kid proportions: how do they work

I wanted to make an age guide for Bruno and Paprika because why not? I still need to work on baby proportions. xD But I love how these came out, so if you want a reference you can probably go for this for the kids anyway! ^^

By the way, young adult Bruno and Paprika have the same talents and outfits. Bruno still plays his violin and Paprika still figure skates. I need to draw them both doing their talents someday. xD (And Paprika has her hair down as an adult, but when she skates, she has her hair ties on her wrists so she can put them up into her pig tails whenever she needs to. She’s trying to keep an “image”.)

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Ahh you draw transformers so well?? And your art style is so beautiful and I was wondering if there was anything that helps you draw them?? Because I can't find any tutorials on how to draw transformers?? Have a wonderful day! :)

Wow thank you!! I am still constantly learning myself, but I will try my best to explain what I’ve figured out so far and how I approach drawing transformers.

Under a cut though, cause this got a bit lengthyyyy

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do you really not find yixing attractive? how does that even work? I would climb him like a tree.

are u kidding me omg he’s the most attractive person on earth to me /)__(\ but lbr if you’re not a fan, how can that face compare with other members like luhan or kris /o\ his face is literally a nugu boy u can see anywhere on the streets. he is good looking, but not like omFG GORGEOU S HUNK REPRESENTATIVE OF CHINA 2014!!!111 his facial features aren’t striking and his body proportion is a joke tbh (5:5 hello ni hao). without makeup and nice hair he is nothing.

but let me repeat my point that i find him really attractive myself and yes i would climb him like a tree too. and it’s gonna be an easy climb because his legs are so fucking short