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Watch: This video of Black parents talking to their kids about police brutality will break your heart

Though this shouldn’t have to be the case, teaching their children to deal with the police is often a lesson that Black parents have to instill in their children at an early age. A heartbreaking new video released on Monday shows just what those conversations can look like. 

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Ponyboy gets in trouble with the police
  • Police: where do you live?
  • Ponyboy: with my brothers
  • Police: where does your brothers live?
  • Ponyboy: with me.
  • Police: where do all of you live?
  • Ponyboy: together.
  • Police: where is your house?
  • Ponyboy: next to my neighbors house
  • Police: where is your neighbors house?
  • Ponyboy: if i tell you, you wont believe me
  • Police: tell me
  • Ponyboy: Next to my house.

According to 9-years-old-at-the-time Semaj Booker, he just really wanted to see his grandpa, who lived in Texas. Semaj was in Tacoma, Washington.

There were probably several ways to accomplish this that would not involve stealing a car and leading police on a high-speed chase. Semaj did not choose any of them.

This kid really wanted to see Grandpa. We have no idea what the hell this kid’s grandpa had going on, but it must have been a lot more than a Werther’s Original or 50 birthday bucks, because little Semaj Booker crushed just about every societal obstacle facing the average grandpa-bound 9-year-old beneath his mighty Heelys.

In January 2007, having tired of fourth grade life in his Tacoma suburb, Semaj Booker decided it was time to take matters into his own Elmer’s-stained hands and get himself to Dallas by any means possible.

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How my great-uncle Siegfried saved his entire family by punching a Nazi

So, my family were assimilated German Jews living in southwest Germany in a little town called Reinheim. And my great-uncle Siegfriend was both physically huge and also kind of a hot-headed young punk. It’s the mid-30s, and someone on the street calls him a “dirty Jew” so, naturally, Siegfried beats the shit out of the guy.

That evening, a mob starts to gather, wanting to lynch Siegfried for laying hands on a non-Jewish kid. The police come by the house and say “we know he was provoked, we’re not arresting him, but we’d like to take him into protective custody for the night to let this blow over.” He goes.

That night, someone at the police station lets the mob into his cell. They beat him nearly to death. When the police dump him at the family home the next day he’s caked in blood and nearly dead. The story I’ve heard always includes the line “his shirt was so full of blood it stood up on its own.”

And, of course, the mob is still coming for them.

That was the wake-up call they needed to get out of the country, early. It saved their lives.