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like so far we’ve just seen this one pic of craig and i’m so thirsty

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Shouto seeing his S/O fight with his dad over him, and start winning. Then Izuku's and Bakugou's S/O being besties with their moms and they brings out the baby pics. Pretty please? :)

Todoroki Shouto

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  • at first he would try to step in since he knows what his father’s like and what he’s about
  • once he sees that you’re winning, he would back off with a smirk on his face
  • “you were wonderful, but don’t fight him anymore for me okay?”

Midoriya Izuku

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  • he didn’t think that you and his mom would become friends but he stood corrected
  • at first he thought it was nice that you two hit it off but when his mom whipped out the baby pictures he knew he had to get you out of there
  • “here’s a picture of izuku dressed as all might for the sixth halloween in a row!” “MOM”
  • he saw you take a picture of one of his baby photos and he wanted to die

Bakugou Katsuki

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  • he told you not to talk to his mom but you didn’t listen and soon enough you two were friends
  • he began to come home to you chatting with his mom 
  • “what the fuck is this” “I was just showing them pictures of when you used to run around naked” “WHAT THE HELL MOM”
  • he tried to get you out of there but when his mom showed his favourite plush doll as a kid, he slings you over his shoulder and runs out

So my sister and I were watching Newsies the other day because it was on TV and why not?? And I hadn’t ever really watched it the whole way through before and this freaking kid^^. Freaking Spot Conlon comes on the screen with his bad ass attitude and his sling shot and pimp cane and all I can see is kid!Bucky. Dark hair. Tan skin. Ice blue eyes. And a Brooklyn accent to boot. If this isn’t what you picture for kid Bucky growing up on the streets keeping Steve out of whatever back alley fight he’s found his way into… You. Are. Wrong. This is Bucky Barnes at his roots.

i just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that harry potter is a stay at home dad and visits his minister of magic wife ginny weasley at work with the kids in baby slings and calls ginny things like “honey bunch” and “snookums” unironically and ginny says “not now sweetheart,” before she fvcking slays every single politician in the god forsaken world

Karaoke Love

Request from lostxghirl Where the team goes out for drinks and Spencer falls in love with a girl singing at the bar.

(Note I meant this to be fluffy but uhhh it’s not)

After a long case it was tradition for the team to go out and get drinks. It was also tradition for them to ask Spencer just so he could decline but for some reason today he decided to go. He wasn’t sure why but he felt like he needed to be there today. The whole team looked at him in shock.

“You sure about that? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” They asked. He assured them that he did, though he may not drink much.

“Atta kid.” Morgan said slinging his arm over Spencer’s shoulder. The bar was small but noisy. Spencer was definitely out of his comfort zone but tried his best to hide it from his team mates.

About half an hour latter they started with Karaoke. As if his head wasn’t already hurting from the noise now mediocre singers that were drunk would be up on stage. This was the case for most of the people up there, except for one.

He had seen her earlier getting a drink and he thought she was beautiful. Even if he was brave enough to go up to her, there was no way she didn’t have a boyfriend. Now watching the girl on stage he was liking her even more and more. Her voice was soft and raspy but somehow was even prettier then she was. The song she picked was slow and haunting. It had an air of sadness to it and he wanted to know the reason.

When she was done he expected a standing ovation or something but nobody was paying attention. The girl got off stage and disappeared into the crowd. He spent the next few minutes looking for  her since he had a drink and was feeling more confident. He finally found you at the bar getting another drink.

“Hey.” He said tapping you on the shoulder. “I saw you perform I thought you were really good.”

“Oh thank you. It was just a little something, it wasn’t that good.” She said timidly. Her voice was quiet.

“Are you kidding it was amazing. You have got to be a professional singer or something?” Spencer all but yelled.

“No I don’t do anything except for fun.” She started to reply when a nasty voice from be hind her cut her off.

“Hey Babe. What you doing talking to this man? I thought you were getting us drinks.”

“I was.” She stuttered out. “He was just telling me my voice was pretty when I was singing on stage.”

“That trash you have got to be kidding me. I told you to get the drinks and come straight back not to talk with people.” He growled.

“I’m sorry sir” Spencer interjected. “It’s my fault I was distracting her. It won’t happen  again I promise.” He said smiling uneasily.

“You’re right it won’t. Were leaving. Come on.” He said grabing her by the arm so hard she spilt her drink.

“I’m afraid you can’t do that sir. I can not let her go with you. You are obviously drunk and angry.” Spencer said trying to remain as calm as possible.

“I can do what ever I want with her. She is my girlfriend.”

“That does not give you the right to do anything to her.” Spencer argued back.

“Are you talking to me like that?” He asked slamming a glass into the bar.

“leave it alone. It’s okay I will be fine.” She said. It was the first thing she had said in this conversation. “We should go before we get kicked out for the glass breaking.” She said this more to her boyfriend. They were gone before he could argue mire. He didn’t even get her name.

Probably not what you wanted but. Sorry

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Suzuri and obiyuki modern double date. ;w; maybe a gaming night and wine with dinner at obiyukis home, or Suzuris. :D

Shirayuki smooths the gauzy layer of her skirt, her palms sticking unpleasantly with her sweat. Her heart flits in her chest, beating triple-time, threatening to flutter right through the gaps in her ribs if she lets it.

Obi buzzes the box before laying an arm on the wall and staring at her. “You look nervous,” he observes, the corner of his mouth canting fondly.

“I–I am,” she admits, shuffling her feet on the stoop. “I’ve never done this. A–a double date, I mean.”

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What was that again about having about 2453 WIPs and other things I still need/want to do?

Uhmm.. yeah oops I accidentally just maybe drew Geoffrey Tennant in one of those colour palettes instead hahaha ha…

(this is not a request, those are still closed, I just wanted to draw Paul Gross’s face and used a palette I picked myself)

     “Gods I swear every time I come back there’s a new cabin or double the kids.” he exclaimed, slinging his back over his shoulder and slide his dagger back into his thigh holster. It had only been three months since he left, but it left like forever to him and he was keen on making up for lost time. The young demigod spend most of his life in this camp and he never really could pinpoint why he’d ever want to leave permanently. 


21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you want to stop and feel the rain?”

Dean x Reader

The rain lashes down mercilessly on the roof of the Impala, making it feel like it’s going to come straight through. You’ve had to stop by the side of the road – you can’t see a thing for the rain and the headlights do nothing. Every few seconds, a flash of lightning will streak through the night sky, almost instantly followed by a deafening clap of thunder. You’ve never seen a storm so violent – it’s almost as if the sky itself is unleashing its rage on the earth below.

You and Dean are sat in the backseat, trying desperately to entertain yourselves. You’re currently sat on his lap, playing with his hands while he tells you a story of a case he worked once where the ghost had had an obsession with bananas. You’re laughing at him and he’s laughing at you and all in all, it’s a lovely moment – something you don’t get to enjoy very often. After a while, the conversation lulls to a natural quiet.

“I want to get out.” You say suddenly, looking at the barrage of rain on the Impala’s window. Dean merely stares at you in awe, his eyes widening.

“You want to get out?” He asks. You nod, sure of yourself.

“I want to stop for a moment and feel the rain!” You insist, going for the door. He grabs your wrist, staring at you in surprise.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you want to stop and feel the rain?” Dean asks, incredulous at your suggestion. You nod.

“Exactly. Care to join?” The question is posed to him as a challenge and he nods, never one to back down from your gauntlet. You shoot him a grin that could light up the sky like the liquid electricity itself and open the door, climbing out of the car into the darkness.

You’re entirely soaked in a matter of seconds, your clothes sticking to your body and your hair dripping down your back. You laugh, holding out your arms as the droplets pelt at your body and soak into your skin. It’s cold – shivers echo down your spine – but you could care less. A crash of lightning cuts deep through the darkness and the thunder seems to shake the ground beneath your feet, but there’s a strange peace to the moment.

Seconds later, Dean is by your side. You can barely make out his features through the rain, even though you’re mere inches apart, and as the thunder rumbles above your heads he grins, his teeth showing white through the waterfall between you.

“Is this where we get our movie moment?” He yells over the rain and you laugh again, feeling the water running down your back.

“I thought you didn’t like chick flicks!”

“I don’t!” He replies, but he grabs your face in his hands and presses his lips to yours. You’re both soaked to the bone and there’s water running everywhere and the cold seems to be seeping into your very soul, but he warms you through easily. You smile against his lips, your eyes falling shut as the perfection of the moment resonates through your mind.

You stay like that for a while and then crawl back into the car and peel off your layers of soaked clothes, sitting around in your underwear for a while and laughing at your own antics.

“We’re like a bunch of kids.” Dean laughs, slinging an arm around your shoulders. You grin in return.

“We never got to be kids. Most people are kids for, like fifteen years, and then adults. We’re adults, but we mix the fifteen years in as and when. I quite like it this way.” You explain, and Dean smiles – really, really smiles, and presses a kiss to your forehead.

“When did you get so wise?”

“When my parents weren’t looking.” You shoot back and he laughs, tossing his head back. The two of you wait it out, telling stories and jokes and just spending time with each other while the storm rages on around you.

this is it. (chris evans x reader)

pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

summary: On the day of her wedding, the reader finds herself in need of a little advice from her closest friend and her husband-to-be.

word count: 1682

trigger warnings: mentions of bad childhood and anxiety.

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So, may we have the story of the first time Rose told Cullen she was pregnant? Thank you!

Rose woke suddenly, and barely made it to the camp latrine before emptying her stomach. Violently. And repeatedly. When the nausea abated long enough to permit her a moment’s speech, she flopped onto her back and groaned, “Doriaaaan!” at the top of her lungs. Even this shout made her stomach twist and heave again, but it had the desired effect, and Dorian stumbled out of his tent a heartbeat later, wild-eyed and wild-haired, naked as the day he was born.

Had she been feeling any less awful, she’d have laughed. He made quite a sight, stubble-cheeked and ends of mustache crooked, peering into shadows like he expected no less than a dragon.

The Iron Bull, sitting watch, rose to his feet, gave Dorian an appreciative glance, and said, “Hey, boss. You okay?”

Prevented answering by another bout of infernal vomiting, Rose only moaned. Dorian, evidently certain they were not about to be overrun with demons or intrepid bears, shrugged into a tunic and pulled on trousers as he made his way across camp to the spot of ground Rose now felt certain she would die on.

“You’re never allowed to cook again,” she reproached. “Never. Ever.”

“I’m hardly heartbroken to hear it, my dear,” Dorian said lightly, even as his fingers traced their worry over her brow to her pulse. His hands were cool, and she leaned into their comfort, closing her eyes, willing her rebellious guts to settle down. “Though I doubt dinner was to blame.”

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Okay so I'm, maybe a little one-shot of Dad!Tony (like mentor dad) giving Peter advice to ask someone out? (Like either the girl he likes in the trailer, is best bro, or Zendaya's character?). Just something small to calm my nerves please?

You ask, I deliver! Though I’m not sure this is exactly what you were thinking about.

“There’s no such thing”

“Really?” Peter squinted at the site on his StarkPhone and looked up at the man sitting across the table nursing the third cup of coffee, “But the internet says it’s a sure shot way?”

“Kid, has the internet dated real live people?” Tony asked in a dry tone before taking a sip of his espresso, “Trust me, there’s no such thing as be yourself. Think about it, which ‘yourself’ are you talking about? The one on a laundry day or the one on a Sunday spit-shined shoes day? The one before coffee or the one after three all-nighters? There’s too many variables for it all to go wrong.”

“That sounds…weirdly specific,” Peter said after a blink but nevertheless deleted his 13th suggestion off the list, “Okay, so what’s the plan then?”

Tony eyed Peter from over his yellow glasses and raised an eyebrow. Taking another chug of his drink, the genius leaned back on the garish red chair, taking his time before responding.

“Well, the whole first impressions crap is out the window, clearly,” Tony mused, looking a bit self-depreciating for a second before he continued, “and the faking overconfidence route leads to doomdom.”

“So…act like you?” Peter offered and got a pointed look in return.

“What have I told you about being like me?”

“Don’t?” Peter replied and sighed before slumping over the cafe table, cradling his head in his hands, “Well, this is totally helpful.”

“Hmmm,” Tony hummed and Peter tilted his head to look at him balefully but Tony simply snorted, “You gotta go about this with a plan. A carefully constructed, long-term plan.”

“Please don’t tell me to read Cosmo,” Peter said in a horrified tone and Tony blinked before narrowing his eyes.

“Why the hell do you read Cosmo, spiderling? You know what, don’t tell me,” Tony waved his hand in a dismissive gesture before leaning forward, “Think of this as a science experiment. You gotta have the right ingredients in the right temperature and environment to get the right results.”

“Right,” Peter nodded and blinked, “Wait, what?”

Tony sighed.

“Oh, you young impressionable mind, the things we have to learn.”

“Are you sure? I could always sneak out and get into detention myself,” Peter whispered into the phone, sitting on the toilet and jiggling his legs.

“Peter, acting like a delinquent does not impress smart girls,” Tony replied, biting into an apple and making a face at Rhodey who rolled his eyes from across the room. Spinning around on his chair, Tony continued, looking out the floor to ceiling windows, “Trust me, nobody knows that better than me.”

“…that sounds like you’re speaking from -”

“Yes,” Tony cut him short before the awkward question could be completed, “Now get out of the toilet and get back to class. Let your muse of drunken glory finish her detention slumbering into her own arms.”

“Wow, never thought the day I’d see you tell someone to get back to class,” Rhodey smirked when Tony cut the call.

“Yeah, well, kid’s got no original game to match his firecracker,” Tony huffed and threw the half-eaten apple at his snorting best friend, “Whatever, let’s get going. Ross needs his daily quote of eating my brain.”


“But I -”


“It’s just -”

“No, Pete”

“C’mon, it’s just one side!”

“Buddy, if making a grafitti of your crush on monuments ever impressed people, then every person who visited public restrooms would be swooning over weirdos,” Tony said firmly before slinging an arm around Peter’s shoulder, “Now c’mon, I’ve got a new gizmo to test and you’re my guinea spider today.”

“You talk like you have any other volunteers,” Peter huffed and Tony raised an impressed eyebrow of snark but led the boy to the workshop with more comments about improving his suit.


“I don’t wanna talk”

Tony stuffed another mouthful of khao mein but kept quiet when Peter shuffled around his rice in the container. May had gone out on a work related trip for two days and Peter had been forced to bunk at the Compound by mutual agreement, a compromise after May had lost her temper at Peter for breaking the rule of not engaging with more than two enemies in one week.


“It’s just so stupid,” Peter said quietly, not looking up from his container and picking at his food, “I thought…”

Tony eyed the boy who still had a fading scar on his cheek after the last bout of bullying he had allowed at school. Tony knew that May had blown a fuse at the PTA meet for that but he also knew that bullies weren’t bound by that most often. He mentally reminded himself to slip in a mini-kit of comparatively less harmful zinger gadgets and maybe even pay a visit to a certain Queens high school.

“Pass the sauce,” Tony gestured with his chopsticks but Peter didn’t respond, still messing with his food. Shaking his head lightly, Tony put down his own container and leaned forward to pick up the sauce, leaning over Peter in a reminiscent way of their first car conversation after Germany.

When Peter’s arms came up around him in a vice-like hug, Tony stilled and almost moved back but relaxed and slowly returned the hug when he felt the kid hold on with a sense of strange desperation.

“She’ll come around, kiddo,” Tony said quietly, even as he knew that the statement was a meaningless one. It didn’t matter that MJ would come around or notice Peter in another year or so. It still hurt to watch the girl you like being with someone else, especially someone who bullied you relentlessly.

“No, she won’t,” Peter said in a way only broken hearted teenagers could and Tony sighed before tentatively ruffling the boy’s brown hair a bit and leaning back.

“Yeah, well, you’ve still got FRIDAY,” he said with a small smirk and Peter choked out a laugh, “Girl’s pretty much a done deal with you, as far as I see it. And let me tell you, an AI girlfriend is far better than a human one.”

“Yeah, you would say that,” Peter shot back but with a small grin that lessened the sting and Tony shrugged before stealing some of Peter’s rice.

“Whatever, rice-hater”

“Whoa, it’s actually you,” the girl said with a stunned look before it morphed into one of charm and confidence, “It’s good to see you, Mr. Stark. We’re all really excited to have you here.”

“Yeah? Strange,” Tony shrugged with a polite grin and shook the girl’s hand before eyeing the boy standing next to her, “Well, how could I refuse the invitation of Mr. Parker? Young, budding photographer like him, hard to get. Most flattering pictures I’ve been in since a long time.”

“Oh!” the redhead blinked before smiling softly at her companion and nodding at Tony, “Yeah, he is pretty good.”

“Mhhmm,” Tony hummed and eyed the slightly blushing boy before smiling at the girl, “Now, which way is the magic? I heard that you’ve got some interesting science to show this year…”


“Hey, did I ever tell you thanks?”

Tony turned his head, looking away from the stars they were observing and looked at the unmasked but still in costume Spiderman.

“Not enough I’m sure, but for what exactly?” Tony asked and Peter shrugged.


Tony took a minute, thinking about the way Peter was carefully avoiding him and looked a bit awkward - the classic signs of someone embarrassed about being sincere but actually being truly that.

It had been an intense but fun journey, mentoring the kid and looking over him after the mess which had first brought them together. For all his wisdom, and it was golden, Tony would never have guessed that he would ever find whatever connection he had with this kid who never listened to preservation advice or sane warnings. He remembered May looking at him with an unreadable expression on a Sunday when he had gone to pick Peter up for ‘science time’ and shaking her head when he had asked about it.

Nothing. Just seeing what was never hidden, she had said and Tony had edged away from the cryptic message.

Maybe he understood what she meant. Maybe it was always out in the open. Maybe Happy was right when he called him the dork duo. 

Maybe a lot of things.

“Sure, kid,” Tony said and turned back to look at the stars, sharing a quiet moment with a hero he had never intended to adopt but had ever had a choice regarding it either.

“Hey, wanna grab Chinese and ice cream?” he asked as he stood up to get back to the Compound and Peter looked at him before springing out a web to the building across.

“Make it hotdogs and you’ve got a deal,” the kid said before slinging away, trusting that Tony would follow.

It wasn’t right for the kid to follow the dad always anyway, was it?

Hope this made your mood even a little bit better <3

pretty words for broken boys

Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 6200

foster kids au. some swearing, some unsavory themes, lots of angst w/ a happy ending.


Jackson is unexpectedly removed from his third home of the year and returned to the big center where he shares a room with thirty other boys and all of them are older and meaner than he is. The loss of his foster mom and older sister and own room leave a hole in his heart that makes tears burn in his eyes. He doesn’t let them fall because Andrew has the bunk above him and last time he cried Andrew said, “Why don’t I give you a you a reason?” and then he pounded a row of bruises across Jackson’s chest until he learned to hold it in.

Jackson is seven years old.

This is nothing new.

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the story behind this is, every time i get stuck in new york because of awful public transportation, i write chancy. the moral is, public transportation through new york is the worst. also sorry not sorry but i fucking hate new york.

The kid is like, 21, tops. Cute, too, with a kind of ginger tinge to his hair and a light smattering of freckles on his cheeks, if you look close enough.

Plus, a deep enough scowl that Yancy takes care not to be caught looking.

It’s probably meant to seem menacing, but Freckles is too sleep deprived to pull it off, with those red-rimmed green eyes and the yawns that keep cracking his jaw. He can’t hold his head up, either, keeps nodding off and then jerking back up with a start, looking around to see if anyone saw him – like anyone cares.

That’s cute too.

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As I’ve already seen people discussing, there sure were a lot of similarities between Cole and Sam in Black, weren’t there?  But they were again all Bizarro things where they looked and sounded similar but were really topsy-turvy.

Sam eats Corn Flakes alone with his arm in a sling.  Cole’s kid eats fake Wheaties while Cole lifts weights in the other room.  Milk and Cereal front and center in both, but different.

Sam calls Cas with news on Dean and Cas wants to help in the search.  Cole’s wife sees Cole has found Dean but appears upset that Cole will now go look for him.

Sam looks at the footage of the gas-n-sip and sees Dean with black eyes…so not the Dean he really knows.  Cole looks at the still from the same footage and sees the guy he’s been tracking.  Dean’s a monster to both of them, but a different kind of monster to each.  One monster needs saving and the other needs eliminating.

Both of them rode on their big brother’s handlebars, one because he had a broken arm and was being taken to the hospital, and the other was riding for fun and ended up with a broken arm.

I’d guess that both had run-ins with the supernatural as kids, but while Sam is all too aware of that, Cole isn’t.

I almost wonder if Cole’s wife and kid up there aren’t sort of a picture of what Sam would have by now with Jessica if he hadn’t been manipulated by the supernatural world.