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True story: I finally got around to listening to Tarjei’s playlist for Julie, so I put it on shuffle while I was walking my dog, and I was like, cool, I hope this lends some fascinating insights into his acting process or how he portrays Isak’s character, and then “Livin’ La Vida Loca” immediately came on and I doubled over laughing in the middle of the street

  • The fandom: I only ship Evak, it's wrong to ship the actors, they're different from the characters, real life is different from the series
  • Henrik: me and Tarjei
  • Also the fandom: *freaks out* OMG TARJEI CHOSE HIM

the tarjei sandvik moe trifecta™:

“i’m, like, very good at being young. it’s one of my talents.”

“russian stalkers who stand outside of school for ten hours. that’s what life is.”

“lots of norwegian people are actually finnish! they came here through… the forest.”

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Tarjei is SO going to fall off the face of the Earth once Skam ends. I don't even mean that in a nasty way. But the guy doesn't use social media, only takes Norwegian (no English) acting roles, and he seems to dropout of problematic productions too as we saw with Westside/Eastside. Like, calling it now, we're never going to hear from him again after this year.

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Yeah, I feel you in that we as international fans might not hear much from him outside Norway but is his choice and whatever he do, he’ll do great.

Lemme tell you about some other actor with no social media and who doesn’t take roles outside his country but is doing great.

The one, Colin Morgan.

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Tarjei reminds me a lot of Colin, especially because he keeps his distance from any social interaction - “I think there are pros and cons to social networking, but on a social, personal level, it’s just not for me” - and bury himself in work like not joke… he would take 3 projects at the same time and make brilliance out of them.

You have to take downtime to see friends and family but my passion is acting, pursuing those scary, challenging characters and working with passionate people x

Colin also was never interested in fame, he just loves acting, it’s his passion and he’ll study hard to be the best actor and even if he’s not famous, he’s definitely well known within the actors circle. 

Also, Tarjei pulling out of a production like that means he’s also well advised and instinctive himself. Pulling out of a project and specially a problematic one implies a lot of thinking, i think him rejecting that project was probably the smartest decision. Is not being picky, is being smart.

You don’t need to have your name pulled on gold letters in Hollywood to be one of the greatest actors, there are plenty of actors not known world wide with an amazing talent and whatever Tarjei decides to pursue for the future I fully support him, he’s talented we’ve seen, he’s studied, he’s kind and more important he still a child and he’s barely starting.

tarjei is one of the kind, seriously i can’t believe that this boy can go from: “the traffic is like “fuck you tarjei”, “bam” and I just “woah” to “i push presents down into a box and try not to think too much about it, because then you become self-obsessed.” like he says that he feels childish and naive, but yet he’s so intelligent, i’m in constant awe. and he’s just turned 18. what a kid.