Yelp introduces feature to locate gender-neutral bathrooms
Users checking into a location will be able to note the presence of a gender-neutral bathroom, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.
By Sarah Karlan

Yelp has added a new app feature that it hopes will make users of all genders feel more affirmed, despite the Trump administration’s recent anti-trans actions.

In its list of restaurant descriptors, where it tells you things like noise level, alcohol options and kid-friendliness, the app will now share whether a business has a gender-neutral bathroom (defined as a single-stall, locking bathroom that is not designated as male or female). 

The company is mapping bathroom locations with the help of both users and business owners. Users who check into a location will be able to “check” for gender-neutral bathrooms, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.

In the next couple of weeks, users will also be able to search specifically for businesses that have gender-neutral restrooms.

Rachel Williams, Yelp’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, told BuzzFeed News the new feature was added in direct response to the Trump administration recently rescinding protective guidelines for transgender students.

“In response to the recent public policy assault on LGBTQ community, and timed for our support of the Gavin Grimm Amicus Brief signed by more than 100 companies, we believe it’s important for the business community to speak up when our nation’s values are threatened,” she explained.

“Yelp thrives on inclusion and acceptance, and it’s always the right time to reaffirm this with our community,” she added.

I am here for this. 

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