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Now with a counterpart featuring her sister, the we-have-no-idea-if-she’s-kidnapped-or-a-traitor-but-we-love-her-anyway Callie.

Mostly improvised since we have no idea what she looks like thanks to the wonderful world of silhouette reveals.



This is Pomi, our very first children’s book is finally being put together! Now accepting pre-orders through >>Etsy Shop Here<<

It is a book about a little beetle trying to find her place in her big big world. Written by @catarang and Illustrated by me.

To get an accurate count of how many books I should print, and make this launch super fun, I want to hold a CONTEST. (For the first time ever!)

To enter, simply reblog this post before May 15th Noon PST. Winner will receive a free book once I print it, anywhere in the world! I will put everyone’s name on a list and do a random generator thing…or print it out and let my cat pick, who knows.

The Contest Winners For the Monster Child Contest!

Here all of the Winning entries submitted unedited:

Congradulations! There are 165 Winners out of 1666 (approx.) Submissions!

Here are the edited bios of Frisk’s Homeroom, Class Dogs of Hyperdeath:

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The face of a champion: six year old “Cranberry Pie Eating Champ” pats his stomach after eating a 10 inch pie in 15 seconds, 1948 

Bonjour Lune

Hello Moon.
How are you tonight?
I thought about you
All day.
You’re far more beautiful
Than the Sun.
You aren’t as garish or hot.
You’re just there.
A gentle light to soothe and guide.
No one really appreciates you Moon.
But I do.
I could write endless poems
About you Moon.
But for now I will sleep
And will instead
Write them in the daylight,
So that the sun can grow envious.
Goodnight Moon,
I will talk to
You again soon.

More Mass Effect head canons

This time about cultural sharing:

  • Asari don’t produce their own keratin, so stick on nails get very popular after the humans start integrating. Most species mixed crews have about thirty bottles of nail polish stacked in a box somewhere in the med-bay.
  • Humans using massive amounts of hairspray and bobby pins to replicate Turian crests with hair.
  • Turian children learning headbutting from the local Krogan kids. They have contests. The Turians never win, but coming third is a pretty big deal.
  • Krogans learning how to dance from Asari teachers.
  • Salarians going to their Krogan husband’s parent’s house to check if it’s okay for them to get the clan insignia tattooed over their back.
  • Humans going to Asari universities, even though each unit last for two years.

“Hey mate. Do the Krogan have a version of rugby?”

“What’s rugby?”

“……I have to show you something, and you are going to love it.”

Notes about the imaginary friend AU
  • Takes place in a universe where sburb didnt happen, but the trolls are kind of ghosts from a universe where it did and they’re “haunting” their kids in a way.
  • Each kid is around 6 and sees their patron troll as their “imaginary friend”, they’re all in the same pre-school.

  • Just to get things straight the imaginary friend and kid duos are: Vriska Serket and John Egbert, Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope and Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas and Jade Harley 

  • The trolls still have full memories of things like sburb in their past lives, and are not imaginary at all, it’s just that only their patron can see them.

  • The kids can’t see each others’ trolls but they describe them to one another and the trolls talk through there kids.

  • Vriska isnt a fan of kids at all but john is an acception to her, though, shes kinda bossy and tends to expect too much of the kid, john still thinks shes nice and helpful even if she can be bossy though.

  • Kanaya, of course, is a natural with looking after kids, and she really does love little Rose, who claims that one day she will marry Kanaya when she grows up because she’s pretty. Kanaya finds this cute and tells her that once, she did.

  • Terezi thinks Dave is the coolest little around, and Dave finds a lot of comfort with having a friend around, even if she’s just “imaginary”. She likes to draw some funny comics with him, Dave gets into way into drawing because of this.

  • Karkat isn’t great with kids but Jade loves him because he’s so funny. He’s grumpy and quick to snap, sure, but he’s also really sweet and caring of her, Jade knows this, she’s a smart kid, and she likes her grumpy “imaginary friend”.

  • When Jade describes Karkat to Dave he instantly gets a puppy crush on this imaginary friend of hers that he’d never met, Karkat finds this pretty funny.

  • Terezi and Vriska use Dave and John as a way to talk to each other, and sometimes they still do have little “whos kid will do better” contests” as jokes. 

  • Kanaya likes to help Rose write little stories and gave her the idea of vampires being phosphorescent.

  • Karkat likes to watch movies with Jade, though she isn’t as much a fan of romcoms, she’d still happily watch one with him.

  • Dave finds a lot of comfort in Terezi because at home there’s really no one else who can provide him with that.

  • John gets pushed a lot by Vriska to do things just a little out of his comfort zone, which helps him a lot in the longrun, and helped him make friends with the rest of the kids.

  • Jades grandpa is dead and she is still basically raised by her dog, but Bec isn’t a god in this universe, so Karkat is a big reason she’s able to take care of herself.

  • Mom thinks it’s very cute how Rose seems to have a crush on her imaginary friend.

  • Dave has never told Bro about Terezi, and he has no intention to, he’d rather keep her a secret. 

  • John talks about Vriska a lot to his dad, to the point where his dad had to make a Vriska themed cake for his 6th birthday last April. 

  • The trolls all have their own ways of telling the kids what they were like in their past lives. Karkat builds it up like a big movie, Kanaya tells it to Rose like a bedtime story, Vriska explains it to John as if they were superheros, and Terezi tells it pretty straight to Dave like real history. Each of the kids has this big romanticized version of themselves in their past lives because of this, but in different ways.

  • The teacher in their class grows concerned when she sees the 4 kids playing together and pretending the the world ended and all their parents are dead and they just met  12 aliens and 4 that are their imaginary friends there too.

  • All 4 kids are kind of outcasts from the class because of this, but they are best friends, and sometimes, they think that in their dreams, memories surface. 
What a beautiful day to remember that you don't owe your dad crap today no matter what anybody tells you if he's a worthless sack of cow crap👌🏻👌🏻