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jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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So one of my Sims just knocks up every woman he gets his hands on and he has almost 20 kids. At this point I have a baby Sim whose half sister is also his great grandmother.

it’s a bad night y'all

Very well. My father hated me. He always called me a moron.

Dr. Penelope Young:
I see.

I was determined to prove him wrong. So I entered a contest at school. A $20 prize to the kid who can solve an almost impossible logic problem. And I won, of course.

Dr. Penelope Young:
And did that please your father?

Hardly. He was convinced that I had cheated. He kept yelling, “You must have cheated! Admit it, you moron, you cheated!” I swore to him that I didn’t, and he hit me for lying.

Dr. Penelope Young:
Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Don’t be. He was right.

I Am Human - Part III

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him?
Warning: None


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my baby is turning 19 today and even though all the bullshits that’s going on the last months, I couldn’t be prouder of where he is now. happy birthday little trouble maker!!!

alexaprilgarden replied to your photoset: Julianne Moore at The Giffoni Film Festival -…

OH GOD she’s so beautiful!!

She was also extremely lovely. I couldn’t be there because, well, still recovering and she only met the kids from the Jury but I watched the livestream: she spent almost 20 minutes signing and taking pictures with everyone! And her answers were so thoughtful; she’s a wonderful woman.

The Rebranding

I may not be a fan of change, but here’s why I’m gonna make myself happy about BTS’s decision to alter their brand identity even though now i have a bunch of merchandise with a dated logo on it

They’re growing up: All of the members were 21 or younger when they debuted. Jungkook was 15. Their purpose used to be to act as a voice of their generation, to speak out against the societal pressures on ‘kids these days’. Now Jungkook is almost 20 (international age). They’re not kids anymore (even though sometimes they don’t act like it). It’s time they matured their image.

Their careers have taken off. Gone is the unheard of boy band from a financially desperate entertainment company. All their hard work and effort and creativity has gone into their careers, and as a result they’re becoming a household name across the globe

A Korean band name could be limiting. It makes sense that having a name in a foreign language such as Korean would potentially hinder their international image. Just yesterday I had to explain to someone that BTS was a Korean acronym, and doesn’t technically stand for anything in English. More people on the planet speak English than they do Korean, it’s why there is so much English present in the kpop community. Frankly, for most, it’s a lot easier to not have to speak a foreign language when naming your favorite band.

In short, BTS has changed. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. They’re still the same seven lovable idiots that we know and adore. They still make the best damned pop/hip hop music I’ve ever heard. But now their careers are truly taking off. BTS is big, my friends. BTS is HUGE. So long as they don’t overwork themselves I see no reason as to why they couldn’t become even more well known. :)

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A Simple Summer Party (#4)
⚡️- Surprised

“Young man, aren’t you a little young for that? Who let you in?” Cynthia scolded, grabbing the stranger by the collar and heaving him away from the cocktail pitcher. Only to be met with a harsh scowl and the discovery that he wasn’t a stranger at all. He was, in fact, Professor Sycamore’s pokedex kid Calem. 

Oh my, the jig was almost certainly up. 

“I’m 20.” The self-proclaimed twenty year old proclaimed loud enough for the whole room to hear.

“Old enough to drink in Unova, perhaps, but you’re not causing a scene at my party.” Cynthia retorted. In truth she didn’t really care if he was old enough or not, she’d pulled him off mostly for comedic value. But the challenge in the boy’s eyes made her want to take him down a peg or two. Not to mention that she couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. Was she getting old? She couldn’t tell these youths ages apart anymore!

The young man eyed her shrewdly. 

“Steven Stone doesn’t know about this, huh? I met him a few times. I did an interview here with him once, actually.” Calem seemed a little pleased with himself. Cynthia briefly imagined throwing him in the pool. The twinleaf trio never looked so indignant. 

He paused for emphasis“I could tell him?”

You little shit.

Well he had her beat there. 

“Enjoy the punch, kid. But if you end up throwing up into a bathtub it’s on you. We clear?”


Kids, it’s been almost 20 years since that cold April night in 2013. And I can safely tell you, if I could go back in time and relive that night, there’s no way in hell I’d go to Robots vs. Wrestlers. No, I’d go home. I’d go to my old apartment, see all my old furniture, my old stuff. I’d see my old drafting table, where I sketched out my first building. I’d sit on that old couch and smell the Indian food cooking three stories below. I’d go to Lily and Marshall’s place, be back in that old living room where so many things happened. I’d see the baby. I don’t know if you can picture me holding your 6 ft seven cousin Marvin over my head, but back then I could. I’d go have a drink with Barney and Robin, watch them fight about their caterer, or whatever it was they were fighting about that night. But none of those things is the thing I do first. You know the thing I do first.

#6 Old Friends (Harry Styles)

Okay, this is kind of stupid. But, I had this idea and wanted to try it out.

Tell me if you want a Part 2. 

Also, come off anonymous! Really, next request taken by a person who does that :) Haha. 

Word Count - 1,374

Harry Styles - Summary - They meet again after so long. Will things remain the same? 

“Mom, do we really have to go meet them? Why can’t we just go sightseeing?” I asked my mother for the tenth time.

“Because my friend called me and asked for a confirmation so many times. She wants to meet you. And I thought you like them!” Mother scolded.

“When I was 10, yes…” I shook my head. It was so long ago. I’m almost 20 now. “Also, one of the kids is a post graduate and the second one, a singer of the biggest boy band in the world while your daughter is just studying in the Uni.”

“I’m not taking you there to show off. We are going to meet our old friends. And, not everyone gets into Oxford. Be a little proud,” She laughed.

I huffed and pulled my dress down. It was teal, it came up to my mid thigh and I wore black stockings under. Gosh, this is going to be so different. Will they recognize me? Will the rapo between us be the same? I had lost all my baby fat thankfully. I was so chubby back then. Harry used to pull my cheeks continuously. A lot has changed. I liked how I looked. I wasn’t skinny, no, I was alright. I had prominent curves, a flat stomach after a lot of hard work. But, Harry’s going to be so different. He has to be, it’ll be like meeting strangers. Ugh.

I shook my head, setting my curly hair so, that they took its shape, applied make up, collected a jacket and walked out helping mum with the gifts we had to take to their house. In the entire 30 minute ride from the hotel to their house, I had all the worst scenarios come to my head. We used to live here, till I was 10 and then, we shifted because of my father’s work. I was as much a stranger to this place as much as it was to me now.

Mum got so excited. She almost pulled me out of the car and rang the door bell. “Leah!” Anne greeted mum with the same enthusiasm, it made me smile. “And, this must be Iona! My, you’ve turned into a beautiful young woman, haven’t you!” Anne cheered hugging and kissing my cheek. I walked inside the house, taking off my jacket as it was warm and helped mum with the food and gifts, walking into the kitchen.

“We are early, aren’t we?” I asked.

“Oh, well, I did ask your mother to come early. Hahaha” They both laughed. “Harry has just gone to pick up his friends, someone from L.A. – I keep forgetting the names,” She spoke to my mum. “And, Gemma’s just gone to get Olive oil; I thought I’ll sprinkle some on the Pasta and Focaccia.”

I followed them outside, keeping close to mum. Friends from L.A., olive oil…

“Iona!” I recovered from my thoughts and looked at Anne. “Some Wine?”

“Yes, please, thank you.”

I walked out to the balcony, heating up from all the nervousness. Cold air will do some good. I saw a car stop at the door and Harry and his friends got out. A girl and a guy who I didn’t know – the girl was a model, seems familiar but, I’m never good with all this. I walked inside and checked out Anne’s mini library. Books are at least familiar.

“Oh Harry!” I heard Anne scream. What were these guys on, today? My mother’s been jumpy too, since morning. I read through the titles, sipping wine occasional. I heard Harry greet my mother, probably hug cause my mother loves hugging. I should probably go out. No, no keep sipping your wine. “Oh, I think, she’s inside the library, her and books! Iona!” My mother screamed - Literally.

I took a deep breath and walked out, my eyes blurring at the group standing in the main room. I blinked a couple of my times and walked up to them and gave the ‘Iona smile’. I was known for my smile. Nailed it. Okay, should I put my hand forward?

“Iona!” Harry smiled. His smile was a classic too. “Gosh, you look so different!” He came and hugged me, and I gripped my glass tighter, not letting it fall.

“I’m growing old,” I hugged him back and he laughed. “Oh, everyone meet Nicole and Brandon!” Harry introduced, his hand on my waist feeling incredibly hot. Did I mention I had a huge crush on him. This is before he turned into a megastar. Apparently 10 year olds crushes are very strong. It kinda remained through the years.

“Iona!” I heard, a scream from the door. Gemma was in the house. She ran to me and engulfed me in a hug causing Harry’s hand to slip. I almost spilled my wine. “What happened to my Iona!” She poked my sides. I laughed and hugged her again. She was still so similar. “What have you done to her?” She asked my mother and she just laughed.

“She runs a lot! Like crazy! Will break her legs one day!” Mother laughed.

“That’s it. I miss your cheeks. Going to fatten you up!” Gemma raised her hands and we all laughed.

We all settled after a while. Mothers walked into the kitchen while Gemma had a few more friends over and, Harry had a few friends from around home too. They looked familiar. I went to school with them. Gemma, thankfully kept me close.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I heard Harry’s voice call out when I gulped the last of my wine.

“Some more wine?” He nodded and I walked with him to the bar. He took the lass from my hands and kept it on the stand. His fingers touched my cheek and then pulled them. “Oww.”

“Gemma’s right, I miss them too.” He giggled and shrugged his shoulders. I went ahead and poked his dimples, like I used too, hard. “Oww, careful! They’re delicate,” He teased, like he used too. “So, what have you been up to?”

“University…” I took my glass from his hand and he made his own drink.

“That must be fun…” I nodded, “Well, you know what I’ve been up to…”

“It is in the newspapers…” I nodded. He just laughed, shaking his head. We talked for a little while standing in the same position. It was so comfortable talking to him again. “I’m a big fan, don’t worry,” I mentioned.

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. And I smiled, shaking my shoulders. “Well, would you like me sign, anywhere?” He said, all serious picking up a pen.

I nodded and pulled down a little bit of my dress from the side, just revealing some skin from the top of my breasts, “Here…” I pulled my hair to a side.

I could see his eyes bright up, “Funny!” He poked his tongue out and I laughed.

“I should go and help Gemma with the food…” I said, as I saw her arranging the table.

“I knew you liked her more than me!” Harry frowned.

“Hmm…” I shook my head and, picked up my glass.

He stopped me and wrapped his palm around my elbow. “I’m the better sibling though!” He whispered in my ear.

“Your hands are so big!” I laughed, taking it in my hands. Harry frowned and looked at me with a certain smile. “They are very big…” He then, smirked.

“The can do a lot of things, really well…” He said, teasingly. I dropped his hands, “I meant, you know, to pick up stuff…” He smirked and bit his lip.

“Sure you did,” I squinted my eyes and turned around. He pulled me around again, “I will spill my wine!”

“Can you teach me how to make a pillow fort?”


“Pillow fort! Like you used to make…I’ve met so many people but, no one makes it like you.”

“After 2?” I said, remembering that after 2 was always the time we chose to make forts. Everyone was sleeping, no disturbance.

“After 2” He nodded, smiling.

I turned around again but, looked back, “Anything else?”

“Just that I should be your favourite…” He said and, I rolled my eyes and went to help Gemma.

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