Kid shows for teenietots!

- Adventure time

- Amaama to inazuma

- Caillou

- Steven universe

- The amazing world of gumball

- Tiny planets

- Sesame street 

- Sofia the first

- Gravity falls 

- Arthur

- The powerpuff girls

- Dinotrem

- Teletubbies

- Dinosaur train

- Dragon tails

- Thomas & friends

- Bananas in pyjamas

- Curious George

- My little pony: friendship is magic

- Paw patrol

- Dora the explorer

- Pokemon

- Peppa pig

- Phineas and ferb

- Ben 10

- Pocoyo

- Bob the builder

- Blue’s clues

- Clifford the big red dog

- The backyardigans

- Doc mcstuffins

- the magic school bus

- Sid the science kid

Ya know what’s sad? 

That we were the generation that was fortunate enough to grow up with AMAZING shows with AMAZING characters that we could look up to.

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These characters weren’t grown ups. 

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There was no corny humor.

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 Okay, a tiny bit.

 But we were provided with well thought-out scripts, with excellent stories that had great casting from kids that loved to act and were passionate about what they did. 

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Also, they didn’t just play their part, they became that character that still lives on in our hearts to this day from our childhood, and I’m thankful for that. 

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I want kids to grow up with shows and movies that can inspire them to create-to want to become those characters when they’re outside playing with their friends or writing a story that can come from that world. 

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For the kids to inspired and to be grateful for the hard work those people did to create a show that helped them get through school, or a hard time in their life. 

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Because maybe one day, one of those kids will make a story, and it will be because of those characters that they grew up with, that contributed to creating a new story to tell to a new generation of kids, yearning to hear, look and listen to what the world has to provide to them. 

That’s just how amazing these shows can be. 

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honestly, the fandom seems spilt on lancelot. one half saying to stop shipping it because its problematic, the other half literally not giving a fuck. im sitting here genuinely curious and interested. im not saying i ship it and i want it to be canon, i think that it has a lot of potential. i mean, anything can happen with lotor’s character.

i want lotor to be evil and manipulative. i want lotor to be genuinely horrible and screw up everything the paladins have worked hard on. i want him to spilt the team up and i want him to get into their minds. i want him to break the characters and push them to their limits. i want him to flush out their traits and have them grow. i want him to be one of the most horrific and well written antagonist of a kid’s cartoon show.

however, in the lance portion of this, i want lance to grow as well. perhaps lotor offers him to join their side as many of the other theories have already said. i want lance to fall prey to lotor’s praise and shower of appreciation. i want lance to know that this is wrong, he shouldnt do this, but he is. i want lance to make the decision to leave the team and join lotor leaving them hurt and broken in his wake. i want to see keith’s heart shatters as lance walks away from the team, away from him.

i want tHE ANGST.

i want lance to secretly be working with allura in a plot to overthrow lotor from the inside. i want lotor and lance dance around each other in a deadly game, neither of them knowing what the other is doing. both of them think the other one has really fallen for them. (maybe even sometimes the line between whats fake and real get blurred…) i want lance to be undercover for months. the team losing complete hope over him after they meet and fight. i want them to fight, and pidge and hunk crying thinking they truly lost lance to the other side. i want keith to watch as lance kisses lotor and being pissed that lance left. that he let him go.

finally, i want lance to show his true colors when the other paladins think they have lost and lotor won. i want lance to turn on lotor the only think between them is his bayard. i want lance to kICK SOME ASS.


i love Teen Titans because you got the serious moments, like Robin literally showing signs of a severe mental illness (and everyone’s otp being slammed into the ground)

and the really disturbing moments like a majority of Raven’s clothes being torn off 

and then the really dark moments where Slade lost his skin and was just a walking skeleton out to get his flesh back

but then there’s

and let’s not forget the scene that haunted me throughout a majority of my childhood

and Beastboy 

Reminder that Voltron is not a romance

The writers do not have a requirement to put in any of your ships in their show.
Don’t get mad at writers for not including romance in a sci-fi kids show.

“how can you like lazytown??”

“it’s meant for kids?? why do you like it so much???”

“i can’t believe you would like something so childish”

“i get liking it for nostalgic reasons, but come on how are you SO obsessed with lazytown??”

“it was just funny for the memes, the actual show isn’t entertaining at all”

“stop talking about lazytown, it’s really annoying”


When Chloé adopts Ladybug’s moves.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Pixelator / Numéric


The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur

Poirot and Miss Marple anime

Good quality versions of all 39 episodes of Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple (2004-2005) anime series have appeared on Youtube, complete with English subtitles!

Happy watching!