Last night was SO much better. I was exhausted. Ms. 6 was here over the weekend, so I took her out yesterday to get her hair cut, and to buy a pair of jeans and a Christmas dress to keep at our house. The clothes she has are pretty ratty, and we aren’t getting any sort of payment at this point (her visits here don’t fall into the “respite” category). The state won’t pay for clothes for her at the place she’s staying either. They claim it’s in the monthly fee they are paying. Whatever, man. The kid needs some clothes. She’s had her hair cut twice in two years, which wouldn’t be awful, but it’s pretty damaged by near daily swimming. I bought her expensive shampoo that should help with that too. We’ll see.

We are doing the kids Christmas pictures in November. I asked her if she wanted to participate. She said yes. I wanted to try to find clothes for her now because the next time she’ll be here will be the weekend we do the photos. I bought her and E matching sweater dresses from Target. Cute, and functional, and hopefully they can wear them a few different times because they’re warm and really just red (not Christmas plaid). I still need to figure out shoes for both of them.

After our Target run, I picked DD up for work, and then my parents came over and brought E’s bday gift for her. It was a new swing for the backyard. Super fun. I’ll post some video later. DS scaled our tree and got it all hung up for them. Kids all came in after dark last night.

Last night we had some serious talks with E and H about staying in their beds. E is under the weather again. Low grade fever and a small rash right on her hip (hand, foot, and mouth returns?), so I wasn’t sure how she would do. She did great! She got up once around 9:30. DH tucked her back into bed and she stayed there until 6:10! Woot!

H took a two hour nap yesterday so he had a hard time falling asleep. However, once he was out, he mostly stayed in bed. He got up once and DH put him back to bed and he stayed there! I feel more rested than I have in a very long time. It was wonderful! Let’s hope we can have a repeat of that every night moving forward.

DS got up around 9 or 10 too. He attempted a conversation with us at which point we figured out that he was sleep walking/talking. However, you can see how if each kid wakes up even once, it’s sort of a lot of interruptions with this many of them. I need some downtime at night. Hoping to make it happen this week.

Hey im just wondering

Yo know how Nanu in Pokemon Sun/Moon lives with like 12 meowths? And also there’s a lady on one of the routes in… Akala, I think, who lives with like 8 stufful?

Reblog this and put in the tags which single pokemon you’d adopt like 10 of and contentedly live with. Bonus points if you say why and what you’d do with them. I’m curious…

New clothes for female children! Set includes skinny jeans, tee shirts, short sleeve hoodies, skirts, dresses with sweaters, tee shirt dresses, tights and shoes. 8 files in one .rar - choose what you like. As always, random is disabled.

Download: SimFileShare

Thank you to the creators for all the content I use! <3


1/8 // Brooke Lohst (Rodarte | 2018 Spring Ready-To-Wear Collection)

im !! doing a series of fake vogue covers with all the bmc kids ft. Big Fashion clothes haha,, outfit based loosely on this look from the collection mentioned above


              Tights & Leggings for your little Princesses

I love tights for my simmie girls.  All of these options came from 2 sources:

@persephaney….you can find the first 7 pictured tights/leggings within her girls’ clothing DLs.  Just save the entire file to documents and move the tights to your mods folders.  I’ll warn you though, you’ll probadly want everything.  **Don’t forget to check out her shoes too.

Here is just one of many posts with great tights options:

@prettyxsimblr Has the cutest leggings in her Pink collection for kids.  Check out the hard to find true black leggings.  

If you are like me you may have rebooted/cleaned out your MODs folder and forgotten to include some of these.  They have been around awhile but are still a wonderful staple for your little simmies.

Special Thanks to @simminggiraffe for 2 of my Sim models (pic 1 & 2) find them on her Gallery Origin ID: moreno-sims

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Does Lob ever wear clothes?

Lob’s species generally doesn’t wear clothes, but our lil orange buddy has a fascination with emulating human culture (or more accurately Rick culture, since the only human he knows is Ricardo) so I’m sure Lob has experimented with clothing.

Someone’s YA Dystopian Future novel is going to feature one character being a natural leader and then revealing:

“I was at the Fyre Festival in 2017.”

The whole camp went quiet, with the exception of Daran, who swore softly. Chelsea looked like she was about to cry; Pete laughed softly with disbelief. “You were at the Fyre Festival?”

Craig nodded slowly, his gaze not leaving the flames in front of him. “One of the first ones in. One of the last ones out.”

Susan furrowed her brow, trying to piece the words together. Would it be inappropriate to ask him? Was it a religious thing? A massacre?

“What’s a Fire Festival?” The question slipped from her lips before she could help it, and suddenly all eyes were on her–all except Craig’s. The fire still flickered inside them.

“There was just one. The Fyre Festival, with a ‘y’. They thought it was clever.” He sighed, stroked his beard, and shifted a little before continuing. “It was supposed to be a simple weekend in the Bahamas. Me and a bunch of other rich kids packed our clothes, gathered our things, and took a plane down south. Everything was going smoothly…but when we hit the first landing strip, that’s when we started to realize that something had gone awry. Instead of seeing a private beach in front of us, we saw a crowded tourist trap. We were promised private jets, fancy boats, the full VIP experience…” His eyes flicked up to her, and though his mouth curved up in a smile, the eyes did not share in it. “But none of that was anywhere to be seen. We thought it would be fine, all we had to do was get our things, make sure they were together, and they’d lead us to the hotel, but…it was already growing dark, and that’s when the luggage arrived. Unloaded from one of those giant storage containers, the big ones, like you see on the docks. Just tossed out to the crowd, one after another. No conveyer belts, no lockers, no express deliveries to the rooms…and it was when I finally got my bag, with a dented crease along the side, like it had been resting under someone’s golf clubs, that I realized: everything had gone wrong.

“Anyway, I’m standing there with this bag, and it occurs to me how hungry I am, so I start looking for the restaurant. I was young, and foolish…fortunately, Gabe was young and foolish, too, so we both headed off to find the restaurant, thinking it would be there.”

His smile widened, showing those teeth again. “There was no restaurant. They fed us sandwiches–small, flat, flimsy sandwiches, with that bread you see on a gas station shelf, and some meat they said was ham. A single wilted piece of lettuce and a piece of rubbery cheese were the condiments, if you could call them that…Gabe said he saw someone with a ketchup packet. I didn’t believe him. Served in a white styrofoam box.

“Anyway, this would be regal fare to us today, but back then, to us, it might as well have been cow dung. I saw three people vomiting their food right back out; the girl next to me saw the same thing, and she became number four. I don’t know how many of us managed to actually choke our way through the meal, or how many of us actually made it back to go onto the plane, but I do know this: there were two thousand of us left in that village when the last boat left the island. Two thousand of us left to fend for ourselves. 

“When the sun rose the next day, we were one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. Four of us were missing; two were dead. It was then that I realized that this was going to be a live-or-die situation. I chose to live.”

I would continue with this but it is late and I needed sleep an hour ago.

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What are the quirks that zodiac children do or say?

we express more of our moon sign as children but its hard to know the moon signs of kids you dont know lol 

like aries sun kids are ultra accident prone. frequent doctor visits. and aries moon kids are really clingy

taurus kids are really mature, they can take on a young mothering role, they also really love smells and soaps and getitng into mums makeup and clothes 

gemini kids and mercury kids never stop asking questions, u would have to be an encyclopedia to figure out everything they ask. they dont like being spoken down to like they are a child it makes them feel dumb

cancer and cancer moon kids are really really sensitive to the moon and its phases. moody already. talk about ‘threenagers’ 

leo and leo moon kids love to put on shows and performances for family, also they are very receptive to mother figures

virgo and virgo moon kids are really responsive to routine. also they love puzzles and trying to fit things into things and exploring with their hands like boxes full of stuff they can re-arrange. they may have irrational fears  

libra and libra moons can be quiet kids cause they pick up everything going on 

scorpio and scorpio moon kids are really receptive, unpredictable, they are selective about who they attach to, and they pick up things no one their age should

sagittarius and sagittarius moon kids get easily stir crazy. they love dogs. they neeeed to run around and eat dirt and explore and swim and not be stuck inside 

capricorn and capricorn moon kids are old souls. they tend to be easy easy babies, calm and peaceful, they are mature for their age and may prefer the company of older people

aquarius and aquarius moon kids are  clever. they ask the weirdest, trippiest questions. they want adequate answers for their questions, they can also have difficulty in school 

pisces and pisces moon kids have a sensitivity that takes years to come to terms with and understand. they are extremely psychic but often fear expressing this









Heads up this is a potential shitpost

I have a few theories lmfao

A) The kids shopped for the clothes with the 0 GAC they had and folded stuff really small into their pockets:




Guys Coran has an absurd number of outfits




did Coran lend an outfit to Shiro

Took care of all the Homestuck characters in one go for this art meme, because it just so happened my inbox only had the Striders and Lalondes lmao