Kid Swap || Charlynn
  • Wednesday Afternoon; Central Park
  • Charice: bent down to quickly zip up Wyatt's jacket as he fiddled with it like the 6 year old he was. "Mommy, I dont wanna wear it anymore. I'm hot." Charice sighed, cupping his warm cheek. "Okay but what's gonna happen when it starts to rain? Do you wanna get sick?" she asked, trying to hide her smile as he nodded vigorously. "No you're not because then Daddy is gonna have to take care of you and I'm sure he's not gonna want that." Mariaya scoffed from her spot on the bench, her eyes staring at her phone. "Oh being a parent. So inconvenient," she mumbled sarcastically. Charice stood and narrowed her eyes at her sister. "I know you think being a smart ass is cute but dont act like I wont choke you in a park. Show some respect." Having teens was hard enough but add a 6 going on 7 year old and 5 month old twins, Charice was sure she was going to lose her mind one day, if she hadnt already. She hated to be away from the kids but this arrangement she had with Dylan was actually perfect. It gave her time to work and design and not worry about cooking dinner or changing diapers. In fact, after she got done giving the kids to Dylan, she had a meeting to get to. Which was why she was dressed up in her figure hugging skirt and heels. She hadnt worn this much make up in the daytime in a while and she kept texting Santana to make sure she wasnt going overboard. "Now listen you guys are gonna be good for Dylan right?" she asked, mostly to her sisters. Maya nodded quickly. "Yeah sissy, I have a project to finish anyways for class so I cant even go out this weekend." Charice nodded and turned to Mariaya. "And you?" Her sister shrugged. "I'm going to the museum with Kelly and Julie." Maya rolled her eyes. "And Josiah. Dont forget him." Charice frowned. "Josiah?" Mariaya shot a glare at her twin sister and shrugged. "He's just a boy from school. Maya is just jealous I have a social life." Charice could already feeling an unwanted headache forming and snatched Mariaya's phone from her hand. "Does Papa Pierce know Julie is hanging out with boys?" she asked, seeing from Mariaya's face that he most definitely did not. "Listen when you get back this weekend, the three of us are gonna have a little talk about the birds and the bees." She went to say more but before she could, Wyatt was running away from them. "Daddy!" he shouted, running towards his father as he walked up.

Ayyy Species swap kids for beckybert78 :) Everyone’s blood colour is determined by who they share their aspect with.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with how I sprite hair, and the horns are pretty randomly designed.

Also I didn’t know what to put as their symbols so I just didn’t, but hey, this was fun.

I think this is my favourite moment in Reflekta

There’s just so many things to love??

–the fact that the photographer actually considered putting Ivan in the front row and thought that would be a good idea
–half the class still smiling like nothing’s wrong
–Max squished up at the edge of the bench looking unamused
–Marinette doing that thing with her hand
–Ivan being grumpy
–the teachers just don’t care about anything

Well fuck. I finally made Jasper’s AU sheet. For a while now it seemed like an elusive as fuck thing that was never going to get done, but I at last got my butt into motion and did it! And… its ok. I like Lapis and Peridot’s sheets way more, but eh. Whatcha gonna do? Anyway, here we go with this…

1. UF Jasper
2. Guard Jasper (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Jasper (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Jasper (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Jasper (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Jasper (Swap AU)

So yeah I think I like Momswap Jasper most out of these, though really I’m pretty damn pleased with how the hair on all of them turned out. Fucking Kid Jasper is ill proportioned as hell and I had no idea how to fix that so fuck it. Who cares. Guard Jasper’s pretty boring, though I like Permafusion Jasper’s sort of “lost” look (because in that AU, she’s neutrally aligned and just wanders around or whatever). And short haired Swap Jasper is pretty adorable if you ask me :) 


The trolls become humans and the humans become trolls! What sort of new lives could they be living now? Find out once you ask them (or not)!


JOHN: touch me and you die.


The ask box has been completely wiped clear, ask these dummies some questions please!

anonymous asked:

you think about the idea of John Harley (Swapped with Jade) knowing how to make baked goods to pass the time while he's alone on the island? He usually doesn't eat them because he's so sick of the taste. (And maybe the ingredients were transportalized from another time period, like from his nana of himself from the future?)

Huh! That’s a neat idea! I feel like it would be simpler just to get products delivered by mail though. But I like the baking idea a lot!