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Valentine’s Day : Cisco Ramon

Based off of prompt #52

Summary: Cisco Is dating the reader and plans something special for Valentine’s day

A/N: Finally I am getting another story up!! I’m so sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!

I flip through the endless racks of dresses while I wait for Iris to come back from the change rooms. She comes bouncing out, smiling as she sighs and says “This dress is so perfect, it wouldn’t be better if I made it myself”. I turn to her, saying “ You look incredible in it Iris, Barry is gonna love it”. “Thank you!” she says walking over to the line. “But are you sure you don’t want to look? I saw some great dresses back there that would look great on you”. I shake my head and shrug. “I’m alright. I got an outfit already. And besides, I don’t think we’re doing anything anyways. Between helping Barry and Wally, and the lab and now getting used to his powers, Cisco’s been pretty tired lately and it’s been a lot all at once so I think we are just going to relax tonight”. Iris nods and turns to me. “True, but this is Cisco we’re talking about. I can’t imagine him not doing anything for Valentine’s Day”. We walk out of the store as I sigh “Who knows”.

I unlock the door to mine and Cisco’s apartment and drop my bags off on the couch. I’m walking over to the fridge to grab something to drink when I see a note in messy handwriting on the table.

Y/n, I hope you had fun at the mall with Iris. Meet me at STAR Labs at 7, don’t be late (even though you never are) and look pretty (even though you always do) but don’t stress about what to wear (like you always do). It’s just you and me. See you later. I LOVE you! -Cisco

I read over the letter and smile to myself. The clock tells me it’s only 3 o’clock so I decide to have a nap. When I wake up, I shower, get ready and watch a bit of tv before I grab my keys and drive over to STAR Labs.

I arrive at 6:50 and enter the building, but I realize that Cisco didn’t tell me where to go. I shake my head, chuckling quietly to myself and go to check his lab. When I find everything but my boyfriend, I leave to check the cortex. When I enter the room that we spend so many hours in, I see Cisco standing there. “Hey babe” he exclaims, walking over to me. He leans in and pecks my lips and I smile and greet him back. His eyes scan over my body quickly before he raises his eyebrows and says “Wow. You look amazing”. I blush looking down at the outfit I got with Iris. I’m wearing a cream turtleneck sweater, a burnt orange coloured skirt, black tights, my long black coat and my classic black converses. “Yeah, you like?” I ask gesturing to my outfit. Cisco grabs my hands and replies “Very much. You look absolutely beautiful”. I squeeze his hand and nod at him. “Let me just say, you look fantastic” I say and he blushes. Cisco is wearing jeans, a button down and a nice jacket over top, paired with his sneakers. He smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. “So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. I need you to trust me for a minute.” he announces and puts a hand over my eyes. “Um okay..” I say hesitantly as he begins to walk me forward.

We walk for a moment then he finally stops. He removes his hand from my eyes and I turn to see where we are. All I see are the blinking lights of buildings and cars and I immediately know where we are. “Cisco how did you get me onto the roof?” I question and he smirks at me. “I vibed us up here. Couldn’t have you walking up those stairs blind”. He puts his arm around my waist and leads me over to a small table with Thai food arranged on it. I shake my head in disbelief and turn to Cisco. “You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much” I say and pecks his lips quickly. We sit and eat for a while, and when we finish, Cisco takes my hand and leads me over to a big pile of pillows and blankets, set up perfectly to watch the stars. I lay next to him and throw a few blankets over us to keep us warm. I place my head on his shoulder and whisper “You thought of everything. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Tonight has been unforgettable”. He smiles and kisses my forehead, saying “Anything for you y/n”. We lay together for what feels like forever, and Cisco checks his phone every so often. He checks it again and sighs finally to himself. He stands up and pulls me with him. “Babe are you alright?” I ask, confused as to what is going on. He nods and looks at me. He takes a deep breath and takes my hands in his. “Y/n. I love you. So much words cannot describe. It sounds weird, but I think that I have been in love with you my entire life. You have been my rock throughout everything that has happened and I always knew that I needed you in my life. Since the first day of university when you sat down next to me I felt like you were meant to be in my life in some way. I don’t think I ever told you this but when you told me that we would be working here together, I was over the moon, because it meant that I would still get to see you everyday. I brought you up here because this is where I kissed you for the first time and where you told me that you loved me, which is something I wasn’t sure I would hear. Since you have been in my life you have always been the first person I want to share my good news with and the first person that I tell my bad news to, because I know that it will hurt less if you’re with me. You stay up with me when I have nightmares and even though I’m the one with the superpowers, you make me feel safe in ways that I can’t explain. You have become my home and I mean that in every way possible and I know that no one, in any timeline or dimension, can ever love anyone the way that I love you. And I know you always said that you wouldn’t want to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day, so I waited until past Midnight so it’s now the 15th. You always say that opals remind you of me because they look like my breaches so that’s what I got.” He says, getting down on one knee. “Y/n L/n will you make me the happiest being in the multiverse and marry me?” I wipe the tears that welled up on my eyes with my sleeve and nod, and Cisco grins. “Yeah? Really?” he asks, as if he doesn’t actually believe it. He stands up and I throw my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me. “Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes I would love to marry you” I say and he slips the ring onto my finger. I grab his face in my hands and bring his lips to mine, his arms snaking around my waist. We stay like this for what feels like hours, trying our hardest to bring each other closer. When we finally pull away, I look at my beautiful ring, then back to Cisco and say “We’re getting married”. He smiles wider and pulls me back in for a kiss. We stay on the roof for a little while longer and head back down to go home, walking hand in hand as a newly engaged couple. Safe to say it was a very memorable Valentine’s Day.

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