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A 15 yr old high school student has developed a surgical stitching technique that can ease post-surgery complications and lessen the chance of errors among physicians. Tony Hansberry II is merely steps toward his ultimate goal of becoming a University of Florida-trained neurosurgeon. He has presented his findings before an auditorium filled with doctors.
He says “I just want to help people and be respected, knowing that I can save lives.” #kidprodigy absolutely #amazing

February 9

Four teen heroes were gathered together as a result of the Vision’s plan for the reformation of the Avengers in the event the team disbanded. Newspapers refer to the young heroes as “super-powered fanboys” and label them the “Young Avengers,” a name the team members initially disliked but which stuck nonetheless. They first appear in Young Avengers #1 (February 9, 2005). Reporters Jessica Jones and Kat Farrell of The Daily Bugle, along with Captain America and Iron Man, investigate the new group of teenage heroes. The team defeats Kang the Conqueror, still Captain America and Iron Man take away their gear and refuse to train the team without their parents’ consent. Despite the heroes’ warnings, the team continues with a new headquarters, new costumes, and new names. The Young Avengers must decide how much to tell their parents after the members decide to continue acting publicly. Wiccan discovers Eli abusing MGH a drug that gives people powers for short periods of time in order to appear to have superpowers. Eli confesses that he deceived Iron Lad who meant to recruit his missing uncle Josiah in order to join the team. Overwhelmed with emotion, he quits the team, though eventually redeems himself.


Cute, Mutant Boys + Little Mix // DNA

The Demiurge
The Golden Boy
The Leader
The Light
The Future Phoenix
The Brains
The Clone

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When I play the sims 2 I tend to have kids then ignore the adults entirely and make the kids prodigies and sometimes the parents will end up dying cause I forget they even existed

high school headcanons

ralph: class president, nice, book-smart and friends with everyone (but doesn’t really have close friends)
piggy: that sarcastic shit who doesn’t give a fuck what the others call him anymore. you insult him, he corrects your grammar. actually can out-sass anybody, even jack, but he doesn’t bother bc jack’s a peasant
jack: that headstrong aries jock, no further explanation needed
roger: a really quiet and tbh rather creepy emo prodigy kid. likes writing, music, and art most, but excels at everything except for social interaction. however teachers yell at him bc he’s listening to music most of the time
simon: lil cutie who doodles really intricate patterns on their notebook covers. likes flowers, art, and sparkly gel pens. cried in biology bc they had to dissect a frog
maurice: awkward fanboy with a fondness for memes
samneric: in different classes. quite popular tbh, class clowns. they always switch places to prank the teachers but the teachers get used to it by winter break

anyway…. its totally canon that lance works harder at everything than keith ever has?? i mean i know we see lance relaxing vs keith training like twice but honestly that could be explained as different approaches to relaxation? im pretty sure keith is one of those ppl that need to be worn out to rest

- keith is reckless
- his quintessence is instinct
- he’s a very naturally talented pilot
- keith dropped out of a prestigious space training program. average kids with big dreams, years of work, and tons of failure or almost failure behind them are way less likely to drop out after emotional events than major prodigy whiz kids
- lance was at the top of the cargo pilot class
- lance worked his ass off to get there and was really proud that he did
- lance was way more aware of the rankings and scores of everyone else he trained with than keith, bc he was way more threatened by them
- lance is always reclining if at all possible, in the habit of all overworked teens. if u’ve been doing projects and studying for two weeks and you havent gotten more than five hours of sleep in two days ur always on the prowl for nappable surfaces
- we see lance’s discipline in other facets of his character: he has a beauty regime. no-one has skin like his by accident, thank u

lance is a hard-working sharp-shooting paladin and keith can literally learn tons from him, which will be a beautiful and marvelous direction to see them grow into. thank u for ur time

if you’re one of those people who used to be a super smart prodigy kid and now feel like you’re a let down: I still believe in you, and i still believe that you’re an intelligent, valuable person