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Wonder Woman Set Visit. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine Meet Aspiring Young Women Filmmakers

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How would the 2p Allies act on their son/daughter's first day of kindergarten? I'm sorry, I don't know if you've done this one yet.

Don’t worry i haven’t babe. No need to apologize

2p America: So you think his kid might be the one who doesn’t want to go because if leaving their parent, but it’s the complete opposite. He just like his hands are crossed, he’s tapping his foot and he wants to grab their kid and drag them back with him. Before they walk in, Al literally snatches them in a hug saying something like, “You’re not ready!”
2p Canada: He’s very chill because he knows his kid is going to be fine and if there are any problems he’d come up so fast. He’d get a notice and would be there 10 seconds later. Other than that, he’s giving his kid pep-talks and getting them pumped for their first day.
2p France: It makes him feel really warm hearted. Considering he didn’t take care of Matt to his best ability, he’s trying with this one. Before they go off he’d pick them up in a hug and walks them to the doors.
2p England: Organized parent right here and will walk his kid through school to the classroom and get all their items situated. He’s going to talk to the teacher and asks about all their plans and even demands for a syllabus to make sure his child is not going to miss a thing.
2p Russia: Like Oliver, but way more relaxed. He’d probably carry them in up to their class to tell you the truth. He really wants to make sure they know where everything is on their own, even if they have to walk in a line everywhere.
2p China: Probably the dad who gave his kid coffee to get their day started. He tells them a lot more street smarts than book smarts right before the go to class because, in quote , “My kid not getting bullied by some punks!”.

Book 4: The Message, Chapters 17-18

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Chapter 17

Time for a deep dive!  Down and down, until even their dolphin lungs are almost bursting, until they find what the Jesus Whale sent them after - “a park, in a plastic dome, at the bottom of the ocean.”  Grass and trees and a lake, alien and other but still recognizable as what they are, in a giant underwater bubble.

“Whoa,” says Marco. “Man,” says Jake.  Neither of them have a career in poetry ahead of them, I suspect.

The kids find an airlock and go to check it out.  Luckily it doesn’t need hands to control it - it’s run by a big red button easily pressed with a dolphin nose - so they all cram in, hoping to find breathable air inside.  As soon as the water drains enough from the airlock, they morph back to human.  They stand squished together, wet and bedraggled, until the air finishes draining and they can press the other button to get into the dome.

Which they do!  And hurrah, it’s also breathable air!  Everyone takes a nice deep breath and enjoys a second or two of triumph.  And then there’s a flash of light and they all get knocked unconscious, because this series does not want children to have nice things.

Chapter 18

Cassie wakes up flat on her back, with an Andalite standing over her, pointing a Dracon beam at her.  He informs her that it would be an excellent idea not to move until he’s figured out what she is and whether she needs to be destroyed.  Which is not a great opening to making a new friend, but on the other hand, who among us has not on occasion met a new person who made them feel that way?

Marco makes the whole situation worse by waking up and saying “Hey, please be a good Andalite and not Visser Three,” upon which New Andalite flips out a little bit.  Not a V3 fan, apparently.

Cassie manages to talk him down a little bit, because after all, there are few better ways to bond than “we hate the same person, let’s be friends!”  She explains that they’re humans and are there answering his call, which leads to her infodumping their whole backstory about meeting the Alienstag, getting his morphing powers upon his death, etc.

New Andalite is very bummed out about this.  His tail gets all droopy and everything, poor guy.  Apparently he is Alienstag’s brother, and looked up to Alienstag as the greatest warrior.  He’s glad to hear that his brother died well as a warrior should, but still, that only goes so far in cheering him up.  Finding out from the kids that Yeerks are cruising around over his head hot on the trail of his underwater dome doesn’t make matters any better.

New Andalite does appear to decide that he’s cool with the Animorphs, though, since they’re on a mission to rescue him.  He explains a bit more about his own deal: the dome is just part of a larger Andalite warship.  During the battle in orbit, the dome with him in it was ejected and landed in the ocean, because he’s too young to be in battle.

The Animorphs, more or all all together: uggggh, he’s a kid too, we just need one goddamn adult in our lives.

But they all give each other a pep talk, kids and New Andalite alike, about how even though they are children of their respective species, they can keep fighting.

Everyone trades names and introductions, but the only two really salient pieces of information are:

  • New dude is named “Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill”, which promptly gets shorted to Ax and thank god for that
  • Ax needs a prince to fight for, and since his brother is no longer among the living, he’s going to fight for the Animorph Prince, who apparently is Jake.

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Common Wealth By TEN

Traveling for years you have run into many different types of people, but you never met a man quite like Min Yoongi. 

Royalty AU!

Prince!Suga x Reader ( fluff, angst, smut )

Chapters : 1/???

A/N: Here it is~ I’m really excited about this one, it’s most likely going to be my longest fic so stay tuned! 

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Body Part Challange

Hannah Hart fluff

You sit on the bed, waiting for Hannah so come through the door. Your hand stomach rests on your stomach where a bump as former since she went on her Hello Harto/No Filter tour. You, Grace, and Mamrie all decided to shock Hannah, because she didn’t know anything worked with the pregnancy, and it was getting really hard to hide now.  

You get right up and turn the camera on, as Hannah comes into the room blind folded. “Guys, seriously, what is happening?”  

“We’re going to do a youtube challenge.” You state.  

“Really? Right when I get home?” You can almost feel Hannah roll her eyes behind the blindbold. You lead her to the end of the bed and put it on your cheek.  

“It’s squishy.” she pokes it. “I’m going to guess your cheek?”  

“Very good.” You laugh and place her finger, running it along your neck.  

“Your leg?” she asks.  

“No. That’s my neck.” you giggle as she lets out a slight flustered sigh and you lift up your shirt a little bit and take her palm, and placing it on the growing bump and she freezes. She rubs it back and forth.  

“What is this?” She asks, running her hand back and forth on it, and you can see her ruffled forehead through the blindfold.  

“Take off your blindfold.” You state and she throws it off, and covers her mouth as she looks at what she’s touching. You can see tears fill in her eyes right away.  

“Y/N you said you did know if it worked!” She screams through her covered mouth. You start laughing and so does Grace and Mamrie in the background. Hannah looks over at Grace and Mamrie. “And you two knew as well?”  

They both laugh and nod their heads and Hannah stands up, wrapping her arms around you and holding you tight. “No way.”  

“It’s true Honey.” You giggle as your run your fingers through Hannah’s light blonde hair with a slight laugh. As she steps away from you, you wipe some of the tears off her face, her cheeks are red from excitement and she looks at the camera, throwing her head back.  

“You filmed it?” She covers mouth. “You guys!”  

“I thought it would be a great thing to put on your vlogging channel next to our wedding day.” You give her another kiss. “Plus, who knows maybe I wanna show it to our child so they can see how happy you were.”  

“Well hey there bud! I hope you know your mom is a dork and so is your Aunts, alright? Never trusts them.” Hannah points in the camera. “But listen to your mom because you have to.”  

“Your already giving the kid a damn pep talk? Calm down Han.” Mamrie snorts. You can’t help but press your lips against Hannah’s again while you cup her face. Both her hands run across your stomach and you both laugh into one another’s lips, sitting on the bed.  

“Well, here you have it guys! There’s a Hart baby on it’s way!” Hannah raises her hands in the air.  

“You excited?” You look over at her.  

“Mhhmm.” She kisses your cheek and turns the camera off.  

“So how about we all go out for dinner?” Mamrie puts her hand on her hip. “Celebrate the Harto baby.”  

Hannah’s holding her hand tight as you both nod and smile. “I think it sounds like a plan.”  

“I love you.” Hannah whispers in your ear.

“I love you too.” you respond, just as quiet.

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I love your head cannons they are so cute ^w^ Loved the Father son head cannons with Kanna do you have any for Leon or Cyrus as his father?

Leon here


  • Kanna will snore just like Cyrus when he’s asleep. Cyrus denies that he passed that trait down. 
  • When Kanna was a little babe, Cyrus lifted him up and “flew” him around outside as if he was a pegasus. 
  • Cyrus loves lifting Kanna into the air, giving him a little toss before catching him. He does this with Sophie, too, much to Kamui’s disdain. 
  • Cyrus was fascinated with Kanna’s little hands when he was born. To this date, Cyrus subconsciously reaches for Kanna’s hands whenever he’s with his son. 
  • They have mini wrestling matches on the bed, and Cyrus always let Kanna overpower him, feigning defeat and surrendering. 
  • Silas had a hard time being a father in the beginning. He was terrified of the idea that he would have to raise a child from birth to adulthood, and Sophie was a huge burden. Then Kanna came along, and Cyrus was convinced he’d have a mental breakdown. However, he became very emotionally attached to his children, and the level of pure, unadulterated trust they gave him was overwhelming. 
  • TICKLES! Cyrus is always giving out tickles to Kanna and Sophie. One day, however, Kanna found out Cyrus himself is very ticklish… 
  • Cyrus loves to cuddle up with his kids and go to sleep like that. 
  • Cyrus gives the kids pep talks all the time. 
  • Hugs are very plentiful. Cyrus becomes very loving as a father, and just dotes on his kids like no one’s business. 

Cute father, very cute father. 

So if you follow me on tumblr, you might have seen this crack idea I had about tattoos and such and… Well I wrote it. The drawing of the tattoo can be found at the end ;) This one is very long and I don’t have as much time for prompts as I would like so this will count for today and tomorrow ;) Enjoy! [X]

6 times people found out about Haymitch’s tattoo and one time he finds out about someone else’s instead


Haymitch woke up to the annoying sound of a spoon clicking against faience.

He forced an eye open – happy already not to have startled awake for once – his head pounding with a particularly nasty headache. He wasn’t exactly surprised to find his escort sitting in an armchair, stirring her coffee, a glossy magazine on her lap.

“Good night, was it?” she hummed.

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This is the story which proves I am seriously crazy because, yes, it is an ice skater au. And it is cracky but hopefully it will also be fun ;) It is very loosely inspired by The Cutting Edge.

Just a word of explanation before we start: the story in present time takes place in 2013 for Olympic years purposes. The flashbacks are in italics and will be out of order and mostly cover 1997 and 1998. Again, it’s out of order. The past will be reconstructed piece by piece ;)

I want to save a special word of thanks for @100years-to-live who was this story’s cheerleader and who helped a lot to keep the crack alive – and to push me down the ice skating trash can. And, of course, a huge thank you for @holycheekbones who made the amazing cover image for this story and I loved it sooo much.

And the very last thing I promise and then I’m done babbling, I really had fun writing this story and I hope you will have fun too. It features Everlark more heavily than I usually do but it came that way. Hayffie will still be the main pairing though. 

[FF] or [AO3]

Fire And Ice


“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Haymitch shouted, his voice booming loud enough in the stadium to cover the music. “Get your shit together, Katniss!”

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please could you do something post mj where effie is meant to be living in haymitchs guest room and one day the kids are looking for her and they go to ask haymitch where she might be and they walk into his room like oh shit she's asleep in your bed okay then

Well that was fun. XD Yes the title is a reference to finding Nemo. No I do not know why.[X]

Finding Effie

“Can’t it wait?” Peeta asked as they let themselves in through the backdoor of Haymitch’s house. Their mentor had taken up the habit of locking doors before going to bed since Effie had arrived – it made her feel safer – but he and Katniss had long ago found a solution to that problem by ‘borrowing’ the keys and having a couple of spares made.

Katniss’ only answer was a frown and a look. Peeta raised his hands defensively and accepted the unspoken answer that of course, it couldn’t wait. The look had appeared some time ago and let him know when he was saying or doing stupid things in their relationship – Haymitch had seen it once and had advised Peeta to follow orders when she was glaring that way if he didn’t want to sleep on the couch. Peeta had tested the theory and concluded Haymitch had a point.

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You’ve just been pep talked.

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