kid stink


“It stinks!” -90s kids may get this 😸

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my body refuses to do work no matter how much i need to but apparently it’s fine looking up old episodes of old shows for the sake of finding the faves and i found taliesin friggin’ jaffe in Facts of Life being platinum blond and adorable af and for those of you who haven’t seen it y’all totally need to see it

Though as a group, if we can't judge or sweep aside a sin...
What the hell can we do? Is there anything?
I realize I can stop someone from going
down the wrong path like you have.
I can take the errors of your ways
and stop him from that path.
straighten him out and show him the path of the sword.
I could be the sort of understanding guy he needs.
Maybe I can't save anyone...
but I ain't giving up on 'em either.

working with children in an urban district is SO different than working with children from a general/privileged background. 
i got into an argument today..some girl says, “but i dont get it. i dont get how things like poverty affect cleanliness.” 
? hun its not rocket science whats not to get?? ?? 
and she goes on saying “when my mom came here from Austria, we had nothing, but she would wash our clothes in the bathtub with a bar of soap.”
and she went on and on….how theres “no excuse for being dirty. not even poverty.” and a few min into her white privileged rant, i cut her off. “whats the point youre making?” 
and she said “well i just wanna know why like why are they not clean?”
like who tf are you to pass judgement? 
when youre poor, you have other priorities. paying bills, avoiding being homeless, wondering if youre gonna have money for dinner tomorrow, health insurance. so im sorry if taking a shower 2x a day isnt at the top of the list. im sorry if these parents come back from 18 hour shifts tired, unable to do laundry. 
so many of these kids are immigrants from war-torn countries, or come from an entire history of poverty. even when they come to america and have running water, some behaviors just dont erase overnight. 
so im sorry, hun, that your student is a little smelly. theres a lot more going on in his life.

Is it just me or the older you get the less you update your Facebook and the more you use it for snooping on friends of friends. It’s probably the internet equivalent of being an old woman who peeks out from behind the curtain sometimes and gives kids the stink eye when they play too loud on the street.


Well kids? remember all that stink about Psychosian weaseling her way into game development and the claim she wasnt going to?

She went one higher, arguably.

People need to step up and tell Intel in no uncertain terms how badly this will backfire for them if they go through with partnering up with Psychosian.   Spead the word wide and far Kids.

Taylor, just a short while ago, on 8/31/15, you followed me on here OUT OF THE BLUE (I still have no idEA HOw you found me but THANK YOU ❤️❤️) and I truly still cannot believe it. I’m just a small town girl with a small blog and you followed ME? Little ole Haley?! What?!

ANYWAYS.. I was unable to get tickets to a show this tour because of financial reasons and I was really upset about it. Being a college kid really stinks sometimes when it comes to money! It was such a letdown every time I thought about how I’ll never see the songs live from this album, but I was living vicariously through videos on here of the performances.

BUT.. on 9/5/15, my good friend that lives in Nashville invited me to come WITH HER TO SEE YOU IN NASHVILLE THIS MONTH…for free. W H A T?! She is an angel sent from heaven and I will forever be grateful for her. She’s the one on the left in the picture above! I’m not sure what night yet we’re coming, but we’ll be there singing our hearts out to every single song and we cannot wait. taylorswift