kid pix deluxe


Here it is, everyone. Our 1 Million Subscriber special.

And what better way to celebrate than to commentate over the first and best animation I have ever made, drawn in Kids Pix 4 Deluxe and recorded on a Barbie microphone when I was 11.


I hit 2000 followers almost in time for thanksgiving! Here are some windows 98 virtual machine screenshots to celebrate. Games/programs used: virtual cabbit, otaku mascot, egames galaxy of games yellow, hello kitty big fun deluxe, kid pix, chutes and ladders, and spell it deluxe. Thanks for following!

(btw i use vmware and i downloaded a premade machine…i’m very bad at setting these things up)

i wanna play Zoombinis and Kid Pix…

but my laptops are unable… 

do i need to buy a third laptop just to play these?? perhaps a really old laptop thats super cheap. like a 90s or early 2000s laptop… HMMMM..

tried to find certain downloads that would allow me to play them but my mac is rejecting any files and my pc wasnt doing crap sooo. nope.