princesses???
  • Disney:*makes Moana and Elena*
  • Tumblr:Oh so now you’re saying WoC don’t deserve love?!?!?!?

Getting really tired of your crap Tumblr…


FANCASTING: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Milo Thatch: Andrew Garfield

‘Kida’ Kidagakash: Zoe Saldana

Commander Rourke: Tommy Lee Jones

Helga Sinclair: Charlize Theron

Audrey Ramirez: Francia Raisa

Dr. Joshua Sweet: Terry Crews

‘Vinny’ Santorini: John Turturro

Gaetan ‘The Mole’: Timothy Spall

Mrs. Packard: Helen Mirren

King Kashekim Nedakh: Morgan Freeman



(This is not mine)

Recently found out these were by lettherebedoodles follow this blog right now 😍

Wanted to try out a long-shot, and Kida was the only Disney gal that I could think of that went swimming (apart from the canon mermaids that is). I like to think that her fin would glow in the dark! :D I don’t know if I will do a medium-shot of her too, only time can tell. :3

Wanna see more mermaids? —> 

Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, MulanMegara & Jasmine


(Have I truly become a mermaid blog?! X,D) Send help!!!

More before and afters (with HD quality stills)! :D I have now reached 10 mermaid manips and I can’t seem to decide if I am going to make a master post with all of them, or if I am going to wait until I have enough and then make a video instead. That way you could see them all in HD! ;) 

For those whom missed it, these are not just still manips, they actually move!!

—> MegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNita

Program used: Adobe After Effects CC

Movies used: The Little Mermaid 1-3, Hercules, Aladdin, Atlantis; The Lost Empire, Cinderella 3, Brother Bear 2

Part 1 & Part 3