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bonus daytime because I like to imagine Amanda yelling down Sarek because please would you let her damn babies play in her rose garden with their space ships already


Camp camp animal!

David I see as a Labrador, happy, loyal, always willing to help and loves spending time with people he cares about as well as spending time outdoors.

Max would defiantly be a cat, probably a black cat. Thanks to people treating him as a bad omen he has become closed off and cynical.

Space Kid is a fish because I thought that the bowl/ helmet could be used for him to breath.

and I don’t think I need to explain why Daniel is a fox…

Allura twisted her wrist out of Shiro’s grasp, laughing uncontrollably at his attempts to slow her down as they raced down the long castle corridor. 

 “You can’t beat an Altean at her own game! Nice try, mithnir,” She taunted, narrowly avoiding another one of his side-swipes. 

“Who are you calling a mithnir, you mithnir?” Shiro grinned from ear to ear and his fingertips brushed her waist before she darted once more out of his reach. Allura bit off her giggle at the misinterpretation and put on another burst of speed. The two sped past the training room, where the other sparring paladins stopped short in bewilderment. 

Pidge peered out the doorway, “Are they calling each other… cuties?”


Thank god the whole keyblade weilder thing worked out for all of them, because school was looking like a real dead end. 

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Hey Jimmy could you sing a song for us? (It'll probably take forever though)

You guys know that thing that Dad lions do to their children when teaching them how to fight and hunt? How they’ll go overboard and make a big scene that they’ve been vanquished when really the lil baby cub has just given them a tiny little nip?

Headcanon that Shiro totally does that with any of the paladins. Like they’re training and Shiro just falls down after one tiny graze to his side like “OH ya got me. Ooooooh, everything’s going so dark now…” and the kids are just like “Omg Shiro get up”

an exchange in class about pluto
  • child in class: i got some space cards from my cousin and they said that because Pluto is small, its not a planet, but its still a planet, so its a viking planet
  • teacher: ... a viking planet
  • child: yes a viking planet
  • teacher: ...
  • child: ...
  • me: ... do you mean a dwarf planet
  • child: ...
  • child: yes thats what i meant

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long; The beta kids’ aspects! Don’t they look so pretty all together like that?!

(if you like this, I’m stitching all the other aspects too so follow me maybe?)


🌟 Hey everyone! I’m Eeth (they/them), I’m 17, genderfluid, and I love space a lot! 🌟

Merry Birthday Doug Eiffel

Heads up: Some light spoilers through the end of Season 2 below.

So it’s my favorite comms officer’s birthday today way up there, 7.5 light years away from earth….

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