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Concept: The Uzumaki kids favor Iruka over Kakashi to the point where it's becoming ridiculous. Happy birthday btw :0!!

“You shouldn’t give them so many sweets,“ Kakashi reprimanded quietly.

Iruka saw through him. “You want me to stop giving them sweets so they’ll like you better.”

“No. It’s bad for them,” Kakashi insisted, crossing his arms and then qucikly uncrossing them to keep from looking argumentative.

“Uh huh,” Iruka rolled his eyes and leaned forward to ring the doorbell. “They do like you.”

“They’d like me more if you weren’t the better grandpa.”

“It’s not a compit- Hi, Hinata-chan!”

“Otosan, Kakashi-sama,” she smiled and bowed, letting them in.

The men pulled off their shoes entering the Uzumaki home.

“Sofu!” Himawari and Boruto came running down the hall. Iruka opened his arms and children were attached at his hip. They immediately broken into excited retellings of their days. Iruka laughed, gave them candies he kept in his weapon’s pouch now and let them pull him to go play before dinner.

Kakashi sighed.

Hinata smiled at him. “Iruka-sensei has always had a way with kids.”

“So did I before I was a boring old man..” he was pouting. His little genin used to be so impressed with all of his reputation and jutsus. They all just had to grow up and surpass him, didn’t they.

“You’re not boring, Kakashi-sama,” Hinata corrected with a smile.

“Hey! Kaka-sensei,” Naruto shouted loudly walking down the hall. “Why are we still by the door? Dinner’s nearly done.“

Kakashi laughed following the blond. “I hope you didn’t cook it, Naruto. I’d hate to have to carry anyone off to the hospital tonight.”

Naruto pushed out his lip. “One time I burnt dinner! One time! And none of you even ate it so shut up!”

Hinata giggled behind her hand and then patted her husband’s shoulder. “You did your best though.”

Naruto grinned, “Besides, you couldn’t lift me now anyway.”

Kakashi didn’t like that. It sounded like a challange.

Without a word he kicked one of Naruto’s legs out from under him and grabbed his arm throwing the younger man over his shouder. “What was that?”

“Kakashi! Put him down before you hurt yourself!” Iruka and the little ones were walking into the kitchen.

“Ma, why is everyone picking on me today?” Kakashi asked, shifting Naruto’s weight. He threw him forward like a rag doll keeping him from hitting the floor by holding his knees.

Naruto put his hands on the floor and laughed rolling himself back onto his feet. “We should go spar again sometime!”

“No thanks,” Kakashi waved his hand. “You’ve surpassed me awhile ago. I’m just not as weak as you think I am.”

“Kaka-ojiisan! Can you lift me like that!” Himawari pushed past her brother to tug at the Hokage’s arm.

Kakashi laughed and and held her hand, lifting her enough to swing her feet.

“Whoa cool! Kaka-ojiisan’s like a human jungle gym!”

“Sakura’s probably better at it,” Kakashi smiled.

“Did you two wash up for dinner?” Hinata asked her son.

“Yes, mom,” he rolled his eyes.

Kakashi set the girl down, she still held his hand. “Kaka-ojiisan, can you give me a piggy back ride?”

“After dinner, maybe,” he had never been so happy.

Himawari wanted to sit next to him at the table. She and Boruto went on about how strong he must be to lift their dad like it was nothing. At one point Kakashi looked over to see Iruka grinning at him like he had something to say when they got back home.


There was this headcanon about Kakashi getting Ghibli hair when he was kissed, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

This is only my second time making a gif, so it’s still very rough. I can’t seem to get the timing right, but I hope you guys like it!