I’d imagine Koujaku looooves cuddling after sex.
Sex with Aoba? You bet he’s gonna cuddle him
Sex with Mink? Hell yes cuddle while wearing one of his husband’s shirts
Sex with Clear? Of course he’s going to let that cutie cuddle him
Sex with Ren? Lets Ren snuggle in his chest and fall asleep like that
Sex with Noiz? Ehm…

Even these kids are way more understanding than most adults these days.....
  • Kio: Aren't you a guy? *he points at Noiz*
  • Noiz: Do I look like a girl?
  • Kio: No! But you like Aoba even though he's a guy!?
  • Noiz: That's right
  • Kio: Pervert!
  • Nao: Perverrrt!
  • Noiz: Is there a problem? Besides, I'd like Aoba even if he wasn't a guy.
  • Aoba: .....
  • Kio: Hmph...
  • Kio: I got it! Can't do anything about it! You better take care of him, then! Aoba's a real idiot!
  • Nao: Yea! He's really stupid!

Anonymous said: Can you do a scenario where all the DMMd (including sei) boys react to their child falling face first into the ground while they were playing with them .

Aoba: He would try not to express any worry, knowing that sometimes that makes children react worse to the situation.  However, he would find this difficult to do.  He’d hug his kid and make sure that they were okay. 

Ren: He’d be okay with it, understanding that sometimes kids have to fall down a bit.  However, if his child started to cry, he would probably panic and not know what to do.

Sei: Whether or not his child cried would be irrelivent, he’d scoop them up into his arms and apologize.  He would always fear that his child would get hurt around him, so he’d hold himself to blame. 

Koujaku: He would be the most calm about the situation out of all the dmmd dad’s. If the kid didn’t cry, then he’d probably giggle a little out of the fact that what happened was a little funny.  It would have a positive effect and cause his kid to laugh too.    

Noiz:  Wouldn’t have much of a reaction unless his child was seriously injured by the fall.  He’d pick them up and dust them off before getting back to playtime.  May make a comment about being a bit more careful in the future. 

Clear: He would cry upon seeing his kid fall.  His kid on the other hand would be fine and just get back up to continue playing, only to be surrounded by his fathers arms.  

Mink: His kids would be tough, so he wouldn’t be worried about it.  He’d watch, willing his child to get back onto their feet.    

[DMMD Fic] Wake-up Call [1/1] (NoizAoba)

Rating: T

Summary: After Aoba tries to sleep off a headache, Noiz wakes to find Aoba has had a sudden change in personality.

Notes: For the New Beginnings prompt of Noiz Week. Many thanks to Bloops for beta’ing!

Of all the things Noiz expected to attend to on his day off,‭ ‬a surprise wasn‭’‬t one of them.‭ ‬He awoke as he usually did,‭ ‬the light from the window soft with early sunrise,‭ ‬his body still attuned to its weekday wake up time.‭ ‬He hummed sleepily as he reached out,‭ ‬his hand coming to rest on Aoba‭’‬s side.‭ ‬There was a startled flinch beneath his palm,‭ ‬and Noiz opened his eyes to find Aoba already looking at him.‭ ‬There was a surprised quality to his expression,‭ ‬arched eyebrows high,‭ ‬his gaze clear and bright.

‭ “‬You already awake‭?”‬ Noiz asked,‭ ‬squeezing Aoba fondly.

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