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Post #2: that is a gif of me with sorenbowie in this episode. It’s here to say that through repetition, shows change into what they’re supposed to be. I got to experience that shift firsthand with this. It was a thrill. Until now I’ve only ever seen it happen: The West Wing realized it’s not a show about Sam Seaborn, Parks and Rec realized it’s about the platonic “parents” and their “kids”, Cheers swapped great characters for new great characters and then new life as Frasier.

I made the first ten episodes of this show by myself. With no crew and no equipment and no money and no time, you’re already on your own. Why not be the “star”? I also felt the medium dictated this being a single-character series. Someone who spends all their time talking to their phone, late at night and on weekends, at an empty office building, isn’t a character with a ton of friends.

Once I’d repeated that show ten times, I realized I needed to invent a new show within the old show. I felt ready for one. I also felt I was able to get away with it. Archer can start selling cocaine and a bald guy can replace your hero if a show and its audience both know it’s time for a change, at least in their guts if not in their heads.

adamtodbrown might have saved the series by being the first guest and crushing it. That was essentially a second pilot and it worked so well it showed the way forward. From there, the tough part was drumming up premises I loved enough to bug people about. The easy part was lining up friendly, willing, hilarious co-workers to join in on something tailored to them. 

A lot of guests improvised great jokes that made whole episodes work. Almost all of them improvised jokes I just couldn’t stuff into the episode and no one will ever see. In terms of writing whole episodes, seriousswaim pitched a premise I looked forward to making for months. And Soren’s episode stands alone as the only episode pitched and written entirely by somebody else. It’s also weirdly true to Soren’s life…we exaggerated, but we also didn’t have to put prop rocks in the ceiling. No one believes me when I tell them that.

I’d like to think the New Guy figured out how to build actual relationships along the way. I’d like to think he got better at being a friend. He probably didn’t. Somebody else did.

queerspeculativefiction said: Oh Cecilia, I miss her :)

Awwwwwww. I miss Ian and Anne and the rest.

And I really should stop neglecting Ceci so much myself. >>;


So it’s kind of a shitty apology present, and it might be a bit before it’s time, but I made some vectors of the kids’ symbols!
Rose, John and Jade were edited from the already existing vectors, and Dave’s was the only one I drew entirely from scratch- a pain in the butt, that was!
So yeah, there’s a sneak-peek at Jade Lalonde’s symbol, the only one that hasn’t been released in ‘canon’, but has now had whatever sliver of a surprise left in the reveal destroyed. Whoops!

  • - support trans kids who are ashamed of their genitals
  • - support trans kids who are proud of their genitals
  • - support trans kids who are totally indifferent to their genitals
  • - support trans kids who want to swap their genitals for a different style
  • - support trans kids who want to keep their genitals just the way they are
  • - support trans kids who want to get rid of their genitals altogether
  • -most importantly, support trans kids' right to not have to tell you a damn thing about whatever parts they have or don't have. It's none of your business unless they want to tell you.

Your name is JOHN STRIDER, and you’ve rolled onto your back in a reluctant defeat. The shameful tang of loss is nothing new to you- in fact, this outcome was HIGHLY ANTICIPATED by both you and your BROTHER. He’s a good fighter, and he always wins. There is no instance of battle where you could ever hope to defeat him.
You guess you could say that he is SIMPLY THE BEST THERE IS.

You have a number of interests, none of which involve being knocked onto your face in grotesque defeat. You enjoy a good MOVIE from time to time, and your tastes are TOTALLY AS REFINED AS THEY GET. Rom-coms are great, and also appeal to your ‘FANTASTIC’ SENSE OF IRONY. An impossibly rad guy like you, enjoying the antics of a bumbling protagonist, who always gets the girl in the end? Who would guess! Not anyone that you know, that’s for sure.

You have a penchant for MUSIC, and often busy yourself with writing SHORT COMPOSITIONS. You think yourself quite PIANO SAVVY. You’d kill to be able to get a REAL PIANO, instead of the SHITTY, BATTERY POWERED KEYBOARD you’ve got now. But alas, you and your brother DON’T HAVE MUCH MONEY AND THEREFORE CAN’T AFFORD ONE. Your interests also venture into the realm of the stars, which is to say, YOU LIKE ASTRONOMY. You’re quietly fascinated by what dwells beyond your realm of comprehension. One day, you’d like to properly go STAR-GAZING, instead of sitting on your roof at night and grimacing at the city’s light pollution.

What will you do?

>John: Update your best friend on the state of your ass-whooping