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P.1 In bio class today the teacher was talking about species and what organisms don't quite fit the definition (a group of organisms that can and will breed together to produce viable offsprings). He asked the class and some kids said liger or mule but I asked about asexuals (of course not all asexuals don't have sex, some do & some don't) and he was like: yes! That's a good point! Monks and nuns take a vow of no sex, there are people who get sterilized or their tubes are blocked, then there

P.2 then there are people who aren’t sexually attracted and/or choose not to have sex. Are they not human? They are human, they are apart of the species, they are special though and proves that you can’t perfectly define someone or a group of organisms. I thought it was really brilliant and worth the share. Biology says aces are still human :D