Part 4 and a bonus panel! For all of you wondering where Stanford’s ghosty self has been during this ruckus, here ya go!

I figure one of the biggest reasons Grunkle Stan is so hush hush about everything that happened 30 years ago is because he feels very guilty about what went down. 

Thanks to all who attended the stream, was a fun time. Part 5 up next…

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a while ago i was dabbling with the idea of colette and zelos switching places as sylvarant and tethe’alla’s respective chosen

but okay really it was just an excuse to draw colette in little lady outfits

but i mean. i guess things on zelos’s side are interesting too. yeah.

also i’ll just throw my first early sketches of the idea here too since i really liked the idea of giving her a headband kind of sort of like zelos’s


YJ Power Swap Meme

Wally West + T I M E . M A N I P U L A T I O N

Do not ask to Wally to speak of the future or truth or beauty; they are all relative, all unfixable, floating, broken things that he bloodies his hands for without fail.  He knows the future and the past and trusts neither to stay true.  He tries to stop the worst from happening every second of every day, lives on a never ending path with infinite roads and walks them all at once.  One day, he says, the path will be fixed, and everyone will live and they will be happy.  But he knows that time will pull him apart and put him back together whenever it choses, he knows that he does not control time so much as it controls him.

Wally West cannot play God.

But he will always try.


Princess Anne versus Buckingham Palace’s balcony, an on-going saga

[ shuffles papers together ] yes but what if, arcanaswap aeon ken. 

also ???


So it’s kind of a shitty apology present, and it might be a bit before it’s time, but I made some vectors of the kids’ symbols!
Rose, John and Jade were edited from the already existing vectors, and Dave’s was the only one I drew entirely from scratch- a pain in the butt, that was!
So yeah, there’s a sneak-peek at Jade Lalonde’s symbol, the only one that hasn’t been released in ‘canon’, but has now had whatever sliver of a surprise left in the reveal destroyed. Whoops!