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Radioactivepeasant Goes to ComiCon, Part Four

This was my favorite part, okay?

So, I’d seen a few guys dressed as Vader and we sort of exchanged nods here and there. Then we came around a corner and it was the dang 501st!

I was considering asking Vader if I could get a picture with him, considering I was Luke for the day. Well that didn’t…didn’t quite work out the way I thought.

Basically, Father was not pleased to find Luke running helter-skelter through the con.

One of the stormtroopers looked up from talking to someone and shouted “Sir! Target spotted! Target spotted!” and pointed his blaster at me.

Let me tell you what, Vader moves a lot quicker than you’d think. In like, two seconds he was looming over me and the other troopers were pointing blasters at me. People were taking pictures, it was great.

So I’m backing away, babbling “Whoa, whoa, okay, hi, I was just…Um…so….can we talk about this?”

I decided, out of the blue (this is rather unlike me), to start hamming it up a little. I turned to a kid watching and called, “Hey! Are you gonna help me fight the Empire?” He stared at Vader hovering over me and slowly shook his head no. So I raised my hands like “I see how it is.”

So I looked to the other side and there’s another kid with a blaster. So I’m like, “What about you? Gonna save me from these stormtroopers?”
He goes “Yeah!” and charges in, starting a “gunfight” with the stormtroopers.

Vader leans in real close, does the “I’m warning you” finger point, and stalks away with a swish of his cape…and almost walks straight into a guy with a Dooku lightsaber….and his three year old.

Well Little Boy decides that he’s not going to let a sith push his dad around, and starts bopping him with his little blue lightsaber. So naturally, Vader responded in kind. A group gathered to cheer the kid on, and I called out, “You got him, little Jedi! Don’t give up!”

The kid freezes. He turns, looks up at me, and his eyes get huge. “Luke!” he whispers, and his dad had to remind him not to turn his back on Vader because he was about ready to run right over to me.

The duel ended in a draw, and Vader marched over to menace me again, leading to me ducking out of the way of the lightsaber a few times. Then, once he’d gone back to his booth, I asked the parents if I could get a picture with their little Jedi. Since he’s a kid, I’ve blurred out his face for privacy. But he had the biggest smile, it made my day.

And that’s the story of how Luke Skywalker went to ComiCon and almost got captured by the 501st.


We made our own dodj or daar (dodge or dare) game board from the Amazing World of Gumball using leftover dinosaurs from our Mabel juice as game pieces. I had to write goober on my forehead! Surprisingly, the game was super fun following Gumballs rules.

-Zola and Mia

Pics from UB Con

Went to UB con today with kazeimi and 14mt3r3z1v4nt4s. While I didn’t get any shots of them, I did get some pretty nice pics of some others.

I am so mad that I didn’t get this Tavros’s tumblr. I really hope I see him again tomorrow so that I can ask. He seemed like a really cool dude.

EDIT: tavros-nitramming-your-butt-hole

One of the Karkat’s asked for stridercest. That’s me and godtier Dirk, deanimatedprince I’m pretty sure.

RoxyxDave. Not sure who the Roxy was, didn’t ask her what her tumblr was. Blargh. Didn’t get any good face shots of Roxy or Dirk :P

This Terezi was really cool. We wound up hanging with her for a good portion of the day. Hopefully we will see her tomorrow! 

So these two weren’t homestucks, but they were the other two that I got pics of. Absolutely fantabulous Legend of Zelda cosplays. 

I need to start carrying my camera around more.

This button set came in today! 

and they are fantastic!! but I didn’t notice this before and

I love the details of all the people in line. But that kid in the middle?? who is that?

I know the picture is awful but it looks suspiciously like a TINY KID PENN 

a tiny kid penn in a little costume. this. no one warned me about this


So I’m interning at this camp for kids with social issues, right? I’m a CIT. And I was really, really, really bored with the whole thing, as were all the kids. So I was thinking, “How can I make this actually interesting, as opposed to condescending and dull for everyone involved?” 

So, when my boss called me in for a meeting about “goals,” I pitched the idea for a Camp ComicCon. And he said yes… IF I managed to do the entire thing, make the costumes mostly myself, and plan it all out. 

Luckily, I’m good at that, and another Senior counselor had heard about ComicCon, and donated a huge bag of clothes. 

So you should have heard the screaming when I walked into the C room, as soon as the words “We’re doing a ComicCon” left my mouth. 

You should have seen how excited the first kid was when I gave them their Chat Noir costume that I’d spent the better part of the day working on until my hands were blistering. 

You should have heard the one 12-year-old girl who was freaking out over the chance to be Ladybug, screaming “I’m going to be so adorable! I’ll be the best Ladybug ever!”

The shy little girl who barely ever smiled hopping all over the building dressed like Officer Judy Hopps. 

The boy who ran up to me, and couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was for being Finn from Adventure Time. 

I got so many hugs and heard so much laughter today and I knew I was the one who caused it, and even though my hands hurt from the FIVE costumes I made today, I was happier than I’d been in a long time.

The ComicCon will take place a week from Friday, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

So yeah, anyone who says cartoons never helped anyone accomplish anything can screw themselves. 


2013 was an amazing year for me cosplay wise ;w; I was reunited with Ceb who quickly got me rolling for AX 2013! I carried on with cosplaying Jane and managed to do the other 3 alpha kids as well! Comicon was a blast and I went to a couple of SDstuck meets in my spare time! I’m so amped to see what I can do for 2014, but the goals are to move beyond Homestuck uwu

The entirely best part of dressing like Belle this weekend at Comicon

was all the little girls (and a few boys) whose eyes got super wide and they gasped when they saw me as they said “Belle!”

A little girl (about 4) dressed as Snow White came up behind me and tugged on my skirt to get my attention, then put her arms up, asking for a hug. I looked at her mom for permission then shouted “SNOW!” and leaned down for a hug. She was ecstatic.

One girl looked miserable and well on her way to throwing a tantrum, until I caught her eye and waved at her. She started smiling and kept looking over her shoulder at me as her family walked away.

At Starbucks a little girl was pointing at me and shouting “BELLE!” over and over, yanking on her mom’s arm and hopping all the way over to me.

I think I’m going to just always wear Disney Princess outfits to Comicon from now on. 

Who cares what the adults think of my costume, if I can make a bunch of children think a fairy tale has become reality for a weekend, I’m happy.

This was the best weekend ever.