kid's costume

A few better questions
A) Why the fuck are you looking at these costumes to find them you have to specifically be LOOKING for them they aren’t going to pop up out of nowhere.
B) Why the fuck are you so bothered by some kids costumes.
C) Why do you fucking care about this.
D) Why are you such an ass.
They’re toddler costumes.
Parents buy them for their children who fucking enjoy the show dumbfuck.
It’s not that hard to figure out who buys them unless you’re a complete idiot. Which judging by your bitching here you are one.
Also get the fuck out of the tag. Negativity like this isn’t tolerated in the tags. Asshole.


“Actors of East Asian descent don’t get the opportunities white actors do. I know that’s inherently a problem in a country that produces a lot of period drama, but I have to fight so hard to get parts that don’t have something to do with China.”


dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it


Updates to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition, now featuring Winners and Losers costumes!

The dresse are the costumes worn by Takato and Shouri as Seijoh fangirls, Oikawa’s conductor’s suit has a surprising amount of detail (for being a tearaway suit), and Kageyama TOBIUO’s flying fish suit!

Photos courtesy of @lost-shounen!!!