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Sometimes I wonder where I’d be, if I hadn’t been so encouraged to write by friendly, supportive people in fandom?

I was 13 or 14 when I first started posting fic on, and it’s almost 14 years on from then. I was just a kid, given way more leeway to make mistakes than was probably warranted.

I’m incredibly grateful that those people were there, right then, at that point in my life.

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consider: future veronica becomes a guidance counselor for kids and one day she sees this trench coat kid walk into her office and her heart just SINKS. she just looks at him for a moment and he's just like "what are you staring at" and she shakes her head and goes "oh, nothing" and it /hurts/ but still she's happy to be able to prevent kids from ending up like jd and she teaches the kid healthy ways to cope like downing a slushie whenever he wants to hurt himself and it's sad but also sweet 😭


this is 100% what I see veronica doing tbh. in an au where everything is okay I feel like she’d wanna be a lawyer, like a criminal defense lawyer or smth for Justice, but in canon she would definitely wanna be a social worker or counselor to help with bullying and save kids from becoming damaged beyond repair, partially in honor of jd :(

10 songs, 10 mutuals

got tagged by @pansy69 hi fucker i’m also assuming this is like.. 10 random songs rather than anything i’m supposed to put actual effort into

  1. Piss And Vinegar– Against Me!
  2. Jesus of Suburbia– Green Day 
  3. Mama– My Chemical Romance
  4. Dead On Arrival– Fall Out Boy
  5. Average Men– Pansy Division
  6. Anonymous– Mindless Self Indulgence
  7. Smells Like Teen Spirit– Nirvana
  8. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone– Sleater-Kinney
  9. Mirrors– Pvris
  10. Kid Nothing– Gerard Way (SAY MY NAME! SAY MY NAME!)

wow this is a rlly good list thanks shuffle aaanyway @bubblegum-gerard @gliitterpunk @smolgaybird @doodlesofall @inventingsongs @castrnaut @c0ntriti0n @doriangreygoose (OR LIKE WHATEVER BLOG IS UR MAIN I DON’T KEEP TRACK…) @mcr-and-coffee @chokejpg

Do you think the reason why Kara so patient about Mon El? It’s only because they are the same species, so they have chances to reproduce. Kara doesn’t have to be the last kryptonian, she could have kids and teach her ways.

Mon el kept fucking up, he doesn’t listened, we kept watching he hurt Kara. I Don’t get why Kara so adamant about making it work. It’s frustrated me.

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as a trans guy omegaverse makes me very uncomfortable tbh. the whole idea that im ~submissive~ and ~so overcome with lust ill do anything~ because im a guy who can have kids (though not in the way omegaverse imagines it since it ignores trans peoples existence) is very gross. not to mention it portrays mlm in a very harmful mannerism by making them seem aggressive and even violent because of their sex drive. its all really gross and employs a bunch of bad tropes.

this is why we keep up this blog. it makes me, another mlm trans guy, extremely uncomfortable as well. omegaverse exists because society hates trans guys (both mlm and not, in this case it’s related to mlm however), and there’s no way around that. 

remember that your trans status doesn’t need to put you in a certain “position” or “role” in bed, even with a cis partner! you’re not tied down to heteronormative and cisnormative notions about “how” sex should be!

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When Kindergarten teacher! Peter has his first class party for like Valentine's Day or Halloween he gives the kids way to much candy so the kids were practically bouncing off the wall. But Peter didn't realize it and when other teachers saw Peter's students they were like "??? Peter Why are his students so hyper?" And he's like "their hyper I didn't even notice?"

my baby…. he would 100% do this


I’m laughing so fucking hard 


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

the irl captain america