kid&039;s meals

I love how all the Anthro SuperHeroes have Favorite Foods they MUST HAVE 😂


Street Sharks🍔 Burgers

Biker Mice From Mars🌭Hot Dogs

Extreme Dinosaurs🌮 Mexican Food

No wonder I get weird cravings when I rewatch these haha

Page 8. That soul looks a little more than ‘pretty beat up’ to me, but maybe having one myself skews the perspective a bit. 

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✨ pickup day is my favorite day 🌱

Not me smoking but here’s my stop drop and toke the cutest @maryjanes-neptune tagged me in and go wish her luck on her tolerance break! ✨

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Sorry if I didn’t tag you im high and doin my best 🌱


┐( ̄ー ̄)┌  what can I say, puberty did good to Jean (and his hair) in SnK ch70

hope you keep that mop, pretty boy