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Kid Stuff: Measurements

I just really like the way my son has been describing measurements lately.  For instance, the pool has “a wide of one hundred,” and his goal is to persuade me to get the car up to “a fast of one hundred.”

Sooner or later I’m going to have to introduce the issue of units—one hundred what—but for now, I’m just enjoying the kid language.


Marinette: biracial (Chinese and French)
Alya: Martiniquan
Nino: Moroccan
Alix: Arab
Kim: Vietnamese
Max: West African

Sometimes there’s whitewashing in fandom but none of these kids^ are white

this dude who’s a cook @ work and is always talking to me/asking me how i am (same w/ like.. everyone he’s v friendly) asked me if i wanted anything this morning bc he hadn’t clocked in yet and was going to get breakfast and i said that i was fine/didn’t need anything.. yet.. he got me s/t that was apparently from the bakery across the street? and then apologized, after buying it, bc he forgot i don’t eat sweets? he always buys huge packs of water for everyone @ work too? anyway. almost cried