kid sling


So my sister and I were watching Newsies the other day because it was on TV and why not?? And I hadn’t ever really watched it the whole way through before and this freaking kid^^. Freaking Spot Conlon comes on the screen with his bad ass attitude and his sling shot and pimp cane and all I can see is kid!Bucky. Dark hair. Tan skin. Ice blue eyes. And a Brooklyn accent to boot. If this isn’t what you picture for kid Bucky growing up on the streets keeping Steve out of whatever back alley fight he’s found his way into… You. Are. Wrong. This is Bucky Barnes at his roots.

Listen, we all have our peeves. Mine is people who think that prior illegal activity = lifetime of shame for Black men while we watch white weed sommelier blogs turn into big business. While we watch white men and women open dispensaries and get rich off the same shit they used to jail half the dudes in my graduating class. I never moved weight, but I grew with the kids who were slinging to keep the lights on at home. A lot of them are different people now, happy productive people. They got there the hard way, and yes addiction is a terrible thing for the people who suffer from it. But even addicts will tell you the problem is their addiction, not the existence of a supplier. Alcohol and nicotine kill more than any other drug. Both are legal.