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I cried In 2nd Period… :/
  • Teacher:Okay class I would like to have you use your IPads if you have one and send a hello message to my email.
  • Me:'LOL okay' *proceeds to write le email* *attacHES A MEME WITH IT* *presses send* *is nOW A LAUGHING AND CRYING MESS*
  • Friendo:OMG why are you laughing?
  • Friendo:Why did you do that?
  • Me:Because I can <3
  • Friendo:-_-
  • ((Time skip to when she sees le emails))
  • Teacher:*looks at the emails* *clicks mine* hoi teacher oh my god _______
  • Me:*Is still crying happy tears*
  • Teacher:*procEEDS TO SHOW THE CLASS THE MEME* Look it's a chicken holding a knife! It says "When ur soft but someone hurts ur friends"! Oh my ______ You are so humorous!!
  • Me:*iS DYING*
  • ((I couldn't go the rest of the day today withouT LAUGHING AT WHAT IVE DONE XD!))

Since I’m too sick to draw anything I’ve spent my day watching Steam Train’s playthrough of Undertale and that made me remember just how much I love this damn game!

So here’s a bunch of Undertale stuff I’ve drawn in the past!


even if we can’t find heaven, i’ll walk through hell with you, love you’re not alone, cos i’m gonna stand by you…

First tennis session

Sunday afternoon I took daughter #2 down to the courts for her first ever tennis “lesson.” And it was a huge success!

We just focused on getting her to hit the ball with a forehand. It was so hot and sunny that I had her do this at the back of the courts under the shade of a tree rather than on the court proper.

She loved it and loved our time together. I think she’s going to pick it up pretty easily as she is very good with hand-eye coordination.

I also got a good workout in; I didn’t hit the ball much but I ran all around those two courts retreaving balls.

I’ve since been youtubing vids on how to teach tennis basics to kids. Fun stuff!!!

It’s a tree lost somewhere in the Ghost Forest, and people say it’s yellow as gold and bright as a star. We have no proof that it actually exists, but everybody knows the legend: the person who finds The Tree will be able to call the king back to our land. It’s just fairy tale stuff, but the Queen has closed the forest anyway.

Sooo I found some stories I wrote as a kid. They are absolutely poor written, but the universe and the characters are cute as hell, so I guess I’m drawing some stuff of them.

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The purest AU where everybody is happy and nOBODY IS SAD


Easter Tea Party shoot with Cutenesity kid’s accessories! 

bows & bowties by Cutenestiy

Photography by me armandacolsonphotography

The Signs as Things My Preschoolers Have Said/Done
  • *i am Ms. Aly, just so you know. also, i work at a preschool and all of this is stuff i have witnessed*
  • Aries:"I have a penis." - 2 yr. old
  • Taurus:"Do you remember yesterday when I saw you at Target? Yeah, me too." - 5 yr. old
  • Gemini:*accidentally drops Minion toy* "NOOOOO! MY MINION!!" *starts screaming* - 3 yr. old
  • Cancer:"I have a question... Spider-Man shoots webs out of his wrists and then climbs buildings." - 3 yr. old
  • Leo:*walks out of the bathroom completely naked* "Hi, Ms. Aly." - 2 yr. old
  • Virgo:"Get back in the bathroom! I don't want to see your vagina!" - 6 yr. old to 4 yr. old
  • Libra:*rides bike over to me and places a single hand on my thigh, then looks up my skirt and quickly bikes away* - 5 yr. old
  • Scorpio:"I wonder what Ms. Aly looks like when she's naked..." - 5 yr. old
  • Sagittarius:"I went pee-pee in the potty! I did it! I DID IT!" - 3 yr. old
  • Capricorn:*pointing to 'The Mona Lisa'* "That's you, Ms. Aly." - 3 yr. old
  • Aquarius:"Ms. Aly, do you have a big vulva or a small vulva?" - 4 yr. old
  • Pisces:*looking at a pigeon outside* "That's a penguin." - 2 yr. old

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Good luck everyone!!

“Let ‘er rip!” — actual adults who run cities

7 Awesome Buildings That Look Like They’re Designed by Kids

#7. The Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge of Da Nang

Let’s say you’re a city looking to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the end of a brutal war. What would be the most sensible and dignified way of doing so? If you said, “Build a giant fucking bridge shaped like a dragon,” then congratulations! You share a mindset with the people of Da Nang, Vietnam. … The bridge supports six lanes of traffic, was designed by the Louis Berger Group, and oh, right – it sprays jets of fire.

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