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30 days of bnha

day 25; most attractive character { katsuki bakugou }

I hope UA teaches good sex ed and stuff bc like that’s a LOT of teenagers piled into one school literally all living together (just a few doors down from one another in some cases)… like guys… some of them are bangin…. please give these kids condoms it actively worries me

what did i miss?

daddy’s back.

i dont much like this one but to be fair i put like 0 effort in it and dont really gicve a shit. the only thing i like abt this is the bg, which was too easy bc i have cool brushes that do drawing for me. i gueess id categorize this as adoodle?? soft doodle? anway no evil is excellent and corn is. perfect. also the music is bomb af? been listenign to it on repeat for days. 

  • Connor Murphy: *goes down the soda machine line at McDonald's and gets a little bit of every soda before drinking it*
  • Connor Murphy: Fuck you.