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I know its a bit late in the day to ask but Nurseydex future fic fathers day?

Nursey wakes up to the sound of something being dropped in the kitchen and a muffled, “Oh crap!”

It’s a little terrifying at first, until he checks his clock and sees that it’s 7:30 AM and remembers that it’s Father’s Day. Dex is still asleep beside him, which means that it’s probably Beto and Georgie in the kitchen. He debates going out to check on them, but he figures they’re both ten now, they can figure out breakfast on their own, and they’re probably trying to surprise them, anyway.

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a kid threw a stink bomb in the main vents. slowly but surely the entire school started smelling something that smells like a mixture of shit, vomit and corpses. one girl ended up fainting. it was a mess

Shit, Vomit and Corpses sounds like a grunge band


I wrote this a while back for the @pjohoominibang and they were nice enough to post it for me but, in lieu of reaching 900 followers, I thought I’d finally post it here. Check out the art that @katslittlestar did for this! I hope you enjoy! I did some editing. I know someone had pointed out a few mistakes. 


In his dream, Percy was twelve again. He was standing just outside his front door, about to face his mother’s look of disappointment as she’d say, Another school? Worst of all there was Gabe, bound to mock him. The stench of his cigar drifted through the door and Percy got the sudden urge to kick something. Why was his mother with him? Because of you, a voice seemed to remind him.

Finally, he came in, dragging his bag behind him. “You’re not supposed to be here,” Gabe told him. Percy ignored him and his friends seated at the poker table. 

 "Hey!“ His voice grew louder, “I’m talking to you!”

 Percy clenched his fists and lied to himself, I’m stopping myself from hurting him. In reality, he was scared. He had felt his stepfather’s anger before. He shouted again, ignoring what the other two dirtbags at his poker table were saying. Suddenly, Gabe was there, right next to Percy. The boy had to look up to meet those beady little eyes that always seem to be suspicious of something.

 "I’ve got no cash,“ he heard himself say, and it was true, he kept digging and digging into his pockets. Although he found nothing, he could’ve sworn he had a five.

 "Don’t lie to me, boy,” Gabe warned. He was so close now that his stench had momentarily drowned out all of Percy’s other thoughts, save the money. He kept digging through his pockets, becoming more and more desperate with each passing second.

 Gabe could always sniff the money out of you, and the older man could’ve sworn he’s smelled something on the boy. He was losing his patience too. Percy knew that look. He was a skinny kid compared to this tall, stinking man. 

 "You must’ve gotten a cab to get here,“ his stepfather stated, “paid him fifteen for the ride with a twenty.” That’s what scared Percy the most, Gabe was smart when it came to these kinds of things. “That leaves you with a five.”

 He kept digging but his pockets seemed to shrink, mocking him. “I’ve got n-”

 He only felt the blow after he stopped seeing stars. Then, all Percy felt was rage. He picked himself off of the floor and spotted Gabe a few feet away, laughing. He was about to run to him when the world gave away beneath him. 

Suddenly he wasn’t at his old apartment anymore. 

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my body refuses to do work no matter how much i need to but apparently it’s fine looking up old episodes of old shows for the sake of finding the faves and i found taliesin friggin’ jaffe in Facts of Life being platinum blond and adorable af and for those of you who haven’t seen it y’all totally need to see it


“It stinks!” -90s kids may get this 😸

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To your 27 year old anon... why are you letting the media dictate how old Harry Styles fans can be? I'm 38 and proud to be a fan of Harry's. I've met people on Twitter that are 1D/Larries and some of them are in their 50s and 60s. As to "adult" things- you do you! If you worry about others all you'll be is miserable! And I say this from personal experience as all my siblings are married and have kids- it stinks to be different but you have to be yourself! Enjoy what you love right now!

Same. My mom and I took my sister to dinner for her birthday tonight (which is why I was tipsy – I’ve sobered up pretty good by now though, lol) and we spent most of the time talking about my sister’s in laws. I mean, I still have challenges, but I don’t have to deal with in laws. So there’s that.

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Hello! I really love your works. Can you please do a drabble bout my... AHEM... OUR two bakas?? :) will be really great if you could. Aomine is a rich celebrity who disguises himself and tries to help the poor. One day, he mets Kagami, an unselfish guy who always thinks more about the poor children than about himself. Aomine slowly gets to know him and falls in love with Taiga, madly and deeply!

They are such idiots, aren’t they? XD But we love them XD

“Taiga-nii! Something smells great!”

Aomine jumped at the loud voices, pulling his cap lower while making sure his sunglasses were in place, pretending to type away at his mobile. A few kids ran past him, laughing and shouting at someone who was at the nearby street court. Aomine could hear the comfortable thump of a basketball on the hard concrete. He could also smell something sweet in the air, and his stomach grumbled in response. One of the kids glanced at him and stumbled to a stop.

“You guys go ahead!” the kid yelled to his friends, skipping over to Aomine. “Hey, Daiki-nii! I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Aomine smiled, crouching to his knees so he was just a little above eye level for the kid. “Hey there, Reiji. Yeah, I met your mum at the housing. You being good?” The boy grinned toothily and nodded. “She said you got into basketball recently, so I came here to take a look.”

“Uh-huh!” Reiji looked over his shoulder. “The new nii-san here is super good! He works at a bakery so he brings us lots of food too!” His grin turned cheeky. “He’s so good at basketball, I bet he’d even put Daiki-nii out of a job.”

“You little brat,” Aomine laughed, ruffling Reiji’s hair playfully. “Show me this Taiga-nii of yours and I’ll decide myself.”


Oh. Oh. So that was ‘Taiga-nii’.

Aomine stared dumbstruck at the man in front of him, a man who was hugging the children and distributing pastries around while letting them mess his hair and climb all over him. He had striking red eyes that lit up with joy, and his dark red hair looked soft as girls tried their hands at braiding it in different ways.

“Hey, hey, you bounce it! It’s not a football!” he laughed as one of the boys kicked the basketball over. It bumped against Aomine’s foot. “Oh, sorry…” the man pried the children off him and ran up to Aomine.

Aomine bent down and picked it up. “No worries. They seem to like you,” he grinned, dribbling the ball with ease.

The redhead smiled. “Yeah. Kagami Taiga,” he held out a hand. “Haven’t seen you around here before!”

Aomine shook it and hesitated. Can’t tell him my real name… “Uh, yeah, I like to drop in once in a while, but I don’t live close by.”

Kagami didn’t mention the obvious lack of personal introduction, just stepped back with a smile. “You wanna play then?”

“Yeah! I bet Taiga-nii can beat Daiki-nii’s butt!” Keiji shouted from the fence.

“Language!” Aomine and Kagami yelled in tandem, before looking at each other and chuckling.

“So, Daiki, huh?” Kagami hummed and Aomine couldn’t believe his heart skipped a beat. “Let’s see how good you are.”

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20 day Facial Expression Challenge

20 day Facial Expression Challenge

1. your happy face
2. sad face
3. confused face
4. pissed off face
5. winner face
6. the “imma gonna get you” face
7. scared face
8. gangsta face
9. fear face
10. cool kid face
11. flirty face
12. “are you kidding me?!?” face
13. something stinks face
14. laughing face
15. puppy dog face
16. silly face
17. ugly face
18. the I didn’t do it" face
19. unamused face
20. accomplished face

Though as a group, if we can't judge or sweep aside a sin...
What the hell can we do? Is there anything?
I realize I can stop someone from going
down the wrong path like you have.
I can take the errors of your ways
and stop him from that path.
straighten him out and show him the path of the sword.
I could be the sort of understanding guy he needs.
Maybe I can't save anyone...
but I ain't giving up on 'em either.

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One shot request: Two guys say that Lucas stinks at baseball and Riley stick up for him! Sorry for the bother...

Zero bothers at all! MUCH appreciation for any prompt ever! XX

Lucas –> Riley 
I can see the others.. Where are you?

Riley –> Lucas
I’m so sorry we’re caught in traffic!!

Lucas –> Riley 
I really wanted you to be here…

Riley –> Lucas 
I really want to be there! Lucas, I’m SO sorry. 

Lucas –> Riley 
I’m starting soon.. see you later, maybe.

Riley –> Lucas 
Good luck…

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Is it just me or the older you get the less you update your Facebook and the more you use it for snooping on friends of friends. It’s probably the internet equivalent of being an old woman who peeks out from behind the curtain sometimes and gives kids the stink eye when they play too loud on the street.


“I finally found what I never knew I always wanted.”

A tiny pool of drool had begun to collect onto the pillow, a cheek crumpled face first against the bed, mouth hanging open and a quiet snore filling the room. Laying on her stomach and managing to take up every inch of her double bed, Callie was passed out, still wearing her skin tight dress from the night before and one ridiculously high heel.

The loud banging was relentless, tugging her harshly from the delicious sleep she’d been safely cocooned in. Not ready to wake yet, Callie groans in protest, taking the one shoe from her foot and throwing it against her bedroom door angrily. When the obnoxious noise quietens, she mumbles in content, pushing her face further into her pillow and trying to find the state of unconsciousness again as quickly as possible.


Callie groans again, pulling a pillow over her head.

“Torres, I’m coming in, make sure your ass is covered this time.”

“Suck it, Mark,” she meant to sound forceful but it came out as more of a drunken, sleepy slur.

Ignoring his friend, Mark lets himself into Callie’s bedroom, yanking the pillow from her face and throwing it on the bed, “get up, Torres.”

“Go to hell.”

Mark sighed, already used to her sharp tongue these days, “you can’t keep doing this, Callie,” he spoke to the back of his half asleep best friend, “you’re making yourself ill and I’m not gonna stand back and watch it anymore. So get up, get your ass in the shower because frankly kid, you stink something rotten, drink some coffee and sort your damn head out Callie because you’re a mess and one day you’re going to end up in a state that even I can’t get you out of.”

Finally rolling over, Callie glares at Mark, sitting up on her elbows, “I don’t need you to be my hero Mark, stop kidding yourself.”

“Next time you call me at 4am because you’ve stumbled out of the club too drunk and off your face on god knows what that you can’t even find your way home, maybe I’ll let one of the good for nothing losers you let sniff around you take you home instead. Get up Torres, and get your shit together.”

Giving a last shake of his head, Mark backs out of the apartment, letting the door slam loudly with a satisfied smirk, knowing the noise will do little to help his hungover friend.

Eventually, Callie forces herself out of her pit, brushing a hand through her knotted hair. She stumbles towards her bathroom, ignoring as she kicks over an empty bottle of wine. She climbs into a steaming hot shower and attempts to wash away her sins.

She barely recognises the sounds around her, nothing else matters. The gun shot still echoes around them and the stench of stale blood floods her senses, bright red oozing mess. “No! No!” the voice sounds distant, as though it’s coming from far away but it’s her own mouth making the words, letting them tumble from her dry throat.

You do not give up; do you hear me? You hold on! I promise, we’re getting out of here, okay?“

She holds the woman tight against her chest, rocking and crying herself, “It’s going to be okay, Gee. You’re going to live, for me, for the kids. Just live.”

Arizona clutches a warm cheek, shaking her head vehemently at the realisation, “no! No! Please, god, no.”

Sitting up quickly, Arizona throws the blanket from her shaking body desperately, clutching her chest as she tries to breath. The sudden movement knocks the glass of water from the bedside table and sends it falling to the floor with a bang, shattering instantly.

“Shit.” Arizona puts her head in her hands, rubbing her face and willing herself to breath, “just a dream. It’s just a dream.” She flicks the lamp on beside her, reaching for her phone with a sigh. It’s only just after 7 but she’s all too familiar with the fact that attempting to sleep again would be futile.

Pulling on her silky black robe, Arizona takes her half read book and heads into the living room of her apartment, leaving the mess for another time. She curls up in one corner, a blanket draped over her legs as she settles her nerves with a mindless romance novel.

A couple of hours later and Arizona made her way to her favourite coffee shop before work. It was out of the way and her friend always questioned why she’d walk the much longer route but she insisted the coffee was worth losing the extra twenty minutes in bed. And it had completely, categorically, absolutely nothing to do with the brunette beauty who was often found singing just outside said coffee shop. Nothing at all.

Today, Arizona noticed she had a guitar with her as she perched on the wall and played quietly. She had a small hat and a cardboard sign with ‘thank you’ scrawled in black marker pen.

Over the weeks Arizona had noticed she wasn’t much of a performer. She sang practically to herself in her own world and seemed almost sad, like the weight of the world rested on her tired shoulders.

Arizona stands by the door of the coffee shop and took a moment to listen, the melodic voice of the stranger was soothing to the blonde, in ways she’d never let herself think about for fear of the answer.

“I know I’m not the only one, who regrets the things they’ve done. Sometimes I just feel it’s only me, who can’t stand the reflection that they see.” Callie strums the guitar gently, like she is made to make music. She sings loudly enough but pays little attention to those around her.

I wish I could live a little more, look up to the sky, not just the floor. I feel like my life is flashing by and all I can do is watch and cry.“

Looking up as she finishes her song, she offers a tentative smile to the blonde she notices watching her almost daily. It’s probably her favourite part of her day recently.

Callie receives a bashful smile in return and it makes her insides flip wonderfully. For the rest of the morning, they both almost forget to be sad.


Well kids? remember all that stink about Psychosian weaseling her way into game development and the claim she wasnt going to?

She went one higher, arguably.

People need to step up and tell Intel in no uncertain terms how badly this will backfire for them if they go through with partnering up with Psychosian.   Spead the word wide and far Kids.

Taylor, just a short while ago, on 8/31/15, you followed me on here OUT OF THE BLUE (I still have no idEA HOw you found me but THANK YOU ❤️❤️) and I truly still cannot believe it. I’m just a small town girl with a small blog and you followed ME? Little ole Haley?! What?!

ANYWAYS.. I was unable to get tickets to a show this tour because of financial reasons and I was really upset about it. Being a college kid really stinks sometimes when it comes to money! It was such a letdown every time I thought about how I’ll never see the songs live from this album, but I was living vicariously through videos on here of the performances.

BUT.. on 9/5/15, my good friend that lives in Nashville invited me to come WITH HER TO SEE YOU IN NASHVILLE THIS MONTH…for free. W H A T?! She is an angel sent from heaven and I will forever be grateful for her. She’s the one on the left in the picture above! I’m not sure what night yet we’re coming, but we’ll be there singing our hearts out to every single song and we cannot wait. taylorswift