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i absolutely loath posts on this site that are like ‘’Haha Idiot kid can’t use a GameBoy Colour! They’re too used to smartphones!!” (I’ve even seen some of y’all react VIOLENTLY to the children for not knowing how to work GBAs like wtf is wrong with you people lol???)

 like hey dingus I was born in 1995 and I hated the idea of using a joystick and couldn’t understand how anyone found scalextric games fun. each generation of kids will grow up with new forms of technology!! these kids will grow up with smartphones and ipads, that’s okay! I grew up with gameboys and dreamcast! the next generation will probably grow up with things you can control with just voice commands, who knows! the future is amazing! stop being miserable adults because the kids of today find your old games unfun and weird!!

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Smartphone is just a made-up word. 

If you asked someone in 1830 if you could borrow their smartphone, they would have had no idea what on earth you’re talking about. That’s not even a real word! 

If you asked someone in 1994, they would maybe, after a lot of confusion and guessing, ask back “You mean a… personal communicator?” or “Are you talking about a mobile phone?”. Why would you call that smartphone, that’s not what they are called! (x)

And yet, it would be ridiculous if I told all of you to stop saying smartphone now, in 2017. If I told you “It’s not historically accurate!” or “But that’s just one of those new fancy terms!”, you’d most likely laugh at me. Come on, you’d say, the way we call things changes and evolves constantly. You can’t insist on us not adapting language to fit our needs! 

It’s the same with lgbt+ terms (including the term “lgbt+” in itself). 

Yes, many terms we use now are relatively “new”. Language evolves. 

Yes, all our labels are “made-up”. We made them up because there was a need for them. What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

“That’s not historically accurate” is a really bad excuse to disrespect someone’s identity. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Every single influence Twitter has had on politics is bad. I’m not saying this in an “oh kids with their smartphones are ruining culture” way, all the other social media sites like Reddit and Tumblr and Facebook are okay, but Twitter in specific is fucking evil, possibly because of its tiny nuance-destroying character limit.

Honestly, you can make a movie about anything if you want to. Hetalia is a thing that exists. College Humor had a series where fonts were personified. The Lego movie happened. We got Sausage Party and Angry Birds earliet this year. 


And that literally makes me want to throw up with second hand embarrassment mostly like oh my god n O 

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii- can you please do more Nico Tartarus au! Or if not more merman Nico au!- thanks

Some Merman AU cause I feel like the Tartarus AU is done.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Nico’s eyes widen as he looked around the town. People were walking around with their eyes on a rectangular object. Cars were on streets, moving and standing still. 
  • Will chuckled as he watched Nico’s reaction. It was interesting to watch since all of this was part of Will’s life and Nico was a complete outsider. 
  • “What is the thing people keep looking at in their hands?” Nico asked. “Why are they so interested in it?”
  • “It’s a phone.” Will said. “That’s how we communicate with each other. We write messages on the phone and it sends it to the person.” 
  • Nico’s eyes widen. “That’s amazing! Do you have one? Can I see it?”
  • Will took out his phone and turned it on. “So you tap the screen if you want to open an app. And you scroll by moving your finger up and down or left and right. There’s games on there too.”
  • Nico looked through the phone and tried to figure it out. To Will, it was like teaching a little kid how to use a smartphone. 
  • “Alright, so, I’m kind of hungry. Do you want to get some food?” Will asked. “And do you like meat?”
  • Nico looked up from the phone. “What is meat?”
  • “It’s made from animal. It tastes pretty good.” Will told him. “You can try it and if you don’t like it, that’s fine.”
  • “Sure. Human food sounds good.” Nico smiled, handing the phone back to Will. “Your phone moved while I was holding it and something came up on the top of it.”
  • Will smiled back and quickly looked at the message. He slightly sighed as his work asked him to come in tonight. He sent a quick reply that he was busy today. 
  • They walked to a McDonald’s and Will ordered a quarter pounder for himself and a happy meal for Nico since Nico wasn’t sure what to order. They sat down at a table and Nico unpacked his meal. 
  • Will watched as he took a bite of his burger. He grinned as Nico’s face lit up in amazement. 
  • “This is so good!” Nico grinned. “What is this?”
  • “It’s a burger. It’s made from cow.”He told him. “Burgers are a pretty common food that people eat around here.”
  • Nico took another bite, wolfing down the rest of his food. Will tried to slow him down a bit, but he was also afraid of losing a finger. 
  • “Human food is the best. And look! I got a thing!” Nico said, holding up his toy. He opened the packaging.
  • “It’s a kids toy. I think it winds up and moves.” Will told him as Nico handed over the toy. He cranked up the toy and let it go on the table. 
  • “This is so cool! I never want to go back home.” Nico smiled. 
  • “But you need to go home.” Will said. “I mean your family must be worried about you.” 
  • Nico looked down. “I told you, Will, I’m not going home. I don’t want to get married because I’m not interested in her.”
  • “But you have a kingdom to run.” 
  • “The human world is so much better.” Nico replied. “No one forces you to get married. I don’t have to worry about running a kingdom. I can be Nico.”
  • Will looked at Nico’s sad face. How could he deny Nico an opportunity to be happy? “Alright, you can stay with me. But I got school and work that I go to everyday.”
  • Nico smiled. “Thanks Will.” 

the atlantic has outdone itself

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis.

correlation is not causation

“kids were happy before smartphones!” a lot of things happened in 2007, are we really pretending the global economic collapse that laid bare the grinding inequality faced by most americans had less of sn effect than steve jobs’ shiny doodad

we had the internet before 2007, kids were depressed then too, what made things worse was systemic causes, not toys kids actually use to stay more connected, not less

“kids who use smartphones a lot are prone to depression” DO YOU MAYBE MEAN KIDS WITH DEPRESSION ARE PRONE TO USE SMARTPHONES A LOT?

I ended up in the documentary section of YouTube again and I’m watching a documentary about American parents… it seems that monitoring your children is a pretty important topic? Almost 20 % of all parents are said to even use surveillance apps in order to control their kids’ smartphones and even read their messages and stuff? Kids aren’t allowed to play outside by themselves and they can only go to school on their own when they’re 13 or older? And some mother got a lot of hate cause she let her 9-year-old son ride the subway on his own cause he wanted to? Cameras in kindergartens that the parents can access whenever they want, or at least daily reports or pics of what their kids did?

Folks… is that true? I know there’s always extremes everywhere, but what are your experiences?

Dinner Convo

Dinner table conversation 6/15/15.

Me: Hey, son. A, the girl who you used to be in playgroup with, is transitioning, his mom told me. He is now going to be called B. 

Son1 (15yo): Oh, cool. So is C (*who he used to date for about 5 minutes in 6th grade*). 

Me: Oh, really? What’s his new name? 

Son: I don’t think he’s picked one yet. 

Husband: Isn’t it a bit late to transition when you’re 15? 

Me: Nah. Some kids, like D, knew they were actually a girl when they were toddlers. Other’s don’t realize until puberty starts changing their bodies and they feel it’s wrong. Or maybe even later.

Husband: Doesn’t everyone feel their body is wrong in puberty though? 

Me: Not the same. I hated my boobs in puberty, because they were way too big way too soon and I wasn’t ready for that, but I never felt I wasn’t a girl. I just wore really baggy sweaters for a decade, pretending they weren’t there. 

Husband: That’s true. I guess you just can’t understand how it feels unless you feel it. And it’s not something anyone would choose to feel. I can’t imagine how difficult it is. 

Son1: Hey! Awesome! Now I know 4 trans kids, 1 asexual one, 1 bisexual one and I don’t even know how many gay ones! *starts naming them all*

Son2 (11 yo): Is E gay? (E is Son1′s best friend)

Son1: Nah. Kids in my class ship him with a whole bunch of guys, though. 

Son2: Like who?

Son1: *rattles off a bunch of names* and me. 

Husband (confused): But you’re not gay. 

Son1: So what? 

Me: It’s shipping. Actual sexual orientation is irrelevant. You can ship anyone with anyone. It’s like shipping Captain America with Iron Man, it doesn’t matter if they’re gay or not in the movies or comics. 

Son2 to Son1: Well, you’d be cute together (*possible sarcasm detected*). 

Son1: Damn right. Cause we’re both hot! 

You know, my oldest may have a deplorable work ethic, he may be actively trying to rot his brain with 20 hours of video games a day (if we’d let him) and he has an unfortunate tendency to start whining for fast food as soon as we step out of the house, but freshmen boys aren’t typically known for their tolerance, and at least he is doing an amazing job at that. The smartphone generation is doing some things right.