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Marinette: biracial (Chinese and French)
Alya: Martiniquan
Nino: Moroccan
Alix: Arab
Kim: Vietnamese
Max: West African

Sometimes there’s whitewashing in fandom but none of these kids^ are white


No Pain, No Gain” 

Based on a Miraculous musing that I shared last year (that I can’t seem to find on my main blog) about Master Fu taking Nino under his wing to become the next holder of the Turtle Miraculous and awesomely enough, I’m not the only miraculer who shares this thought. The very first time I saw Master Fu, I immediately thought of Mr. Miyagi cause you have to admit, the resemblance is definitely there and since then I’ve been itching and hoping that the series would do a Karate Kid inspired episode where Nino comes to Master Fu for help.

Like maybe there’s this new schoolyard bully with the hots for Alya who starts targeting Nino specifically due to his relationship with and somewhat own romantic interest in our foxy gal; constantly challenging him to foolish fights for Alya’s love. Being the nonchalant character he is, Nino dismisses the bully’s initial advances at harrying as he wasn’t the type of guy to want to fight anyone.  

And in similar Karate Kid type of fashion, Master Fu firstly meets Nino after he saves him from being pummelled by said bully and his comrades when they suddenly cornered him after school. Following that event, Nino is forced to fight back against said bully; seeking out Fu for help, practically begging him to teach him how to fight; a request which Fu surprisingly accepts.

This is how I imagined Fu’s first encounter with Nino to be like. And after helping him the first time, Master Fu starts to acknowledge potential in Nino—a potential which inspires him to start training him to be his successor. I imagine that at first Wayzz wouldn’t be too keen with the idea of Nino one day replacing Master Fu as his new master cause I figured that, unlike Plagg, Tikki and possibly the other kwamis, Wayzz is the one who’s been with his original holder the longest; considering that Fu is over 100 years old. While the others had had to change holders over the years, Wayzz has been with Fu since the day one and is very much loyal to him.

But ultimately I imagine once he sees Nino’s good qualities, Wayzz will begin to warm up to the young lad and actually starts to care for his well being; seeing a lot of the qualities in Nino that he did in Master Fu that made him love him as his master. Plus I think this kind of scenario could be great for Nino’s own character development as a teacher-mentor relationship with Master Fu can certainly help mould him into a stronger individual and hero. Not to mention that it’ll be really touching to see Master Fu have a sort of father-son/grandfather-grandchild/close family oriented relationship with at least one of our young heroes and I think Nino would be the perfect candidate to bring out that side of him. We don’t know if Fu used to have any kids of his own. I doubt he ever did given his duty as Miraculous holder and Ancient Guardian (and even if hid have some, he probably outgrew them since he’s practically immortal). So yeah, I’d love to see that kind of bond with Fu, Nino and Wayzz in the series, if possible.  

Do I think Master Fu will choose Nino as his successor for the Turtle Miraculous? Indeed I do.

However, do I think he’ll just hand it to him on a silver platter like he did with Adrien and Marinette? HA! Hell no! I think Master Fu will go full Mr. Miyagi on Nino and make him work for his miraculous, putting him through a rigorous training regimen to build his strength and test his worth. Plus it’ll be good for comical moments when Fu unintentionally pushes poor Nino too far and has to be scolded by Wayzz for getting too excited and overdoing things with his student. Poor Turtle Sensei just wants to see his Turtle Kouhai succeed XD

Would love to see this become canon but…for now these are all just headcanons of mine. In the meantime, a squiggle meister can dream…and draw, am I right? Alrighty I’ve rambled enough on this. As always, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s newest ML squiggle art and I hope you also enjoyed my Miraculous musing (granted you actually read all of that). Feel free to share yours over on my main blog if you have any.

Until the next squiggle piece, y’know my motto, staaaay tune for more precious star kids!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)  


This is the beginning of a beautiful bromance

Origins, Pt. 2

Introducing Miraculous May 2017!

Hey everyone! So knowing that some other fandoms have months dedicated to their shows, I decided to create one for our lovely fandom last year! While for 2016 it was Miraculous March, people requested that this year be May to coincide with Season 2! And thus, Miraculous May will run all May and if you guys want to be a part of it, just make sure to tag it #Miraculous May 2017, that way we can all find it, see it, and give you the recognition you deserve! You can write, draw, edit, do whatever you’d like!

The schedule for Miraculous May is as follows:  

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*slides into room* who wants some season 2 Nino angst possibilities okay here we go

As of right now, Nino remains a civilian, not a Miraculous holder, his best friend is Adrien and let’s assume that he’s dating Alya. 

In season 1, he complained about Adrien disappearing, without a moments notice, never answering his phone, for hours on end. 

But hey, that’s fine, dude’s got his own life and besides, he has Alya (who complains about Marinette disappearing for hours on end too! Weird coincidence.) 

Even before they were dating, he could always talk with Alya when Adrien vanished, and afterwards he almost looked forward to it! He loves Adrien, but it’s nice to get some alone time with his girlfriend. 

That is when she starts disappearing too. 

Without a moments notice. 

Never answering her phone.

For hours on end. 

Hey it’s no big deal, she’s got her own life, he should try Adrien. 

But he’s gone too.

He notices Alya starts taking days off from school, she’s never around at night, just like Adrien, just like Marinette. 

Hey…it’s no big deal…they’ve got their own lives. 

No one needs to worry about him, he’s fine. It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. 

The Adrien Diaries...

24 Feb 2017

I…I don’t understand what is happening. I came to class, prepared for whatever fate awaited me.

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❝ ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴋɪᴅs. ❞    — мαттнєω тιмσтну нєαℓу.

// If your heart didn’t just melt, I don’t know who you are. //

[Photos: Not mine // If it is yours, please let me know so I can give credit!]


(I assume that Alya knows and that’s why Mari texts her about this xD. Let’s say that “Zalya” wasn’t working for Marinette and she changed her contact name for something with H, okay? (?)

I’m back!!)

Mme Bustier's Class as Colours
  • Marinette: yellow - sometimes a soft colour, but gets very bright and fiery when riled up
  • Alya: gold - gorgeous and bright, shines through dark times and loves to help out
  • Adrien: grey - been through trauma, but has recovered enough so that they're not a darker, black shade
  • Nino: green - the colour of forests and the sea, beautiful and natural
  • Nathaniel: baby blue - calm and soft, keeps collected in arguments.
  • Alix: silver - tough, the colour of steel, however still a little vulnerable
  • Kim: neon orange - stands out in a crowd. Like, really stands out. Obnoxiously.
  • Max: rainbow - *cough* gayer than words can describe
  • Rose: pink - the colour of innocence and sweetness, love and hope, beautiful as a flower and pure as a river
  • Juleka: indigo - independent and strong, the colour of greatness, loves and is loved
  • Mylene: creamy white - purity and innocence, like an angel
  • Ivan: turquoise - dark, deep, but beautiful
  • Sabrina: ginger - look me in the eyes and tell this girl isn't a carrot
  • Chloe: crimson - often associated with bad things and anger, but some people forget that this colour is also associated with love and lust.
  • Lila: brown - underrated. has a lot of potential (I still hate her).
  • Mme Bustier: black - looks at her she's got anxiety her entire class has been akumatised

Looks like someone activated the phone tree.

Miraculous Christmas Special


It was probably this guy ;)

  • Ladybug: ...Oh yeah?! Well you are a fucking asshole! Your cat puns are terrible and-!
  • Chat: *gasp* TAKE THAT BACK!
  • Jade Turtle to Volpina: *whispers* Mom and dad are fighting again...