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First post of the blog! :D and how fitting that it just do happens to be the 20th Captain Underpantssary, hahaha! Have a lovely day, everybody :] [also, a neat tribute to the CU discord!]

-Sulu, the Mechafuzzball

[[‘tis meant to be as if the books and movies were a play all along, and dress up as their comic-book counterparts XD;; Enjoy!]]

[[Edit: Whoopsie! I’ve forgotten to put spots on Mr. Krupp/Captain Underpants’ cape! XD;; Bad Sulu :6 ]]

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I know its a bit late in the day to ask but Nurseydex future fic fathers day?

Nursey wakes up to the sound of something being dropped in the kitchen and a muffled, “Oh crap!”

It’s a little terrifying at first, until he checks his clock and sees that it’s 7:30 AM and remembers that it’s Father’s Day. Dex is still asleep beside him, which means that it’s probably Beto and Georgie in the kitchen. He debates going out to check on them, but he figures they’re both ten now, they can figure out breakfast on their own, and they’re probably trying to surprise them, anyway.

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I wrote this a while back for the @pjohoominibang and they were nice enough to post it for me but, in lieu of reaching 900 followers, I thought I’d finally post it here. Check out the art that @katslittlestar did for this! I hope you enjoy! I did some editing. I know someone had pointed out a few mistakes. 


In his dream, Percy was twelve again. He was standing just outside his front door, about to face his mother’s look of disappointment as she’d say, Another school? Worst of all there was Gabe, bound to mock him. The stench of his cigar drifted through the door and Percy got the sudden urge to kick something. Why was his mother with him? Because of you, a voice seemed to remind him.

Finally, he came in, dragging his bag behind him. “You’re not supposed to be here,” Gabe told him. Percy ignored him and his friends seated at the poker table. 

 "Hey!“ His voice grew louder, “I’m talking to you!”

 Percy clenched his fists and lied to himself, I’m stopping myself from hurting him. In reality, he was scared. He had felt his stepfather’s anger before. He shouted again, ignoring what the other two dirtbags at his poker table were saying. Suddenly, Gabe was there, right next to Percy. The boy had to look up to meet those beady little eyes that always seem to be suspicious of something.

 "I’ve got no cash,“ he heard himself say, and it was true, he kept digging and digging into his pockets. Although he found nothing, he could’ve sworn he had a five.

 "Don’t lie to me, boy,” Gabe warned. He was so close now that his stench had momentarily drowned out all of Percy’s other thoughts, save the money. He kept digging through his pockets, becoming more and more desperate with each passing second.

 Gabe could always sniff the money out of you, and the older man could’ve sworn he’s smelled something on the boy. He was losing his patience too. Percy knew that look. He was a skinny kid compared to this tall, stinking man. 

 "You must’ve gotten a cab to get here,“ his stepfather stated, “paid him fifteen for the ride with a twenty.” That’s what scared Percy the most, Gabe was smart when it came to these kinds of things. “That leaves you with a five.”

 He kept digging but his pockets seemed to shrink, mocking him. “I’ve got n-”

 He only felt the blow after he stopped seeing stars. Then, all Percy felt was rage. He picked himself off of the floor and spotted Gabe a few feet away, laughing. He was about to run to him when the world gave away beneath him. 

Suddenly he wasn’t at his old apartment anymore. 

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a kid threw a stink bomb in the main vents. slowly but surely the entire school started smelling something that smells like a mixture of shit, vomit and corpses. one girl ended up fainting. it was a mess

Shit, Vomit and Corpses sounds like a grunge band

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Omg I just thought of maybe the best thing ever! What if one of the Thoran twins goes through an 'emo' stage like how Coran did and just blasts classical music all the time and when they get confronted by Thace they're like "you don't understand me! It's not a faze this is who I am, can't you just accept that" and when Thace starts to get worried Coran just says "it's a faze, trust me"

this got me about what phase the other twin would go through, same as Corans? or as Thaces? what was Thace teen phase? reading space harlequin novels? about faraway kingdoms and secret spies? yeah that sounds good.

ADHD, Captain Underpants, and Rid-O-Kid 2000®.

The following post is more about ADHD than it is about Captain Underpants. Just saying XD (although I DO enjoy the Captain Underpants books very, VERY much, and the below information explains part of the reason why). =3

The new Captain Underpants book, Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot, dealt with a subject that is really close to my heart and the hearts of many other ADHD kids out there - the use of prescription medicine to try and keep ADHD “under control”.

While I have heard some sources say that Dav Pilkey had not actually intended to make a socio-politcal message about Ritalin and the affects it has on kids, the official website does say that this was his intention, and the book doesn’t exactly make the message “subtle”. I think that, if Dav Pilkey had just intended to write a story about mind control, some of his opinions about ADHD and Ritalin must have seeped in anyways, and I do really relate to Dav Pilkey on this level for so many reasons. I am a LOT like George and Harold (and their creator, Dav Pilkey - he’s one of my heroes) - I used to make comic books and write stories all the time as a kid, and I still do! The fact that George and Harold both have ADHD really connects to me, especially because they’re creative people (which I can consider myself to be ^^). Being hyperactive and inattentive, in all honesty, are really just part of the creative process for me. I guess you could say that ADHD “fuels” my creativity in this way - when I’m hyperactive, 90% of the time, it means that I’m simply creating, and having fun doing so! Although doctors say that ADHD medicine won’t “take away” the creativity, they do not realize that it can easily take away the fun in doing so, and therefore the motivation. I am VERY grateful that my friends have understood this, and even if my hyperactivity can bother them, they get it, and will defend me if ever I need help doing so. To any of them who may be reading this, I am super grateful for all of your support <3

Ritalin, and medicines like it, may seem wonderful to many adults (and probably NOT for the reasons Mr. Krupp and Mr. Meaner give above XD). To them, it seems like a way to keep ADHD children (and some adults!) “under control” -  a way to prevent them from being hyperactive, inattentive, and generally disruptive in a setting where it is inappropriate. I understand this full-well - it IS disruptive and annoying to many people for ADHD kids to act the way they do, under many circumstances - however, I cannot say that it is an ethical or even worthwhile trade-off, especially given the BENEFITS of ADHD (Creativity, Innovation, Motivation, etc). Every person I know who has ever taken Ritalin was very, very unhappy, to the point at which two of them tried being physically violent with me. While I, luckily, escaped the dreaded real-life counterpart to “Rid-O-Kid 2000″ (being given Concerta instead, which I understand to be “Ritalin Lite” although I could be mistaken), I did not enjoy the effects even then, and I can’t advocate for these kind of medicines. I DO understand the perspective of the opposing side of the argument, however - but other options (such as placing a desk at the front of the classroom, or giving space in the back of the room to pace) have worked very well for many of my teachers in the past. In addition, many of my “outbursts” in class have actually inspired my peers to do much better in school (to the point where I often receive given thanks and praise outside of class for making the subject more interesting for my classmates, and motivating them to do even better [in addition to making the learning environment far more interesting and fun! XD]. These things would probably not have happened were I on any kind of ADHD-supressing medicine. ADHD is NOT a disease, or even a disorder. It is more of a personality trait. ADHD people tend to feel the need to be active, and feel the drive to do things far more than other people (often manifesting as creative works and deeper thinking). Giving medicine to keep that kind of thing under control is unethical and I hope that anyone who reads this understands that. I deeply enjoy the Captain Underpants books because I relate very deeply and personally to George and Harold, and the author of the Captain Underpants books. 

Sorry for cluttering your dashes XD Someday, I promise to provide people with the fruits of my ADHD (hopefully on your dashes if they’re ever posted to tumblr XD). However, this is a subject very close to my heart that I feel needs to be adressed. =3

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ok what happened? it's happening, they dont give a fuck anymore, they making the whole fandom be ready for next season, i can't believe it, can you imagine how emotional and amazing it is gonna be the reunion the moments the kiss and the sex how emotional and deep, now that we have the canon confirm feelings of both in praimfaya, knowing how death and devastated was bellamy we are going to fly right to the sun

It’s ALWAYS been happening. But it was happening in a subplot, a slow development. And we saw it and jumped on it because we liked it and they were like, 

woah there, slow down you crazy kids, we’re not ready for that one, can you let us develop it please? Clarke and Bellamy still have some growing to do and learning. This isn’t puppy love it’s true, epic soul mate heroic love, can you let us build our heroes first? GOsh you’Re So PuSHy. Look don’t mess with us, they have to break their hearts on other people first. This is good okay. It’s not just sex with them, they LoVe each other.

And we were like. Nope. No way. We’re not no stinking kids. We see what you’re doing don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes. You think you hire someone to write a “bellarke theme” if you don’t mean them to be romantic? What am I? A toddler? And we see those Bellarke fades. And THE STUPID HANDHOLDING. They are already in love and you’re just playing with us you writers you. Don’t try to tell us we’re delusional because it’s all on screen right there. See, yeah, we’re watching you, so you’d better do it right, because we’re wise to all your tricks so we expect you to pull out al the stops. You got us, now you’d better give it to us. It’s Field of Dreams time. You built it. And we came. Game time. 

And then they’re like, well… “you never know….” 

btw in 1.07 he wanted to run away with her.

oh yeah and she put his life over her own, her mom’s, one of her people’s, 50 of her people’s, oh well all of humanity. but you know… that’s.. uhm… just… well..

oh yeah. He centers her. And she centers him.

oh yeah. If he’s on that list, she’s on that list.

oh yeah. she thinks he’s special.

oh yeah. and he’s going to crash the rover because he’s too busy smiling at this girl he just realized put his life over everyone else’s. 

oh yeah. they make dumb jokes and stare at each other longingly and touch each other’s faces and hearts (great job on winning that sexiest moment but you know they’re just *ahem* platonic.)

oh yeah. and after being separated for six years, she still talks to Bellamy every night without answer.

oh yeah. and we’re hiring the director who directs the SEXIEST WB sex scenes of all time. And he tweets winky faces to Bob and Eliza. 

oh yeah. and in case you didn’t notice The 100 is about Clarke and Bellamy and their relationship and it has always been about them. 

oh yeah. and Clarke tells her daughter about Bellamy most of all.

oh yeah that part about sacrificing Bellamy for humanity, she doesn’t because he’s WHO SHE LOVES.

and while we’re at it, watch how his heart breaks when he leaves her behind and his heart screams and he prays to meet her again. 

“BUT YOU NEVER KNOW” *wink wink*


my body refuses to do work no matter how much i need to but apparently it’s fine looking up old episodes of old shows for the sake of finding the faves and i found taliesin friggin’ jaffe in Facts of Life being platinum blond and adorable af and for those of you who haven’t seen it y’all totally need to see it

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So I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would UT! , UF!, and US! Sans, and US! Papyrus react if they saw this happen to their s/o?

{ Omg! I could never have all your patience with kids… Ouch-! }


Do ya love kids so much, eh?, Sans looked in your direction while you were playing with all those children; he was not going to take part of this game. Sans was too old and he supposed they could get scared seeing him, he was still a skeleton, even if his appearance was not so creepy, he remained an unusual creature for humans. Maybe kid’s mind could accept more weird things than an adult could, children usually had more imagination and instinct. The truth was that: working as babysitter was not his speciality.

He knew kids could be very cute and sympathetic, just like his brother when he was a babybones, but kids could be also very… Murderous. It was better if he didn’t remember all those skeletons in the closet. Sans was unsure, he didn’t know if he appreciated kids or not… It depended, just like everything, from the single kid.

He was glad you had a passion and you might have a lot of patience for controlling everyone of them, because they got too much energy. They were like a bunch of deranged bees. Oh, they truly were! It seemed they have swallowed you up, making you disappeared into the oblivion. He was worried but he was still watching. It was hilarious someway, because you were still smiling like it was normal. They were just playing with you… Didn’t they?


No, this was a Hell on Earth for Sans.

Man cubs everywhere… How it could be possible? He was looking in every direction, seeing kids. Kids everywhere. They were screaming. They were jumping. They were walking. Running free. Some of them were even touching him. Sans had a blow, «Please! Get them off me!», he shouted horrified. They live. It was an invasion, «They’re coming outta the fucking walls!», then, he took a mental note: to buy some spray anti-brats, because they were just like insects for him.

Sans was not a kid’s lover… Haven’t you already understood?

You had to explain –with a lot of patience and calm-, you did it like a volunteer because you loved children so much, they were not evil. They were just a little animated and loud, nothing to be afraid of.  He said they were masked demons, not vigorous and neither innocent. They were playing with your little mind. He was too paranoid. Chara has traumatized him.

Then, when Sans saw you being swarm by them, he started panicking more than before. It was just another confirm of his theory.


He was checking all the children’s moves. Papyrus knew very well not every kids could be polite and sweet like his brother was. He had to control all of them for your protection.  He could not trust kids, he had problem to trust people he didn’t know –especially when they were little kids, ambiguous creatures. You could never understand what there was on their minds.

He gave to the kids a bunch of stink eye they were not going to forget. Papyrus has been traumatized by Frisk, too. His mind was gone. He was doing the same thing with all these poor children. They looked to the skeleton with terror. Yes, he has exaggerated. He crossed the line. Your colleagues thought he was a sort of creep or a bad guy. You sighed, taking Papyrus to have a little chat with him. He should have calm down! Now! If he wanted to stay. At the end, he understood he misbehaved, he has just remembered unpleased memories. He said sorry, ignoring the kids this time.

When the kids swarm you, he forced himself to look down, but it was difficult.

Papyrus decided to be more discreet than before while he was checking on you. Sly old fox.


Some of your volunteer friends took Sans as a child, too.

They said to him to follow the group and be ready for the naptime… Sans was confused. He was not a kid. He was here to help you with your job. Someone was squeezing his cheekbone. How did they dare? That was very rude. Oh, poor Sans. Help him! Then, you came, saying he was your boyfriend and he was not a kid, at all. Sans was still older than all those people were.

Every kid in the yard loved Sans so much, he became friend with all of them. You have never thought he could have this talent. Since he was an energetic skeleton, he never stopped, starting to run, to play, to jump with the kids, until they were all exhausted while Sans had a lot of energy. Actually, the kids have swarm him, not you. You have been the one to save him, but he laughed happily because it was their love. Then, the children took a huge naptime. 

It was a good idea bringing Sans with you. He had a lot of fun, too. Sans was waiting for the bis.


“It stinks!” -90s kids may get this 😸

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Hello! I really love your works. Can you please do a drabble bout my... AHEM... OUR two bakas?? :) will be really great if you could. Aomine is a rich celebrity who disguises himself and tries to help the poor. One day, he mets Kagami, an unselfish guy who always thinks more about the poor children than about himself. Aomine slowly gets to know him and falls in love with Taiga, madly and deeply!

They are such idiots, aren’t they? XD But we love them XD

“Taiga-nii! Something smells great!”

Aomine jumped at the loud voices, pulling his cap lower while making sure his sunglasses were in place, pretending to type away at his mobile. A few kids ran past him, laughing and shouting at someone who was at the nearby street court. Aomine could hear the comfortable thump of a basketball on the hard concrete. He could also smell something sweet in the air, and his stomach grumbled in response. One of the kids glanced at him and stumbled to a stop.

“You guys go ahead!” the kid yelled to his friends, skipping over to Aomine. “Hey, Daiki-nii! I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Aomine smiled, crouching to his knees so he was just a little above eye level for the kid. “Hey there, Reiji. Yeah, I met your mum at the housing. You being good?” The boy grinned toothily and nodded. “She said you got into basketball recently, so I came here to take a look.”

“Uh-huh!” Reiji looked over his shoulder. “The new nii-san here is super good! He works at a bakery so he brings us lots of food too!” His grin turned cheeky. “He’s so good at basketball, I bet he’d even put Daiki-nii out of a job.”

“You little brat,” Aomine laughed, ruffling Reiji’s hair playfully. “Show me this Taiga-nii of yours and I’ll decide myself.”


Oh. Oh. So that was ‘Taiga-nii’.

Aomine stared dumbstruck at the man in front of him, a man who was hugging the children and distributing pastries around while letting them mess his hair and climb all over him. He had striking red eyes that lit up with joy, and his dark red hair looked soft as girls tried their hands at braiding it in different ways.

“Hey, hey, you bounce it! It’s not a football!” he laughed as one of the boys kicked the basketball over. It bumped against Aomine’s foot. “Oh, sorry…” the man pried the children off him and ran up to Aomine.

Aomine bent down and picked it up. “No worries. They seem to like you,” he grinned, dribbling the ball with ease.

The redhead smiled. “Yeah. Kagami Taiga,” he held out a hand. “Haven’t seen you around here before!”

Aomine shook it and hesitated. Can’t tell him my real name… “Uh, yeah, I like to drop in once in a while, but I don’t live close by.”

Kagami didn’t mention the obvious lack of personal introduction, just stepped back with a smile. “You wanna play then?”

“Yeah! I bet Taiga-nii can beat Daiki-nii’s butt!” Keiji shouted from the fence.

“Language!” Aomine and Kagami yelled in tandem, before looking at each other and chuckling.

“So, Daiki, huh?” Kagami hummed and Aomine couldn’t believe his heart skipped a beat. “Let’s see how good you are.”

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20 day Facial Expression Challenge

20 day Facial Expression Challenge

1. your happy face
2. sad face
3. confused face
4. pissed off face
5. winner face
6. the “imma gonna get you” face
7. scared face
8. gangsta face
9. fear face
10. cool kid face
11. flirty face
12. “are you kidding me?!?” face
13. something stinks face
14. laughing face
15. puppy dog face
16. silly face
17. ugly face
18. the I didn’t do it" face
19. unamused face
20. accomplished face

Though as a group, if we can't judge or sweep aside a sin...
What the hell can we do? Is there anything?
I realize I can stop someone from going
down the wrong path like you have.
I can take the errors of your ways
and stop him from that path.
straighten him out and show him the path of the sword.
I could be the sort of understanding guy he needs.
Maybe I can't save anyone...
but I ain't giving up on 'em either.