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Images of a Day

Aries: When the heat is at its peak and your vision is tinged red. Sudden breezes flush your skin as they swirl the heavy air.

Taurus: The day is still cloaked; bullet points of morning dew still cover most everything. Mossy green, dusk orange- slick, pearly river beds of stone.

Gemini: Faries tread on the backs of squirrels, you’re sure, as golden light sheds the days skin. Bubbly tree leaves glow as pink as baby cheeks.

Cancer: Fresh moonlight, of course. A fierce white glow pierces cloud cover and falls as quartz crystal beams. Wet leaves crunch beneath feet.

Leo: Perfect picnic weather. Soft grass blades crawling with life, insects and infants alike. Bustling movement and summer laughter.

Virgo: The antsy hour before sunrise, when night’s silence builds to a crescendo. Half-cracked blinds, purple-gray light, finger tapping on the window sill.

Libra: Silky sunset stitched with palm fronds. The leaves are etched in black against the sky, shaking hands with a defiant breeze.

Scorpio: The world tastes sticky sweet with dew. Plaster paint chips off a suburban house as a kid strums burning-heart songs on his guitar.

Sagittarius: New dawn. It appears somebody scrawled across the sky- big, blotchy dripping-ink strokes, leaving behind a blistering red puncture.

Capricorn: A scene almost too clean. An all glass, slate-black building reveals nothing of its interior as city slickers circle it in a midday bustle.

Aquarius: Walking with a couple of friends in a tall grass path- firefly flumes in misty light. The evening buzzes  in purple static.

Pisces: Two-year-old club-handed baby sits on park bench, staring into the bottom of a fountain scaly with pennies.


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I guess I literally can’t apply for this job? bc…

If you’ve ever done volunteer work you could try putting that in

I’ve never done any ;a; Like one time in 10th grade me and some kids volunteered to do some police thing but uhhh I don’t think that counts :^B But I think I could get around that question if I print it out? Because I could write over it or something. Thanks, though! (RECORD SCRATCH) I think I can only print it out AFTER filling it out, not the blank application. So I still don’t think I can do it 

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Can I request a tig trager imagine? Where you guys had children at a young age and tried hard to make it work but between being young and him being in the club it just didn't work out, but you guys never got divorced, and now your children are older and them and Gemma are trying to bring you and tig back together since you and Gemma are bestfriends :)

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A/N: I love this request! I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: FLUFF & Cursing maybe honestly at this point just assuming everything I write may contain a curse or 2?

Trouble Comes in Threes:

“Alexander, I’m pregnant..” you whispered softly, your head locked in between yours knees terrified of your husbands reaction, you had both come from horrible hardships but somehow managed to find each other. “It’s okay baby, we’ll try our hardest, we always do and we always manage to make it out okay?” he said kissing your forehead softly as he got up from the floor to grab his kutte “I have church tonight, but I’ll be back as soon as I can, okay baby?” he said softly before closing the door behind him . Once he was finally gone and out of sight you broke down in a fit of tears because you knew that this time, you both wouldn’t be alright, how could you be, kids, money, the club, home, none of it was going to work out.

Yet nonetheless you and Alex had tried for a good 2 and half before you both decided that it wasn’t working, that it was a constant worry, a constant struggle to maintain the life you two had walked together hand and hand. One day you and Alex came to terms and you took your two sons and daughter, packed your things and left it all behind, the memories, the love, the happiness, everything that was etched in ghost ink that reminded you of Alex was gone, but it still hurt each day as you went on living life worried about him, thinking about him regretting not trying harder.

“Aunt Gem said we just have to get mom to the TM and the rest will be history when they see each other.” Luke, your eldest son at 15 whispered to his twin brother Jason, at age 15 and their sister Audrey, at age 12. “Do you really believe mom and dad will magically fall in love again?” Audrey said looking at the floor, she wanted her mother to be happy more than anything else in the world but she knew their mother cried at night for their father unlike the boys. “Of course mom and dad never stopped loving each other, it’s just shit got hard for them with all of us. But we’re older now, so they can have their chance at love again.” Jason said hushing as he watched their mother walk in.

“What are you all up to?” you asked looking over at your children whom were covered in nothing but smiles “Today is the day you teach me how to drive remember mom?” Luke said grabbing the car keys from the kitchen counter dahsing for the door as all your kids followed behind him. “I guess I do now.” you mumbled as you walked through your house to see your kids patiently seated in the car waiting for you to come inside. You laughed softly surprised that they are all so excited for a simple drive around the block, you entered the car and watched as your kids buckled their seatbelts “So mom we’ve decided that we wanted to go to the diner.” Luke said entering the keys in the ignition and starting the car, which after about 10 minutes of instructing had broken down and ironically you were face to face with the place that held all the memories you could possibly think of, Alexander.

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let me teach you about the ghosts in this neighbourhood
that’s the old school where they found a dead body buried in the baseball diamond
that’s the diner all the coked up teenagers go to on weekends
over on this road here is where my boyfriend tried to slit my throat
in the winter a wind would blow through the town and we would all go silent, go for walks at night, sing quietly under our breaths when spring came
that’s the house of the old witch, it’s a right of passage in a preteen’s life to break into their at one point
you wouldn’t take your shoes off at the door and would see that everything remained perfectly in place as if one day the witch just melted into thin air
dusty photographs of people you don’t know
you threw your dad’s cigarette pack off this bridge when you were a kid you feel stupid about it now