Omg I’m rewatching Stranger Things before season 2 begins and I have a theory about something that might happen and if it does it’s gonna be ridiculously AWESOME!! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so hit the jump if you want to know what it is!

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Guardiola keeps complimenting Napoli. He even called out an Italian journalist who asked him why his team did not score as many goals as they usually do. He said: “What? You thought we were playing against a group of kids? We played against Napoli”.

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How does America feel about kids? Does he think they're annoying when they come up to him? Does he think they're cute but want them to leave him alone? Or dos he purposely go out of his way to humor them and make them laugh because he genuinely likes the sound of their laughter? Do you think that he occasionally babysits his bosses' children for his boss when his boss can't get a babysitter? I'm only asking because of his kinda childish personality.

I can see him like being around them due to his envy. Watching them be twirled hand-in-hand by their parents, then relate to them when he visits an orphanage. They are the next generation of himself so it makes sense he’d be attracted to being around them, probably speculating what they could become for his future.

All this said, I don’t see his nation’s boss trusting him to take care of their children lol.  In my opinion America seems like the type of person to love being around kids. Playing with them, talking to them, telling stories to them - all of it. Actually taking care of them, though? I’m skeptical. They gotta be able to to run around or he’s clueless - if not, fearful he’d hurt them.

That’s just me, though. 

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Well just regular inncubes headcannons for him then

gotcha pal ;) I’m not gonna make this nsfw since incubi are basically rapists and I don’t do that

  • ya boi allen here has some pretty lit wings
  • like he’ll just whip them out when he’s bored because he has nothing better to do
  • homeboy is horny af and if he’s in a relationship then his partner is prob just going to be done with him 24/7 unless they’re equally as sexual
  • likes to drag his tail over his s/o’s body to get their attention
  • or anyone really
  • hangs outside of bars to stop douches from taking people home who don’t seem like they know each other
  • hangs out in cemeteries around Halloween with gargoyles and the edgy kids that go there
  • plays the Ouija board with them because he’s fearless
  • walks kids home who are alone so they don’t get hurt
  • used to be in some supernatural polyamorous relationship with a siren and an imp

helo ! it’s ya girl cassie back with a new character ( bc i have no life hello,, ) here’s my angry boy yano but who am i kidding, i only play angry characters @moonafm​ no shade girl <.<

i have moona on a semi hiatus for now but only because i don’t really have any inspo for her as of right now since i work a full time job and it might take some time for me to adjust with both characters right now but i’m going to try and make this work ok !ok so here’s his bio and his stats ?? i don’t have any plots for now because i suck and i’m trash but here’s a coupe of facts about this heartbreaker !!

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I doubt anyone is old enough to remember but my first real online experience as a kid was playing Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast. It was a darn good time! 

A simple MMO, but solid enough and the latter ports are really fun.

Toma, Heroine, and Shin would play the offline multiplayer port on the GameCube. Toma, probably a HUmar(the typical damage dealer class), Shin a…he’d be a RAmar(archer/hunter; overpowered as hell if you’re a farmer), and ‘Rin a FOmarl(caster, nuker, and buff class).

But the thing about PSO is it had one really unforgiving mechanic that got you screwed over a lot if you played with the wrong folks.

When someone dies, they drop their weapon.

And anyone can take it.

And sometimes they’d stand around and be a smart ass and taunt you.

Shin would so take Toma and ‘Rin’s items if they died. He’d chalk it up to a “lesson” and say, “it’s your fault for being awful at the game and dying. Thanks, by the way.”

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Milan on Leo's latest post! 😍😍 Anyway I love not only that our kids are playing at FCB escola but even more that their daddies come watch them! ☺ I really love it and I hope we can get more pictures😍

I know right in the feels 😍😍 I love the whole concept of them playing together just like their father and their father coming to watch and support them. Just beautiful!

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Obsessed I posted on here a while back a 6 part post about how I came obsessed with fucking young girls. Well here is another story about my obsession. I moved into a 4 apartment complex and after being there for the winter with nothing going on and not looking for anything. Summer came and of course this brought all kinds of kids out to play. Well I noticed this one one maybe 12 years old and her two sisters and they all look the same expect her sisters were maybe 6 or 7


Two out-of-the-blue headcanons as to why Stan owns all these board games:

1. They’re actually Ford’s from forever ago, hence why the boxes look pretty beat up, and he and McGucket would play them all the time together when they weren’t working on the portal. (I looked it up and nearly all the games these are based off of existed back in the 70s/80s.)

2. When Stan found out that Dipper and Mabel were coming to stay for the summer he figured that he had to get something to keep them “preoccupied and out of his hair”, so he picked them up for like a buck each at some random family’s yard sale.