Yelp introduces feature to locate gender-neutral bathrooms
Users checking into a location will be able to note the presence of a gender-neutral bathroom, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.
By Sarah Karlan

Yelp has added a new app feature that it hopes will make users of all genders feel more affirmed, despite the Trump administration’s recent anti-trans actions.

In its list of restaurant descriptors, where it tells you things like noise level, alcohol options and kid-friendliness, the app will now share whether a business has a gender-neutral bathroom (defined as a single-stall, locking bathroom that is not designated as male or female). 

The company is mapping bathroom locations with the help of both users and business owners. Users who check into a location will be able to “check” for gender-neutral bathrooms, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.

In the next couple of weeks, users will also be able to search specifically for businesses that have gender-neutral restrooms.

Rachel Williams, Yelp’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, told BuzzFeed News the new feature was added in direct response to the Trump administration recently rescinding protective guidelines for transgender students.

“In response to the recent public policy assault on LGBTQ community, and timed for our support of the Gavin Grimm Amicus Brief signed by more than 100 companies, we believe it’s important for the business community to speak up when our nation’s values are threatened,” she explained.

“Yelp thrives on inclusion and acceptance, and it’s always the right time to reaffirm this with our community,” she added.

I am here for this. 


imagine, jungkook watches his son and u have fun on apps for kids playing with filters. he can not help but smiles and be proud to have a cute family. he immediately jumps on u, attacks u with kisses and ur son can not stop laughs ‘why are u so cute argghhh!’

Imagine the size of a blueberry

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You were laid across the couch, your nose buried into your phone as you scrolled through the new selection of tracking apps you had downloaded. The hem of your oversized shirt rose against your bare thighs, your underwear still hidden from the dark room, and as you scrolled you were glad you had no bump to hid yet either. 

You barely moved at the slamming of the metal door, or at the sound of rapid steps descending down the spiral stairs. You didn’t move until you heard the clearing of a throat in the doorway. 

 "You’re home early.“ You smiled as Dean’s candy green eyes met yours, a smile grew on your lines as his eyes scanned the scene before him. 

"Yeah, well it is 2 in the morning, and I said I would be home at 10 last night… so technically I am late.” He replied, a gruffness to his voice which made you become goo inside. 

“Well I am just glad you are home.” You replied, he took a large step forward and leaned over the back of the couch, his lips meeting your hair as you looked up at him. And as you looked, you watched as his features paled, and his eyes became distracted from your face. 

 "Baby what’s wrong?“ And then it all seemed to click… 

 Looking down to your lap you were greeted by your phone which was still open to one of the many apps you had recently downloaded. This one was comparing the thing growing inside you as a blueberry.


“Don’t talk.” Was all he could mumble out as he looked at your lap in surprise, his hand still resting on your shoulder. However soon he pulled away, and hurried off. Your eyes watering as every negative possibility went through your mind. 

It felt like a lifetime before you heard his footsteps again, and in seconds the couch beside you dipped.

“How long have you…”

“I swear Dean I just found out, I was waiting for breakfast tomorrow to tell you. I would never…”

“I know.” He answered calmly, and then he took a deep breath, “Hold out your hand.”

You did so without question, tears still pooling in your eyes as he dropped something small into your hand.

“So according to your app, our kid is that big?” He asked as you looked at the large, dark blue sphere in your hand,a smile growing through the tears.

“Yes. This is our baby.” 

“Well, guess we should start planning little Robert’s room.” He smiled as he took the fruit back and crattled it in his hand with care.

“Well what if our blueberry turns out to be an Izabelle?” You asked, his eyes meeting yours.

“I will love them either way, however hopefully it won’t secretly be both.”

“I don’t think so baby.” You smiled again, his eyes going to the app again

“Baby, what is the next fruit on the scale?”

“I think a grape, why?”

“Well I gotta tell Sam now on his next run to get us a bunch of Grapes, that way we can hold our child in our hands.” Dean smiled, a laugh erupting from both of you, as you thanked Chuck that everything seemed okay for now.


The manager just called suho and he was like “are the kids doing v app??” and this was their face before they shut off v app so quick jdkskdkd

ladyblavkwrath replied to your post “bertinarina It’s not really about 5 year olds. It’s about the…”


THE HILARIOUS THING IS - THERE IS. There is a god damn YouTube Kids app or whatever the shit its called. Whats even better - YOU CAN’T MAKE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU’RE 13+




Nevermind that if this really was about ~*PROTECTING THE CHILDREN*~ perhaps maybe the parents should be paying more attention to what their kids do online?? You know? PARENTING?


But aye sure, someone said the word “death”, we couldn’t possibly put adverts on that!

Basically we all hate YouTube right now lmao.

It’s summer vacation season and many families will be lucky enough to be heading off for at least a few days. At least half of parents say quality time together is the most important reason to take a family vacation, according to a national survey by the rental car company Alamo.

Still, there will inevitably be downtime: at airports, on planes, trains or in the backseat. So one new travel necessity is a tablet or smartphone loaded up for the kids with an extra charger or battery.

In an ideal world, our kids’ screen time won’t be a bleeping, blooping, brain-rotting distraction, but a creative and fun, even educational diversion. So NPR Ed reached out to some experts for recommendations and guidelines on helping pick the best apps, for backseat time or any time.

How To Pick Kids’ Apps For The Backseat This Summer

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

*sigh* you know it’s things like this that tick me off okay look there are so many things wrong with this okay look

number 1: zim is not human he is an alien it’s never stated in the show directly how old he really is so you can’t just label zim as an adult also not all aliens are immediately adults we’ve seen smeets and other baby aliens in the show and also in the comics so if that were the case zim would go to I don’t know collage or somthing for information, heck zim in irken years may even be considered a youth!

Number 2: as for the whole flooding the tags with shipping ruining our youth that’s some bs okay this is tumblr what do you expect! This isn’t a kids app or site!

Number 3: there’s a thing called ageing up where it isn’t pedophilic also its been confirmed that in the comics and maybe the movie the whole invader Zim cast is much older now so that means that they could be in thier early adult years I’m not too sure though I need to catch up on the comics

Number 4 : it’s and repeat after me everyone it’s FICTION meaning not real these aren’t real living people this could never happen! I would never support a minor and an adult not in real life or fiction I hate pedophilia just as much as everyone else so calm down and stop ship shaming shippers!

Thank you


Father and Sons (Heechul)

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Request: Hiiii. I want to request heechul scenarios as a father of twin boys in the return of superman. Thankssss ❤️😊

You were always told not to marry the first man to make you feel special. But then you met Heechul and you two were married withing months of meeting. And the year after your wedding you welcome your twin sons Jaewoo and Jaehoon, the pair were about 6 months old. Heecul often bragged about the tiny boys who changed his life on shows. And as he said when he was on the show before he would have his kids on one day.

“Does this get hard. Or is it a fun job” you asked the cameraman as you fed the twins their bottles. They were comfortably laying in their swings. It was nearly 11 at night and yout husband was working late. Yes the twins normally kept you busy but you liked talking to other people as well even if they couldn’t say much back. “I worry for Heechul. The twins are more work than he thinks” you tell as Jaehoon whines because you didn’t have the bottle tilted enough for his liking. “They’re like their father though. Sassy and pieces of work” you continue teasing the man you loved.

The keypad on the door rang through before the heavy front door opened. Heechul quickly found the camera offering a smile as he kicked his shoes off and headed inside. “Hey” he says as he came bringing ‘dinner’ which was simply your favorite black bean noodles. You nearly had a heart attack when he actually kissed you with cameras there. “Don’t” you say as he smirks “when are you leaving then?” he asked as he started pulling the noodles out. “You want me gone that bad?” you ask “no but yes” he says as you roll your eyes at him. “I’ll be gone in the morning before you wake up. I’ve made lists of what you need to do then” you tell him as he nods.


“Hello I am Kim Heechul member of Super Junior and father of handsome twins” he smiled bringing the boys close to him as they grabbed at one another peacefully sucking on their pacifiers. “This is Kim Jaewoo” he says holding up the boy on the right “and this is Kim Jaehoon. I hope we’re entertaining enough for you guys” he finished.


You were right half way through the first episode he was ready to quit but he had to do his best for them. He took all you did for granted as you worked your butt off for them. He didn’t even know what to think when they went to the bathroom nearly the same exact time. They cried at the same time, wanted to be fed at the same time, wanted to be held at the same time. By naptime Heechul he called you about to cry. You promised him that he would get the hang of it soon enough and he wouldn’t have to worry as hard anymore.


One episode turned to one year rather quickly as his sons grew more and more. “Look at you go" he cooed to Jaehoon who was waddling around the living room. “Dada” Jaewoo calls as he sits down on Heechul’s lap. “You guys gonna help me for mommy and daddy’s anniversary?” he asks as they looked at him. “Mommy would love that” he continues as he pulls Jaewoo closer to him. “Well make her dinner and dress up. Sound good?” he finishes as if they could really respond to him.

Heechul pulled up his phone out of his pocket and pulled up a recipe “daddy will make you chicken and rice and make mommy and me grilled chicken alfredo” he mumbles as Jaewoo’s little hand reached up for the phone. He closed the app out putting on a kid friendly app and passed it to him. He picked Jaewoo off of him and headed to the kitchen. He heard sounds as he peaked back out to the living room to see the twins fighting over his phone “boys stop it” he ordered as Jaehoon tried to take the phone from his brother. He heard a yell as he sighed walking over to them. “No one gets it” he says taking the phone away. Jaewoo let out yell, even though he really didn’t do anything he couldn’t play favorites.


When you came home later that night, Heechul had sat you down for dinner right away. But you guys really didn’t get to eat until the twins ate. “This is nice” you told him as you feed Jaewoo “sorry dinner will be cold” he spoke as you shrugged “we can’t eat until they do” you told him as he nods. Jaehoon had grown annoyed of his father’s feed skills and stuck his hand into his food “no no no” Heechul spoke as he attempted to pull Jaehoon’s hand from the food. “Just let him” you tell him as he sighs looking down at his pants seeing that he was already getting food on him. “These pants are expensive” he groans. “Why would you wear them with little kids around?” you asked laughing at him. “I wanted to look nice and it was a very mess free day today” he spoke as Jaehoon offered him some of his chicken. “Take it” you say under your breath as he bent down taking food from his son. “Thank you buddy” he coos as Jaehoon gave him a large smile.


Heechul smiled as he sat his sons down into a small baby pool outside their apartment building. He had invited a few of his neighbors who had roughly toddler aged children to spend the day with his boys so they could socialize more. “Sumin” Heechul says as he helped the little girl into the pool. He even went as far as to get squirt guns and pool toys to keep the little ones entertained. “Do you enjoy being on the show?” one of the mothers asked him “it’s given me a lot of time to bond with my sons” he spoke. “They’re identical and everything but they’re so different, you know?” he says as they nodded. “I also can watch the memories I make with them later one” he finishes before he chuckled. 

“Jaehoon don’t drink the water” he called as his son looked over at him “little trouble maker” he grumbles as he leaves the group of mothers and ventures over to his sons. Before he heard a splash followed by crying as another one of the little girls fell. Heechul quickly made his way over picking up the little one not caring much about getting wet “Oksook, you’re okay” he coos as he bounces her. “It was scary wasn’t it going under?” he continues as he calmed her down. He smiled “I know this isn’t what it’s like to have a daughter but it feels nice” he says as her mother made her way over with a towel. Heechul went to pass her off but she clung to him. “Here” he said taking the towel from her mother and laying it on her. “Dada!” Jaewoo calls as a bubble of jealousy comes over him. “I can’t hold you right now” he spoke calmly as his son sat down in the water with a pout. 


Heechul sat back in the chair to interview “my wife and I, since we’re over 3 years into our marriage and the twins are getting bigger we’ve been thinking about having another child” he started “but I don’t know how the twins would handle it all. They tend to get jealous of one another and I don’t know what another baby would do to them” he says. “But we’re hoping it all works out in the end. I think we could be happy with just the twins but you know another baby wouldn’t be a deal breaker” he continues. “I also know that if we have another baby it wouldn’t be on the show too much in the beginning since it would still need Y/N to take care of it but once it would be around the twins age when they started we’d let it on” he says looking down with a smile feeling embarrassed. “We put a lot of thought into this” he laughs as he looks over at the bedroom to make sure the twins were still asleep before smiling again. 

“We’ll just have to see how it all plays out I guess” 

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Holy shit pls talk about the emoji movie

i gave el my entire emoji movie overview/review and had to scroll up to find it holy shit we talk a lot

-i brought a notebook to count the amount of poop jokes (it was 11)

-every time sir patrick stewart (aka poop) spoke it was a poop joke

-the two main emojis like fell in love in 45 minutes and at the end gene (the main emoji) confessed his undying love for her

-about ten minutes in, gene was sitting on top of a building looking all sad bc he didnt fit in and my friend whispered, “jump” and i was crying

-the movie was basically tying to tell you to be yourself and whatnot but how can you take that seriously when eMOJIS are telling you, like bitch youre a fucking emoji check yourself next time

-the emoji gene fell in love with a girl that was a princess emoji that had run away from textopolis (that’s where they live, which is in a phone) and she was trying to be like “men are always saying women cant do anything and we are just known for our beauty” and i was like bitch some people dont even have beauty okay so know your place

-also jailbreak (the girl princess emoji) was defo trying to be a feminist and whatnot but it was the emoji movie so it just seemed ridiculous

-there was a mom there that would whoop laugh at every “joke”

-they realllly pushed that just dance app

-the kid who owned the phone deleted the just dance app bc it was going off at random times and the dance lady from the app was in the garbage doing the sad macarena which for me was the turning point of the whole movie

overall the movie was just as bad as i thought it was going to be and the creators of the movie know nothing about “teens and how they text” but it was amazing bc my friends and i were crying the entire time at how bad everything was

thank you