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Dozens of black kids are missing in DC. These black lawmakers want the FBI to find them.

  • Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) are urging FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate over 500 cases of children missing in the nation’s capital.
  • On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Richmond and Norton sent a letter pleading to Comey and Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”

  • According to the Metropolitan Police Department, more than 500 kids and teens — many of them black teenage girls — were reported missing in Washington, D.C., since the beginning of 2017. 

  • As of Wednesday, 22 cases remain unsolved. Read more.

I just saw this story on facebook today and I have a lot to say. (I’m not sharing the picture of the boy that was with it OR his name in an attempt to save him and his family whatever privacy they have left.).

So firstly, because this is an atheist blog Im going to start by pointing out the clear disrespect for whatever beliefs that child and his family holds. Now, maybe you were trying to comfort the boy, and religion is something you use as a comfort for yourself, but when a child tells you they dont know how to pray its probably because they dont follow the same religion as you(if any). Their lack of knowledge of prayer is not an open door for you to tell them your beliefs are right and teach him the processes of them. Once again, I get that maybe you were just trying to give him comfort and thats okay, but you should really learn some new ways to comfort someone in need, because a “god” isnt always apart of the situation for them. You basically just told that child that whatever beliefs he’s being raised with is wrong and that yours are right; We all know that if someone did that to your child wed be in a court room right now(or atleast a viscous argument). 

Next, I need to address the pure breach of privacy you just did to this child and his family. You told his name, location, and the fact that he has siblings PLUS you insinuated a story that may or may not have happened. Repeatedly you implied that his parents(especially his mother) was at fault. You yourself said that he had multiple stores (of course you also said they were to “protect her” instead of entertaining the idea that maybe he was honestly mixed up as a four year old in a scary position).You have NO IDEA how he got on that road and yet you blamed his parents. Maybe he wondered off and his mom is freaking out right now, maybe he’s a runner, maybe his parents thought he WAS in the car and they noticed moments later and are worried sick about him, even if his parents DID make a mistake that doesnt give you the right to exploit them or their child. 

THERE IS A REASON THEY CANT GIVE YOU A FOLLOW UP TO A MINOR… Privacy, and now that childs face, name, location, and family are all over the internet with a story that isnt even the full truth as far as anyone knows. you need to stop. 

Thank you for stopping and helping this child in need, but please, nextime, think about what this kind of post would do to him and his family, think about respecting his familys beliefs, and most importantly try to keep an open mind on a situation you clearly have no idea about. 

-update, she removed the picture after the father asked, Im still upset that it was there in the first place-

The signs as my students

Aries: The girl who answered the question “what’s something that’s magnetic?” with “Beyonce” 

Taurus: The boy who ran around at recess screaming “I LIVE TO DIE”

Gemini: The kid who thought snapchat face filters were just some cool game and was always asking if he could ‘play snapchat’

Cancer: The student who looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can see things other people can’t” and then went right back to drawing velociraptors.

Leo: The girl who wrote a full-page story about a woman who fell in love with a giant ear of corn. The best line of the story being “The corn was always there for her.”

Virgo: The kid who would call me over to fill me in on the latest third grade gossip every morning

Libra: The student who dramatically sat down across from me after school and said, “Miss we need to talk business” when asked what kind of business replied, “Chip business”

Scorpio: The student who was not actually in my class at all but was somehow always in the classroom anyway

Sagittarius: The boy who during aftercare somehow snuck out of the school, walked to the 7-11, and then came back with a huge bag of chips

Capricorn: The boy who grabbed my hands one day, started humming tango music, and proceeded to pull me away to dance around the room with him

Aquarius: The kid that called me over in the middle of silent reading time to tell me that moth man did nothing wrong and was just a guy trying his best

Pieces: The little girl who every time she saw me would scream “warning you!” before jumping onto me and expecting me to catch her


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