kid seraphim


If you want this to be even sadder, imagine Sans actually leaving through the barrier and Asgore killing himself so Frisk can absorb his soul and chase Sans down
I didn’t feel like drawing that
because this comic is too freaking long already

If you don’t get what’s going on, neither do I read this comic first.

ToucanSans by @tratserenoyreve  (

Underfell by @Underfell


My hand is cramping oof– if not for that this would be more polished–

I have a lot on my plate this month, drawing-wise, but I simply HAD to draw this fanart of @tratserenoyreve ‘s Undertale fan-comic “The Thought”, before it ended. What a crazy cool story, what rad designs! Also toucan-sans playing with Snowdin’s kids is THE CUTEST THING! (forgot the frisk blaster tho oops) Go read the comic shoo.

Here’s some half-assed kid headcanons from the same comic. They’re breakin my heart– no wait that’s San’s. (I THINK I’M FUNNY.) For real though, Sans is makin’ me tear up a little.

Can’t wait to see how it ends! I’m sure it’ll be awesome no matter what.