kid scientist

A laboratory technician lifts two plastic rods from a boiling bath of hot sulfuric acid to demonstrate the newly invented Teflon, 1940s.

“Listen, Rhodey, I’ve been thinking.”

“Oh God. About what?”

“You know how I keep stumbling across these brilliant scientist kids?" 

 "No. Harley was an accident, but you actively tracked down Peter." 

 "And I’ve been such a good mentor to them?" 

 "You gave them cool stuff." 

 "And advice. Well, I decided I’m gonna start a summer camp." 

"Tony, no." 

 "Yeah. It’ll be a place for kids to come and learn how to design and build really cool tech." 

 "Not a good idea." 

"I need to figure out how to subtly imply that kids with powers should apply." 

"Please stop." 

 "I just wish Bruce was here. He’d make such a good camp counselor." 

 "Okay, now I know you’re just messing with me.”

-because of this awesome art  by @acenwiggles and my immediate reaction of “he should start a summer camp” (I still haven’t decided if he is serious or not)

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your posts make me laugh so much that i forget to like/rb because im trying to breathe and not die

PSA: ScoobyDooMistakes wants you to breathe, daily!

That’s right, kids – our top scientists estimate that 70-100% of injuries related to not breathing could have been avoided via the simple act of actually breathing.

They were wearing lab coats, so I’m inclined to trust them.

As nice as likes/reblogs/sharing with friends is, remembering to get oxygen edges those out slightly as #1 priority during SDM browsing.

Don’t let humor-based asphyxiation claim another victim. Try breathing today!


hunk is an extremely clever and intelligent engineer and i hope the show acknowledges it more because more kids should know that scientists/people in STEM can be heroes too. also hunk is such a sweet and kind person and he’s an engineer too and that really subverts the whole “scientists are cold/mean misanthropes” trope/stereotype that is very present irl and in fiction. i just really appreciate that a character in a show aimed towards young kids is an engineer and is still a very friendly and kind soul, thanks

“Skæg med matematik”

sorry I took a little break from posting, the weather is just good lately! 

Anyways here are some kids learning maths! I know many people hated math at school but I alway found it quite fun, on wich side do you guys fall ? I’m curious to hear!

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Part one Breakdown and Knockout become so protective of Jack after the Star scream incident they don't let anyone they don't trust near him, that there practically always with him. Helping him change/eat/putting him down for naps. They basically treat him like a toddler, I mean from a different angle... sorta cute? But Jacks just terrified and scared. What if Sound Wave kind of stepped in trying to 'save' him but being non discreet about it because Jack reminds him of his cassettes. But...

Part two BD/KO parents. Then Sound Wave sees the appeal. He starts missing his cassettes​ more and more and Jack must be so lonely. He kidnaps poor boy Raf who’s scared and really confused. He comforts him and look, Sounders installed this really cool computer system for you so you don’t get bored, he cares! Or see all these movies and games and you’re friend Jacks here to. So happy? Once Raf gets more used to it and calms down after Jack talks to him, it’s actually not that bad. He’s spoiled.

Part three K.O/BD parents. Raf is absolutely spoiled and gets his space so he relatively calms down after all the initial panic but then Sound Wave gets clingy and starts cuddle sessions to. Its okay Raf. It’s okay. He’s not hurting you just stay calm the autobots are coming soon. Then Megatron gets bored and bam I want a human pet to infuriate the autobots with. He kidnaps Miko. And he’s like you’re mine now. Miko doesn’t really freakout shes to mad and goes off on him yelling and screaming

Part Four KO/BD parents. Megatron then falls in love with her fiery spirit and starts dotting on her. She’s gone from pet to loved daughter in like a day.(She has literally everything she could ask for it’s creepy can he read her mind?) Slash monkeys is now a must play in the throne room(surprisingly the only thing keeping her calm) she has a mini training area where he teaches her to fight, a tv/video game counsel with all the best stuff. And he wont cuddle her but he does have her on his lap.

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!!!  I love this idea!  I was actually thinking earlier how Soundwave would probably like Raf the best as they’re both quiet, loyal, and super good with computers!  XD  And Soundwave being all affectionate and missing his cassettes is just adorable!  <3 <3 <3 

I would have never thought about Megs adopting Miko, but I can kind of see it now??  Like, look at how surprised he was when he found out she had beaten his troops senseless using the Apex Armor!  He’d be so proud of his little gladiator child!!!  ^__^

The two of them would probably be fine with waiting until they were rescued (because, hey look!  Free stuff!  Thanks, robo dads!  XD) but meanwhile poor Jack is being kept like a pet by Knock Out and Breakdown and is honestly wondering if he’s going to make it out in one piece…

at the museum today there was a family who sounded very british and the son was like 11 and super interested in all things Bugs he was all like “where are the bugs show me the bugs” “we’re here to see bugs” so i showed him our spiders, moths, butterflies, beetles, millipedes, centipedes (centipedes are his favourite insect) and i asked him if he was an aspiring entomologist because he was literally only interested in our insects and he actually was! he was super passionate about it and his parents were nice and supportive which was rlly nice to see. i showed them our insect resin collection and said they could make their own resin collection and theres tutorials for it and his face just Lit Up at the prospect of collecting bugs and putting them in resin and his parents were like “hell yeah lets catch bugs for u” and it was so cute. always nice to see parents supportive of their kids and i hope i was able to encourage him further by showing him our insect collection. his sister did not seem interested in anything tho lol

I like to think that Carlos wasn’t turning Cecil down before they got together, so much as he just was so absorbed with science that he didn’t realize what was happening. 

For example: 

Carlos: Cecil, you need to tell everyone that the trees will eat people!

Cecil: Neat! I’ll broadcast it. Also, wanna get dinner/coffee/go make out?

Carlos: *looks at science notes confused* No, no, I can’t. I need to figure this out.

Then hours later, he lays down in bed and closes his eyes and replays the day’s events in his head and comes to the horrible realization that he accidentally turned down the guy he liked and just goes “…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”.